UK Column News - 1st March 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


The Windsor Framework: Britain Pretends to Regain Northern Ireland Sovereignty 

00:34 A New Way Forward, proclaims the UK Government: "Best of Both Worlds" is the revived Cameron catchphrase | BBC explainer

Press conference by Rishi Sunak and Ursula von der Leyen—where's the Irish Taoiseach when Ireland is being discussed?

A "framework" is not a protocol—not an instrument of international law

The "Stormont Brake" is clogged up: registered unionist and registered nationalist legislators at Stormont will never agree in sufficient numbers to trigger it

Green and Red Lanes: UK and EU contrive to make data-sharing on people, animals and goods thrive

Supposed Channel 4 News exclusive: "leaked plans" of EU border post at Larne are actually years old, right down to the exact plans shown by Channel 4

The hut at Larne is a foreign power's Trojan horse whose influence will spread far and wide

EU Commission President semi-curtseys to the King—is this a political matter? 


Coronation Oath: Will we be duped for another reign?

12:10 BBC: Extremely fragile Coronation Chair being restored

Was the 1953 Coronation Oath duly signed?

E-mail to Rodney Atkinson and his approving response: The Act of Union 1707 brought in unimpeded movement and trade, making 15-minute cities and the Northern Ireland trade arrangements unlawful

The Windsor Framework also makes the MHRA the only drug regulator for Northern Ireland—but apparently only for human medicines


Ukraine: Vital battles censored into oblivion by BBC

18:52 Ukrainian forces withdraw across river to downtown Bakhmut—under huge pressure in their built-up salient  

Good maps and analysis from Weeb Union

Have élite troops been replaced by raw recruits in Bakhmut?

Footage: Utter destruction of Mariinka—completely unreported by the BBC

Less than a year ago, the BBC was honest enough to report that who won the Donbass was likely to win the war

UK Defence Intelligence Service drones on about drones and has no detail on the impending collapse of Bakhmut

Kyiv Post cites Ukrainian soldier sheltering in Bakhmut basement as he is about to be encircled:

I think Bakhmut will most likely fall.

ABC News: Getting F–16s to Ukraine with training could take up to 18 months, Pentagon says

ExpressBritish tanks are 'broken down, old vehicles' but Ukraine will receive UK's best units

New York TimesScrounging for Tanks for Ukraine, Europe’s Armies Come Up Short

Video: At CNN town-hall meeting on first anniversary of war, warhawk Samantha Power admits:

Ukrainians on the front lines, Ukrainians doing the fighting [...] and 140 countries at the UN signalling.


Expanding to the Russian frontier and the future: Europeans seeking their own annihilation, but at least the propaganda's working

32:40 Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says it's time for Finland and Sweden to accede to NATO

Video: Scott Bennett, former US Army psychological warfare officer, speaking to Czech Bezpressu News:

NATO should have been disbanded in 1990 when the Soviet Union dissolved [...], instead, it has been transformed into this parasitic assault weapon that has terrorised the world.

British defence propaganda goes stratospheric: Dstl (the Porton Down organisation) announces its move into science fiction

Move over, Isaac Asimov—Stories From Tomorrow is the sci-fi of the narrative masters, and we paid for it

European Council on Foreign Relations (Nick Witney's outfit): United West, divided from the rest—Global public opinion one year into Russia's war on Ukraine


It's time to clear the air: The latest culprit for the cardiac crisis—but indoor or outdoor air?

46:14 Debi Evans Blog

WHO Air Quality Guidelines were launched in 2021 

Yet British air quality has been improving for decades

Forbes: Air pollution might make people 16% more likely to die from heart disease

Metro: London air pollution as bad as 'smoking 154 cigarettes every year'

Express: New Clean Air Zone launching today [in Sheffield] to see some drivers charged £50 daily

NHS Long Term Plan (2018): Debi's predictions are coming true

NHS: Manchester's Lung Health Check pilot—one-stop shops for all matters pulmonary

Fierce Pharma (2020): AstraZeneca takes giant inflatable lung on the road for educational lung cancer tour

Meet the British pusher of the agenda: Prof. Robert West, husband of behaviouralist-in-chief Prof. Susan Michie | West's Behaviour Change Wheel and commercialised Smokefree Formula | West's competing interests

Sun: Esther Rantzen diagnosed with lung cancer—every sympathy, but is she the latest trusted messenger for the latest focus disease?

Office for National Statistics: Adult smoking habits in the UK: 2021—smoking has already been reduced

Chief Medical Officer's annual report 2022: air pollution—just happened to be the focus of the year; Chris Whitty was going after many domestic and transport fuels

Videos: Whitty testifying to parliamentary committee, calling for engineering work to enable ventilation plus heat retention to tackle indoor air pollution

UK Government (2021): Prime Minister and Bill Gates launch £400m partnership to boost green investment—who knew that Gates was the founder of Breakthrough Energy?

New Hedley Rees article for UK Column: How Bill Gates hijacked a failing pharma system and smashed it: A tale of incompetence, deceit, greed, and an unmitigated thirst for power

Footage: Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) expansion protest, London

Organisers: Action Against ULEZ Expansion | Facebook

The group's primary objective is to stop the ULEZ extension before its even started and to ensure that Pay Per Mile, 15-minute cities and living under a dictatorship-controlled regime never happens. Our children deserve to live a happy free life and not to be forced into living in open prisons. #StopTheKhanage


Parliamentary Petitions: Your only legislative remedy against wretched treaties

1:03:10 Dr Marta da Silva Gameiro appears before the Petitions Committee of the Portuguese Parliament defending her parliamentary petition (still open for signatures) that Portugal must have a referendum before acceding to the WHO Pandemic Treaty

Portuguese reporting on her petition by Página Um | UK Column interview with Dr Gameiro

Still-open petition at national level in seven EU member states on Covid tyranny being in flagrant breach of EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights (you will need to create an account but it's well worth it—this is your only remaining opportunity to petition the European Parliament): Belgium (English) | FranceIreland (Gaeilge) | Netherlands | Poland | Portugal | Sweden

Petition to UK Parliament: Require all businesses and public services to accept cash payments—useful if only to make MPs lie on camera

Acceptance of Cash: UK Parliament Petitions Committee has a survey closing on the morning of Thursday 9 March—you might like to draw inspiration from viewer Willie


Over-the-counter medicine bans? Anything good for you seems to be disappearing

1:08:14 Meme—Stop supporting the narrative. Start supporting its victims.

Behaviouralist-in-chief Prof. Susan Michie is displeased with Twitter's freedom of expression and is orf to LinkedIn

Metro, the newspaper that eschews commas: Sudafed, Nurofen and Day & Night Nurse could be banned health report states

The LancetPast SARS-CoV-2 infection protection against re-infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis—natural immunity is at least as good a protection as double-jabbing, and Bill Gates knows it

MailWales is hit by 3.8 magnitude earthquake at midnight

Video: NHS turning pharmacists into supermen


Australian state: We'll swear in foreign police from anywhere (having dismissed unjabbed locals)

1:16:45 Videos from Channel 7: Queensland has a dire policing shortage but has a solution—recruiting police from all other countries on earth

State government dresses it up as luring international talent

Guardian: Police should be given power to charge suspects, say senior officers in England


Britain: The cruellest country in the Western world to its children?

1:21:39 ITV: Cornwall secondary school under fire over toilet rules and red period pass cards | Protests in Cornwall, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire erupt over toilet rules in schools across the UK

Christian Concern: Mother to challenge school that forced 4-year-old to take part in Pride event

ExpressFury as trans cartoonist with 'kink' for 'nappy fetish art' invited to speak to children—UK Column viewer takes Sheffield City Council and its libraries to task

5Pillars: Muslim parents vow to remove kids from school unless LGBT concerns are addressed


From Extra Time: Video—Matt Walsh destroys Tennessee State House committee hearing on underage gender reassignment | Daily Wire article

World's most ridiculous fact-checker: German taxpayer-funded ARD Tagesschau thought Seymour Hersh was alleging that Nord Stream pipeline was blown up with "plant-shaped" explosives