UK Column News - 21st June 2023

Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Introducing: The Economic Activity of Public Bodies Bill

00:20 GOV.UK: UK public bodies banned from imposing their own boycotts against foreign countries 

Government Bill: Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill

The Times of Israel: Pro-Israel UK Tory leadership candidate [Michael Gove] in trouble after cocaine use admission


Spectre Of Multigenerational Mortgage Debt—Who’s To Blame?

05:27 ONS: Consumer price inflation rates (May 2022 - May 2023) 

Core Inflation: May = 7.1% - April = 6.8% - March = 6.2%

BBC: UK inflation: Supermarkets say price rises will ease soon

ONS: UK House Price Index: April 2023 (PDF)

Independent: Jeremy Hunt questioned on mortgage rates and cost of living


Those Sneaky Russi... French?

12:58 RTL: Justice Law: remote activation of cameras or telephone microphones validated by the Senate

GOV.UK: Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for AI and Intellectual Property) 

Policy paper: UK Geospatial Strategy 2030 

World Population Review: Freedom Index by Country 2023

Visual Capitalist: Mapped: The State of Economic Freedom in 2023

Visual Capitalist: Mapped: Human Impact Across the World

Visual Capitalist: Ranked: The Most Innovative Companies in 2023


Freedom-Crushing Bills And Regulations Sweeping Under Scrutiny Into Law

23:42 Government Bill: Public Order Act 2023

Hansard (Parliamentary record): Public Order Act 1986 (Serious Disruption to the Life of the Community) Regulations 2023—search for the phrase "constitutional outrage" uttered by several peers

UK Column Article: The Private Bank of England Corporation

Green World: Fatal Motion on Public Order Bill rejected as Labour abstains

Green World: Fatal Motion to be heard in Lords today

Baroness Jenny Jones: 

This is a make-or-break moment for parliamentary democracy.

Guardian: [Home Secretary] Suella Braverman faces legal action after forcing through anti-protest powers

Debi Evans Blog: 20th June 2023

Upcoming UK Column Interview: Thursday 22 July at 1 pm: Did Pfizer Know?—A stark but honest warning from Dr Naomi Wolf

Upcoming UK Column Interview: Friday 23 June at 1 pm: Ben Rubin—The Rise of Big Data in Healthcare

Rally for Peace and Freedom Event: Address: Holyrood, next to Scottish Parliament at 1 pm, Saturday, 24 June


Former French PM: Foreign Interference Is Real Alright—But The Culprit is America, Not Russia

31:37 GOV.UK: Global businesses pledge to back Ukraine's recovery as Prime Minister sets out major financial package 

10 Downing Street on YouTube: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's remarks at the Ukraine Recovery Conference

GOV.UK: Prime Minister's speech at the Ukraine Recovery Conference: 21 June 2023

BFMTV: French former Prime Minister François Fillon's testimony of 2 May 2023 to a parliamentary committee of inquiry on foreign interference

Radio Monte Carlo: François Fillon, testifying to the Assembly, says he is "not concerned by Russian interference"

Ouest France (February 2022): War in Ukraine—François Fillon criticised after his comments on the Russian invasion


Failed Covid–19 Vaccine Contracts Still Need Paying By British Taxpayer

46:25 Valneva issues SE D.C. 20549 Form 6–K


The Future Of Healthcare Is Surveillance—Even Of The Cervix

49:24 Reuters: EU regulator recommends adding heavy periods to side effects of mRNA COVID shots

Entity (2017): You Can Track Your Fertility with a Tampon? The Future of Periods

Illumina (2016): Smart Tampon Technology: The Future of Reproductive Health

NextGen Jane: The future of OB-GYN care

Johns Hopkins University: Could artificial intelligence in a “smart tampon” detect cervical cancer?


Taking Farming Away From Farmers To Give To The Factories

52:11 GOV.UK: Support for farmers to access investment to drive nature recovery 

GOV.UK: The Green Finance Strategy and Nature Markets Framework

Natural England: Nature on Dartmoor

Dr Adrian Colston (who has blocked UK Column on Twitter) tweets about grazing on Dartmoor

Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act 2023:

A Bill to make provision about the release and marketing of, and risk assessments relating to, precision bred plants and animals, and the marketing of food and feed produced from such plants and animals; and for connected purposes.


Scientists Fostering Embryos Beyond The Equivalent of 14 Days of Gestation

55:54 Sky News: Scientists create synthetic human embryos using stem cells in major breakthrough

Politico: EU regulator: mRNA coronavirus vaccines possibly linked to heart swelling 

Cosmos Magazine: Crocodiles immune systems may hold the key for treating fungal infections

GOV.UK: M[onkey]pox vaccinations extended in London following recent spike in cases 

Daily Mail: Toilet roll and underwear could soon come with warnings about cancer symptoms under new NHS plan

The Pharmaceutical Industry Network Group: PING Conference 2023

Speakers will include: Dr Shirley Hopper: Deputy Director, Innovative Medicines, HQA at the MHRA