UK Column News - 1st December 2023

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


King Charles: The Only Head Of State On The COP28 Podium

00:20 Reuters: Britain's King Charles urges rapid environmental repair in COP28 speech

The Mirror (YouTube): 'The Earth does not belong to us': King Charles delivers speech at Cop28

UK Column article: The Not So Great Carbon Reset – Part 2

United Nations: International Mother Earth Day

UN Press: General Assembly Proclaims 22 April ‘international Mother Earth Day’ Adopting By Consensus Bolivia-led Resolution

“We are strangling the planet—strangling ourselves,” President Morales declared, stressing that, for too many years, the world had been held captive by the seductive notion of capitalism. However, it was now clear that “we don’t own the planet, we belong to it,” 

IMDb (2016): Pachamama: Manifesto per la Madre Terra (A Manifesto for Mother Earth)

Midory Press: Pachamama, Mother Earth

Mercator: The environmentalist cult demands human sacrifice


Is It Just Me, Or Are They Trying To Make Us All Climate Anxious? 

09:27 Grist:  It's not just you: Everyone is Googling 'climate anxiety'

COP28: COP28 UAE—United Nations Climate Change Conference

France24: With 80,000 attendees, COP28 is largest UN climate summit ever

UN News: Guterres urges G20 to lead the way in financial and climate justice 

AP Archive (YouTube): UN Secretary-General António Guterres visits Antarctica alongside Chilean President Boric 

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Message on the Eve of COP28 from UN Climate Change Executive Secretary 

Now everyone is on the frontlines. No country is immune.

Make My Money Matter (YouTube): Oblivian starring Olivia Colman

Climate Science Breakthrough (YouTube): Mark Maslin x Jo Brand—Climate Science Translated 

The National: Scottish oil refinery to close with hundreds of jobs at risk

Forbes: We Should Offer Happiness As The Solution To Soaring Climate Anxiety


Preventing ‘Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism’ With PREVENT Multi-Agent Systems

17:49 David Collie (YouTube): UAE FM warns political correctness will lead to increase in European grown Islamic terror

World Economic Forum: The Global Risks Report 2023, 18th Edition

Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament: Government Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament Report Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism

BBC: Bob Stewart MP to stand down after racial abuse conviction

The Guardian: Former Tory MP Bob Stewart to appeal against racial abuse conviction

UKAuthority: Counter-terrorism police to be given more powers to retain biometrics

Counter Terrorism Policing: Prevent

GOV.UK: Prevent duty training: Learn how to support people susceptible to radicalisation

GB News: Christian lecturer threatened with terrorism referral for views on homosexuality 

The Telegraph: Chaplain reported to Prevent over LGBT views sues school for victimisation 

Metropolitan Police: Man arrested for suspected online terrorism offences

The Guardian: ‘Staggeringly high’ number of autistic people on UK Prevent scheme

Parliament TV:  Fourth Delegated Legislation Committee: Tuesday 14 November 2023

GOV.UK: Independent Review of Prevent’s report and government response 

ProtectUK: Welcome to ProtectUK

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Who Are My Life My Say? The Future of Britain? 

31:38 Wikipedia: My Life My Say

My Life My Say: About the Next Gen conference

Sadiq Khan (on X): 

Young Londoners are the future of our city—and @MyLifeMySay’s groundbreaking work on youth engagement has helped thousands more people have a voice in the democratic process.

Great to have spent this morning hearing from young Londoners from across our city at #NextGen23.

Ben Rubin comments: 

This left-wing movement is deliberately pitting us against each other. The rhetoric they are using is divisive. It’s designed to cause conflict…

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (YouTube): Tony Blair and Keir Starmer Discuss the Future of Britain


Pope Francis Talks Peace, War and Climate With Kids

38:43 Euro News Green (2021): Pope tells young people to protect the environment as 'everything around us seems to be collapsing' 

Intendant (2022): Pope Francis pins hopes on young people to abandon fossil fuels and preserve planet

National Catholic Register:  In Special Meeting, Pope Francis Talks Peace, War and Climate With Kids From Around the World


NHS Union: Where You Win On The Roundabouts, You Lose On The Swings

40:37 The Independent: NHS strike breakthrough as consultants’ union agrees new pay deal with government

HSJ: Nurses demand new negotiations after pay deal ‘eclipsed’ by consultants offer

The Telegraph:  ‘Does the patient have a penis or a vagina?’ The ‘nonsense’ new transgender form the NHS makes doctors fill out

BBC: Covid inquiry: What is it investigating and how does it work?

The Independent: Michael Gove suggests to Covid–19 inquiry that virus was ‘man-made’

The Guardian: Amid the drama of the Covid inquiry, Chris Whitty quietly pointed to an important truth. Will anyone listen?

The Guardian: Jonathan Van-Tam’s family ‘threatened with having throats cut’, Covid inquiry hears

Van-Tam said he and his family chose not to move out as advised because there was no one who could look after their cat, but said it was a “very stressful time indeed”.

NHS England: Artificial intelligence to help boost NHS winter response and prevent avoidable admissions

Pulse Today: GP surveillance to increase after human swine flu case

Chemist and Druggist: Lloydspharmacy confirms 'successful sale' of all community pharmacies


Israel, Gaza, Ukraine: These Are Not The Only Wars Happening At the Moment—Sudan Conflict Continues

45:47 The Guardian: More than 100 killed in Gaza since ceasefire expired, Hamas claims

Sky News: Israel releases map 'advising Gazans of safe evacuation zones' as it resumes strikes

NATO: Statement by the NATO-Ukraine Council at the level of Foreign Ministers


CNN Admits Regime-Change Propaganda; Also, Telegraph and Spectator On Sale

50:00 Project Veritas (2021): PART 1: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency … ‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’ … ‘I Came to CNN Because I Wanted to Be a Part of That’

Financial Times: Jeff Zucker: 'Do you have a problem with the truth?'

Enders Analysis: Sale of the Telegraph and Spectator in suspense: RedBird IMI pitches for the trophies

Ofcom: Public interest test on the potential merger situation in relation to Telegraph Media Group

Press Gazette: The Mill investment: Leading media names back local publisher


Astonishing Immigration Figures

55:00 Office for National Statistics: Long-term international migration, provisional: year ending June 2023

GOV.UK: Illegal Migration Intake Unit—Immigration Officer

Home Office Careers: We’re Recruiting for Immigration Officers 

BBC: Asylum seekers: Home Office says more than 17,000 are missing

Change: Petition · Stop government plans for voter ID


And Finally: How left or right is your MP? Based On Survation’s Methodology

57:32 Royal Holloway: New survey ranks Britain's most left and right-wing MPs

Survation: Who Are We?

MPs Left Right: Survation/Royal Holloway estimates of MP positions