UK Column News - 1st February 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Strikes, Strikes and More Strikes—Surely Not Collusion?

00:28 Jeremy Corbyn Tweets: Today, 500,000 workers are taking historic strike action.


EU Online Censorship—Mass Surveillance is Not Just a British Disease

01:40 Online mass surveillance—Online Safety Bill to include stronger protections for children

Index on Censorship: SURVEILLED & EXPOSED 

Patrick Breyer: Chat Control

EU chat control law will ban open source operating systems


Kill the Dollar, But Just Win the War

11:25 Pepe Escobar in The Cradle: A panicked Empire tries to make Russia an ‘offer it can’t refuse’

Die Welt suddenly admits that it's "essentially impossible for Ukraine to win"

Anna Fotyga advocates the breakup of Russia and turning resource-rich Russian territories into prosperity protectorates for Europe

Why Sweden and Finland Want to Join NATO—Promised Part of Russia? (Swedish piece originating from a UK Column lead)

Bundestag: New reporting obligation for operators of digital platforms decided

Bundestag (October 2022): Paragraph 130 of the Criminal Code (incitement of the people) updated, potentially to criminalise doubt as to "Russian" war crimes

Les Echos—Caesar artillery: Paris strengthens its support for Kyiv

Treason May launches 21st-century ‘Operation Barbarossa’: UK Column News, 24th November 2017

20 Deliverables for 2020: Bringing tangible results for citizens

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili tweeting plans in 2017

UK Column News, 15th February 2018

Swiss parliament wants Internet full of age checks—same agenda as EU and UK; slightly different pretext

BBC: Boris Johnson says Putin threatened him with missile strike

Times: Boris calls for Ukraine to be armed with fighter jets during US trip

US News: U.S. Readies $2 Billion-Plus Ukraine Aid

UK MoD: Ukrainian tank crews have arrived in the UK to begin training

MoD: Armed Forces personnel talk about who they are equipping—including artists and shopkeepers picked off the street

Ukraine gets 60,000 Russian shells per day

Colonel Douglas MacGregor joins Clayton Morris on Redacted to discuss the folly of NATO's Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer 

Moon of Alabama: Size Matters—On A U.S. Ground Intervention In Ukraine

MoD: Ukraine, one year on

Translated by a subscriber: British intelligence's anti-Russian strategies—Project "Wasp Swarm"

Bloomberg: China Dismisses US Claims of Support for Russia as ‘Paranoia’

U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation Lynne Tracy Meets Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov


Super-rich Globalists 

52:55 “Davos or Westminster?" Keir Starmer: "Davos"

Guardian: The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse

An Inside Look At Doomsday Bunker Homes With A Price Tag Of $2 Million

Independent: Junior Defence Minister Alex Chalk said the UK will begin training Ukrainian soldiers in how to use and fix tanks

Hansard: “Not only is this just war ...” becomes We are fighting this just war not only ...”

@PBC174: UK Column always show their sources—unlike the BBC

Credit where credit is due to the @ukcolumn

Neil Ferguson's Computer: Imagine a world where UK Column replaced BBC News at 6

Moneycircus: Chronicle of Dissent—credits UK Column organogram of British state repression of expression online


Debi Evans wonders who funds GB News

1:04:58 GB News: If Bill Gates and the WHO are allowed to take control of international pandemic policy, we’re in deep trouble

And yet—GB News investors 

Legatum based in Dubai

Paul Marshall (investor)


Courts Rule Forced Vaccination

1:10:14 Children's Health Defense: Disabled man, Tom—Mum overruled by court for forced vaccination

CHD Europe

Nacho and Drinkwater 12 day trial update

National demonstration: Stop the war in Ukraine—Central London on Sat 25th February, starting at the BBC building


UK Column Content Swells

1:14:27 Welcome to C40 Cities—Richard Vobes

UKC search: “C40”

What are we doing to our children?—Part 2: Were the Covid policies fit for purpose or necessary?

Sustainable Renewable Energy: Neither Sustainable Nor Renewable

Children’s “right” to be sexually abused

I'm not anti-vax, I'm pro-informed consent—and you should be, too

Scottish FoI response: NO doctors or nurses have died ‘involving’ Covid for three years

Debi Evans Blog: 24 January 2023

Digital Health: Government plans 500% expansion of virtual wards—all as predicted by Debi last summer

Debi Evans (July 2022): NHS Long Term Plan and Mental Health Implementation Plan: Phoenix or dinosaur?