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Debi Evans Blog: 20 June 2023

Thank you 

As GB News celebrate their second birthday on air, I am celebrating my first year with UK Column. What a year it has been! I hope you don’t mind if I take this opportunity to thank those who have made it possible. As if the last 3 years haven’t been enough of a rollercoaster ride, the last 12 months seemed to have accelerated into oblivion as I try to keep up with a multitude of fast paced news stories. There is never enough time or space to cover them all.  

The last year has given me an invaluable opportunity to meet some incredibly brave and extremely well qualified angels in human form. The rollercoaster has often dipped to extreme lows, especially when speaking to the many individuals who have lost their loved ones over the last three years. Some have lost their loved ones to lethal combinations of Midazolam and Morphine, others to Covid–19 therapies such as Remdesivir and Paxlovid, and others continue to suffer from injuries sustained due to experimental toxic Covid–19 ‘vaccines’. Countless others continue to suffer in silence. Their stories, fights for justice, struggles to access help and answers are not just desperately sad, but also unnecessary and wicked. Their bravery, humility and dignity is humbling to witness.  

Perhaps one of the saddest interviews was with Tracey, a lady who lost her beautiful eight-year-old son Ethan. Tracey and Ethan’s story can be found here. As a mum, grandmother and human being, I cannot possibly imagine the sadness, trauma and sorrow she and her family endure, and under such cruel circumstances. There are many times I have struggled to hold back the tears, sometimes I have failed. I am only human. One thing is for certain, UK Column will continue to walk with all of them.

On the flip side, one of the most uplifting interviews was with Jane Placca, Medical Herbalist. How amazing to discover a whole new world of health and healing that’s a million miles away from pharmaceuticals and allopathic medicine. I have also had the honour of connecting with the wonderful Jenna Platt RGN, the nurse that continues to walk and talk the truth, and Dr Christian Buckland, who works quietly in the background supporting those with vaccine injuries. 

The tears aren’t always tears of sadness, sometimes they are tears of relief. Relief that I am not alone and that there is an army of experts working tirelessly, often in the background, to make a difference. I have felt privileged to have been in the company of so many eminent experts in medicine, law, alternative medicine, science, journalism, and pharmaceuticals, all sharing a common theme; a love of humanity, honesty, passion, evidence, truth and a burning desire for justice. Many sacrifice so much more than their time to speak out. Most sacrifice their life’s work, income, credibility, career, colleagues, friends, family and often safety to speak the truth. Their work is not in vain, and this time I need a tissue to wipe away the tears of pride in each and every one of them. The globalists should know the resistance is in very good health and is growing by the day.

The team at UK Column make all of this possible, behind the scenes, Josie works her editorial magic on my blog every week, never a quick or easy task! Alex Thomson burns the candle at both ends, editing oodles of excellent exclusive articles. In the studio behind the scenes, Stephanie works her production magic on all the interviews and main news broadcasts—gosh, who knew what a producer had to do! What would I have done without them, and that’s a statement not a question! I have learned so much from all the team, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. And if you have a T-shirt or hoodie, Clare is our postal angel who is ensuring all the orders to the UK Column shop get her full attention, and Kenny is tweeting away all our news, catch it on Twitter: @ExtractsUK.

And last but not least, thank you to all of you read and listen to the things I discover. And thank you to those of you who send wonderful words of encouragement, emails, research data and beautiful cards. Thank you so much. This is what keeps me going, and I apologise for not being able to reply to everyone. Your help is invaluable, your support, news and feedback is very much appreciated. My promise to you is that I won’t give up. If the MHRA think I am going away, they obviously haven’t got the memo that once I start, I just keep going. My children don’t call me ‘gobby granny’ for nothing.

And now for some of the areas in health and healthcare that I’ve been researching and keeping an eye on.


Junior and senior doctors strike

As the junior doctors strike and leave their posts for 3 days in the NHS, the ‘heatwave’ arrives, and so do patients, in their droves, to hospital Accident & Emergency departments. I don’t remember this happening when I trained in the mid 1970’s—on the contrary, most were far too busy enjoying the summer to sit in A&E waiting rooms for hours. Summer months were catch up months from backlogs created by busy winters. However, today in 2023, many who are getting short of breath, exacerbated asthma, heat exhaustion and sunburn are all running to A&E. But why? Could it be something to do with The UKHSA who have issued fear inducing ‘heat alerts’ to inform us to stay in the shade, keep hydrated and to use sunscreen. Common sense you’d think? Obviously not.

According to the Guardian, the increase in A&E visits is due to the “sustained high temperatures”. With another week of warm, dry weather forecast to come, how will A&E cope? If they are in crisis in June, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the summer. Before you all run for the sunscreen, check what is in it first. Remember, they don’t want you to apply it just once, after swimming they recommend to reapply. Do you know what you are applying? 

I remember as a child, back in the heady days of the 1960’s, you could almost guarantee a warm summer and hot August. My grandfather used to put a knotted cotton handkerchief on his bald head to protect him from the sun! For the record, my old fashioned advice is, stay in the shade when you can, wear a hat, keep well hydrated and shop, walk the dog, mow the lawn, in the evening or early morning when it is cooler. Don’t forget “mad dogs and Englishmen who stay out in the midday sun”.

One final piece of advice for new mums; babies need shade, fresh air, parasols to give shade, a hat and plenty of water. Babies need little in the way of cardigans, blankets and covers in this weather. I am amazed at how many babies I see wrapped up in blankets in their buggies or close to their parents hanging in slings. In my day, my kids were far more comfortable in a cotton all in one vest.

El Nino seems to be making an appearance. As the ground hardens, the risk of summer monsoon flash floods increase. Will the Government’s emergency alerts be used to warn us of flash floods? Why, there is nothing you can do to prepare, most are hit and miss, take it from one who has experienced over 102 flash floods.


NHS Consultants warn of strikes

The NHS is in utter collapse, it’s official. I did warn some weeks ago of the possibility that senior doctors/Consultants would also be going on strike in the near future. It seems this is now a reality. The Guardian report hospital bosses as saying:

The NHS will be looking into the abyss if hospital consultants follow the example of junior doctors and go on strike over pay

Nurses, junior doctors (all doctors under Consultant grade) and now Consultants (which may also include GPs) are threatening to strike. A health service with no health professionals. How is that a fair, equitable, safe health service? It isn’t. I repeat my message to the world. The United Kingdom has no health service. Whilst we employ volunteers as young as seven years old to ‘boost the workforce’, who will you be seeing within the NHS should you need medical treatment? And what impact will this cause to mental health services? Will there even be a hospital to go to in the future? Hubs are on the way to a street close to you.


Synthetic human embryos

Synthetic biology is the way forward according to many scientists. The latest ‘Frankenstein type’ experiment has now successfully managed to create synthetic human embryos using stem cells, which means they have been created without the use of ova or sperm—let that sink in for a moment. The research announced by Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz of the University of Cambridge and the California Institute of Technology, has not yet been published, but has already been hailed as a breakthrough—but a breakthrough to what?

The ‘human-like’ embryos develop a placenta and yolk sac but apparently don’t have a beating heart or beginning of a brain. What happens to these embryos after they have served their research purpose? How long are they kept ‘alive’? Are they even human? If this story worries you, I share your concerns. As of now, the ethical guidelines are blurred. However, the question remains, should this research ever have taken place in the first place? I say no.

Professor Roger Sturmey. from the University of Manchester, said:

We know remarkably little about this step in human development but it is a time where many pregnancies are lost, so models that can enable us to study this period are urgently needed to help to understand infertility and early pregnancy loss.

Are any of these so called ‘experts’ researching the huge surge of spontaneous abortions we are currently witnessing since the roll out of the Covid–19 injections? Are they exploiting an opportunity of the sudden rise in infertility, a problem that may be caused by a vaccine? Until the injections stop and investigations take place, we will never know. However, I will always suspect this to be a cause until we are proven wrong. I don’t believe it’s the ‘virus’ Covid19 that is causing the rise in stillbirths, although many would have us believe differently.


Gonorrhea and syphillis cases surge in the UK

I am reminding readers of this news for two reasons. Firstly, because we warned on UK Column News that a rise in gonorrhoea and syphilis was to be expected. Today, this appears to be reality. Could it be because the ‘Covid–19’ injections have woken up latent diseases that should have been left to sleep? Last year, The World Health Organisation warned that parties and big events would cause a rise in monkeypox, now known as ‘mpox’, and warned the LBGTQ community to avoid having unprotected sex. What could be planned for this year? Read on.


Pfizer warns some antibiotics could run out soon

The antibiotic used to treat syphilis is in very short supply (which seems rather convenient). Bicillin L-A could run out by the end of June. Pfizer are warning that supplies of Bicillin and other antibiotics used for children could run out before July. Pfizer apportion the blame to prioritising adult versions to cope with the sudden spike in syphilis infections. Pfizer also warn that penicillin is in short supply. Perhaps I am being cynical in thinking that another agenda is on the way. Antimicrobial resistance perhaps? What better way to get experimental, new, novel drugs into us?

I am 100% sure that Dame Sally Davies, UK Special Envoy Antimicrobial Resistance, is warming up in the wings. It seems the next round of fear is not far away.

Dame Sally, former Chief Medical Officer for England, was quoted as saying:

Antimicrobial Resistance could kill us before the climate crisis does.

There will be far more to report in coming months. I will be keeping AMR on my radar.


Australia approves mandatory Bill Gates mRNA vaccines for all agriculture

Yes, you read that correctly. I am not sure if I feel more devastated for the animals or for the people who will be eating them in the future. The Peoples Voice are reporting that the Australian Government plan to roll out mRNA vaccines to ALL livestock, regardless of whether farmers consent or not. The Manager for Animal Wellbeing released a statement declaring:

This project will develop a mRNA vaccine pipeline initially for Lumpy Skin Disorders (LSD), but potentially for other emergency diseases. This will enable capacity for rapid mass production of a vaccine for LSD in the event of an outbreak. No LSD vaccines are registered for use in Australia yet. While some vaccines exist overseas, the path to registration in Australia for traditionally-produced [vaccines] is longer than that of an mRNA vaccine.

Dr Peter McCullough has called for an immediate ban of mRNA from the food supply. Meanwhile, the fact checkers have been firing on all cylinders in an attempt to dampen the furore. AP News announced:

Australia hasn’t announced mass injections’ of mRNA vaccines for livestock.

Is this another drive to get us all to eat insects and plant based food? Will meat eaters be eager to indulge in a Sunday mRNA roast dinner?



If the idea of mRNA in your beef burger doesn’t fill you with joy, this may not either. A global shortage of cocoa has sent prices surging. This report in Zero Hedge has trademarked the shortage as ‘chocolateflation’.

As with most crises currently hitting our headlines, the weather/climate has been blamed. With the oncoming El Niño weather event, things are about to get even hotter. Experts say that if we think this year is hot, just wait for 2024! So if you don’t have your stash of chocolate now, perhaps find a cool place to try and store some that is affordable. Prices are set to soar along with the heat. Brace yourselves as higher chocolate prices are on the way.


No welcome at Wickes for ‘transphobes’

What is transphobic anyway? Are we not allowed to hold different views without being labelled ‘phobic’? How many of us will be boycotting Wickes superstores because of their ‘trans’ woke approach. The Chief Operating Officer, Fraser Longden, not someone to mince his words, said of those who hold gender-critical views:

[Such] customers are not welcome in our stores.

Of course this has evoked outrage, but how many of those reading will find themselves another outlet to buy their DIY needs and paint? I won’t be going any time soon.


And finally

Cancer warnings on your underwear. I will give this a brief (pardon the pun) mention. Yes it’s official, your underwear from Marks and Spencers will probably come with a cancer warning. How many of us check our private parts when spending the proverbial pennies out shopping? To our international audience, spending a penny is British colloquialism for urinating. As Andrex replace cuddly labradors with cancer warnings, will any of us really take any notice?

If you are feeling a bit hot under the collar from the weather or just the news, sorry to say that ice cream vans are to be banned from many streets. According to Greenwich Council (remember the Aldi QR code entry only is close by) they are a nuisance. Nuisance to who exactly?

Until next week.

God Bless,


So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 1:27