UK Column News - 20th March 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Mystery King Of Britain: Mark Sedwill

00:23 GOV.UK: Sir Mark Sedwill GCMG

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Atlantic Future Forum: AFF 2022

New Bletchley: New Bletchley Network. Report No 9. 27 February 2024


How Are Sanctions Working Out? 

05:17 The House of Commons Library: Sanctions against Russia

GOV.UK: Trade and investment factsheets

GOV.UK: Government sets out path to zero emission vehicles by 2035

Trading Economics: United Kingdom Car Production

SMMT Media Centre: January 2024 UK Car Manufacturing


UK Israel Tech Hub: “Delivering Impact” And 8200ising Britain

11:02 UK Israel Tech Hub: Forging strategic partnerships between UK businesses and Israeli innovation. Delivering impact.

More than 300 Israeli companies already have a presence in the UK and one in seven NHS drugs currently come from Israel

Business Insider: The Best Tech School On Earth Is Israeli Army Unit 8200

Interesting Engineering: Israel's Unit 8200, a Conveyor Belt of High-Tech Startups

The organization has a network of over 2000 companies and 10,000 business leaders and works closely with the Department for International Trade, the British Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Embassy in London and the UK Israel Tech Hub.

The Electronic Intifada (2022): Secret document reveals Israel lobby's dominance of Labour

The Guardian (2009): How the pro-Israel lobby in Britain benefits from a generous London tycoon

UK Column News Archive: UK Column News—20th November 2023

BICOM: The BICOM Team: Richard Pater

CTech: The UK government really believes in the partnership with Israel

UC Santa Barbara: Message to Congress on Curbing Monopolies


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UK Column interview: The Twilight of Democracy in UK Councils: Madeleine Hunt

UK Column interview: No Smoke Without Fire 7: The Green King (Part 2)

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AI In The Classroom—Artificial Indoctrination Now?

26:06 Edge Foundation: Next Generation Assessment—Shaping the Future Conference

GOV.UK: Education Secretary gives opening address at Bett show 2024

GOV.UK: St Paul's School for Girls

Eton College: AI in the Classroom: Imagining the Near Future

Sainsbury's (on X): 

Due to an error with an overnight software update, we are experiencing issues with contactless payments and will not be able to deliver the vast majority of today's Groceries Online orders. Our stores are open as usual, accepting chip and pin and cash payments.


Honey Trap Fit For A Princess To Curb Free Speech

34:26 The Sun: GREAT TO SEE YOU, KATE—Princess Kate seen on video for first time since surgery looking happy & relaxed on shopping trip with William

BBC: How Kate body-double conspiracy theory spread on social media

Marianna Spring: 

I messaged dozens of TikTokers posting these videos throughout the world, many of whom were zooming in and analysing the Princess of Wales's facial features, and comparing them with those in pictures of the lookalike.

The Sun: ROYAL RECORDS—Princess Kate ‘security breach’ as hospital staff ‘attempted to view her private medical records’ at London clinic

UK Parliament: JCNSS questions the Oversight Board for Meta, Ofcom, the Electoral Commission and other experts on ‘Defending Democracy’ as UK approaches General Election 

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Politico: US tech giants refuse to work with Britain’s top secret military censorship board 

DSMA Notice: Military Operations, Plans & Capabilities


Scotland's Land Reform Bill: For A More Just And Greener Scotland, Apparently

42:22 The Scottish Government: Land Reform Bill

Community Land Scotland (on X): 

Community Land Scotland is calling on the Scottish Government to commit to ensuring 10% of Scotland’s land is community owned by 2030—through urgent and ambitious land reform and by working with local communities for a more just and greener Scotland.

The Scottish Government: The Land of Scotland and the Common Good

Food and Agriculture Organization: Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security


IDF Operating Against Hamas In Al-Shifa Hospital

47:12 Andy McDonald MP (on X): 

Tory minister @AndrewmitchMP tells me I should be comforted by the idea of lawyers being embedded in Israeli army units. He should try telling that to the 100,000+ Palestinian casualties in Gaza who've suffered as a result of Israel's breaches of international humanitarian law.

BICOM: IDF operating against Hamas in Shifa Hospital

Mondoweiss: The real reason Israel stormed al-Shifa Hospital yet again


The Cost Of Housing Asylum Seekers—The Profit In Human Trafficking

55:46 National Audit Office (NAO): Alternative asylum accommodation will cost more than hotels—National Audit Office press release

Electronic Immigration Network: NAO finds Home Office plans for large-scale asylum accommodation will cost more than hotels and will deliver fewer places than planned

FATF Report (2018): Financial Flows from Human Trafficking—FATF

And Finally

Concerned Citizen (on X): 

BBC can’t even tell the TRUTH about their reporters’ location.

Watch the same vehicles on loop as she is apparently live.  

Obvious Green Screen is Obvious. 

Legacy Media is dead.


From News Extra

Cornish Mutual: Hedge cutting

Chris Packham (on X): 

Good morning. I’ve been sickened by smashed ‘hedgerows’ for years, but I think this one may be the worst. How can anyone actually think that this an acceptable way to treat a valuable part of our countryside? I’d like to flail their front room.

National Hedgelaying Society: The National Hedgelaying Society is the only charity dedicated to maintaining the traditional skills of hedgelaying and encouraging the sympathetic management of hedgerows for wildlife and landscape.

GOV.UK: BN5: Hedgerow laying