Blocked by the MHRA, reported to the Health Security Agency—A day in the life of vaccine-injured Adam Rowland

Adam Rowland from the North West of England tells his story despite being incredibly ill, and in pain throughout the whole interview. UK Column first caught up with Adam in November 2022. He selflessly battles on to raise awareness and raise money for the vaccine-injured. 18 months later, and over three years since being jabbed, where is he now?

Adam, a highly-qualified professional sports physiotherapist, was at the pinnacle of his career. Having attained an MSc, he also obtained a postgraduate qualification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and did further courses annually in Emergencies with the Royal College of Surgeons. He has been employed by major clubs, as well as working for the England Rugby Team. With a stellar career and happy home life, he had no idea that his life would change in the matter of just a few hours. 

As a successful, fit, healthy sportsman with a gruelling daily exercise regime, Adam was at the peak of health and had never had a day off sick in his life; he hadn’t seen a doctor for decades. However six hours after receiving his first AstraZeneca Covid–19 injection in February 2021 to protect vulnerable relatives, Adam’s life transformed literally overnight, as he began suffering flu-like symptoms and exhibited shaking and fits. Adam quickly became very sick, requiring many tests, hospital admissions and consultations. He has been on a three-year mission to find a reason, a cause, a diagnosis and a solution. 

Now, in summer 2024, Debi Evans catches up with Adam, nearly three and half years after his double Covid–19 injection as one of the vaccine-injured. Extraordinary people, extraordinary stories. What does it feel like when those charged with helping you choose to ignore you, block you and even report you to the Health Security Agency (UKHSA) for ‘misinformation’? What medical help is Adam receiving, if any? What support is he in receipt of and at what cost, financially and emotionally? Who is caring for him now, and how successful has he been trying to access the paltry £120,000 Vaccine Damage Payment

Adam’s life has been transformed from that of a vigorous athlete to being bedbound most days. With an ever-growing list of diagnoses, what help is he receiving from the NHS? The answer may surprise—but, sadly, not shock you. Adam refuses to be a statistic. He has a very important message to deliver. It is a message that every single one of us should be taking very seriously, and one that he has even given personally to the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. Meanwhile, AstraZeneca is set to double its revenue in the next few years despite withdrawing its Covid–19 injections from the market.

The vaccine-injured may wish to consider the FLCCC Covid–19 Protocols.

If you would like to help donate towards Adam’s treatment, please click here; all donations will be very gratefully received. Alternatively, if you would like to donate to UK CV Family, a registered charity for the vaccine-injured and bereaved (previously interviewed by UK Column more than once), please click here.

Adam Rowland would like to thank everyone who has helped him and who continues to help. He refuses to be another ‘died suddenly’ statistic. 

Our thanks to the courageous Adam Rowland and UK Column Producer Stephanie Sinclaire, who made this interview happen.