UK Column News - 19th June 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


General Elections: Different Parties, Same Agenda

00:25 GOV.UK: UK and the Sustainable Development Goals

The most effective way to do this is by ensuring that the Goals are fully embedded in planned activity of each Government department.

London City Hall: UN Sustainable Development Goals work

Local Government Association: The case for council engagement with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Legislation: Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009

Legislation: Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022

Legislation: Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

GOV.UK: National Planning Policy Framework

UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination: Revenue by Government donor (chart)

UK Column shop: Agenda 21—Your Life In Their Hands by Martin Edwards

Byline Times: Reform UK Limited: The Political Business Brought to You by Billionaires

By far the biggest single Reform donor is Chris Harborne, who according to Electoral Commission records has now given around £10 million to the Brexit/Reform party. […] Harborne is also the largest single shareholder in UK defence technology Qinetiq

QinetiQ: DragonFire laser to be used on Royal Navy ships

UK Parliament: Frequently Asked Questions: How many days did the House of Commons sit (meet) during the last Session?

The House sat on 152 days in the 2021–22 session

Democracy Club: 2024 UK general election candidate summary

The 2024 UK general election will see a record number of candidates. 4,515 candidates have been nominated to stand on 4 July

Electoral Commission: Doubtful ballot papers

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Updates And Corrections: Dr Anne McCloskey

10:47 The Telegraph: We need Covid fine amnesty, says ex-justice secretary

BBC: Dr Anne McCloskey jailed over Covid fine

UK Column interview (2015): Thoughts On The Tom Crawford Illegal Eviction

Belfast News Letter: Stormont rejects extending 'anti-democratic' Covid powers on health—but keeps them for courts

Dr Anne’s Substack: Important: Dr Anne McCloskey speaks about her recent unlawful arrest and internment without trial under Covid–19 emergency powers

Department of Justice (Ireland): Causeway was launched in 2002 as a joint undertaking by the Criminal Justice Organisations (CJOs) in Northern Ireland. 


Yemen vs US 

16:46 Almasirah: Yemeni Drone Boats in Maritime Confrontations: Scope and Impact of This Technology

Almasirah: Chinese Experts and Analysts: Yemen's Targeting of Eisenhower Shakes US Strategic Dominance

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UK Column interview: Blocked by the MHRA, reported to the Health Security Agency—A day in the life of vaccine-injured Adam Rowland

UK Column interview: Political Prisoner Denied Access to his Children—with Laura Towler

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The Tony Blair Club: Reimagining Defence and Security

25:51 Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: Reimagining Defence and Security: New Capabilities for New Challenges

Daniel Sleat (LinkedIn): Senior Policy Advisor at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change 

Internet Archive:  The New Machiavelli: How To Wield Power in the Modern World by Jonathan Powell (2010)

Chatham House (2005): Commission for Africa: Into Africa

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Commission for Africa

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: General Sir Nick Carter and Sir Patrick Vallance Join the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

GOV.UK: Advice letter: Nick Carter, Member of the Advisory Council, Helsing Gmbh 

Helsing: Artificial Intelligence to serve our democracies


Pentagon’s Law Of War Manual: Has Anyone Seen A Peace Manual?

33:54 The Telegraph: Exclusive: Nato in talks to deploy more nuclear weapons

Francis’s Substack: New Pentagon War Manual Reduces Us To "Level Of Nazis"

U.S. Department of Defense: Department Of Defense Law Of War Manual—June 2015

(Updated July 2023)

Mike Robinson notes: Authorises the use of depleted uranium munitions, napalm, cluster munitions, mines, and herbicides.

Al Jazeera: Ukraine peace summit: Why some countries refused to sign the plan

Dances With Bears: Buzzer Beater—Russian General Staff Aims At Ending The Ukraine By Electric War

State Site Of Ukraine: Finance Minister comments on the Cleansing Statement published by the Government of Ukraine


Escalation In Lebanon? 

44:26 BBC: White House questions Netanyahu’s criticism over weapons delay

Al Mayadeen English: Israeli media: Hoopoe mission major security failure for 'Israel'

Al Mayadeen English: Israeli media: Hochstein returned from Lebanon in state of 'pessimism'

Al Mayadeen English: Gaza ceasefire key to calming northern front, says Blinken

Al Mayadeen English: Experts decode messages in Hezbollah's Hoopoe mission video: Exclusive

Al Mayadeen English: Mossad and its network of little helpers, the Sayanim


Snooping, AI Detection: If Government Has Access To Our Data, So Can Hackers

52:22 National Crime Agency: National Strategic Assessment 2018

Consilium: Law Enforcement Working Party (Police): Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse

Hacker News: EU to greenlight Chat Control tomorrow

Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP): National Analysis of Police-Recorded Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation (CSAE) Crimes Report


UK Deals To Fish Less Mackerel 

58:16 GOV.UK: Genetic Modification Inspectorate: seed audit programme

Legislation: Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act 2023

Phys Org: Finding hidden genetic treasure: Study uncovers untapped diversity in historic wheat collection

SeafoodSource:  UK, Norway, Faroe Islands reach agreement on Northeast Atlantic mackerel quotas

GOV.UK: UK agrees deals on mackerel fishing with Norway and the Faroe Islands