UK Column News - 19th April 2024

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


Public Cheers For Excess Death Debate In Parliament—ONS Now Changed Statistics Methodology

00:20 Parliament Live: House of Commons: Thursday 18 April 2024 

GOV.UK: Changes to OHID's reporting of excess mortality in England

Office for National Statistics: Estimating excess deaths in the UK, methodology changes: February 2024 

Weekly estimates of excess deaths from the new method are consistently lower than those from the current method from 2015 to 2019


Broken Promises And Trust: How Many Avoidable Deaths Are There In The NHS?

08:07 UK Column News: 21st March 2022 (1:19:14) MHRA Replies By Producing A Word Salad

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman: Broken trust: making patient safety more than just a promise

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (2023): Rebecca Hilsenrath announced as new Chief Executive of PHSO 

British Medical Association: Junior doctors in England urge Health Secretary to come forward with new offer as they vote for six more months of industrial action 

The Independent: Junior doctors vote by 98% to continue taking industrial action over pay

NHS Confederation: Matthew Taylor


Dr Shola, My Life My Say And Israel

18:25 Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (on X): 

Israel’s war expansionism is textbook Nazi war expansionism. Israel is NOT worth getting into World War 3 over. 

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (On X): 

Tzipi Hitovely is so disgusting & unhinged in her furtherance of Israel’s war expansionism & genocide. She should be locked up alongside Netanyahu & his govt officials for crimes against humanity. UK should cut ties with Israel […]

Husam Zomlot (on X): 

We will return. We will rebuild. We will never surrender our rights

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (on X): 

[…] My reputation precedes me as I bring the requisite skills set of obfuscation, deflection, baiting & gaslighting that are second to none from a decade of grifting to this challenging role


Debi Evans Has A Question For Junior Doctors: Are You Being Set Up?

26:50 British Medical Association: Junior doctors in England urge Health Secretary to come forward with new offer as they vote for six more months of industrial action 

The Independent: Junior doctors vote by 98% to continue taking industrial action over pay

NHS Confederation: Matthew Taylor


Updates And Announcements

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Forthcoming UK Column symposium: Defying The Real Enemy Symposium: The Heritage Party Councillors—Sunday 21 April, 6 pm

UK Column interview: Conformity Colleges: the Occupation and Destruction of the Academy by the Radical Left—Prof. David Barnhizer

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More Questions Raised From Legacy Media Reporting On Iran

33:19 IRNA English: Air defense system activated as blast heard in Iran’s Isfahan

Mehr News Agency: Iran destroys several micro air vehicles over Isfahan

Reuters: Tehran plays down reported Israeli attacks, signals no retaliation

The Jerusalem Post: Israel strikes Iran, defense officials confirm

The Jerusalem Post (2022): Islamic Jihad rockets killed more civilians in Gaza than IDF airstrikes did

Iran Observer (on X):

Israeli media shows video of Lebanese Hezbollah missile strike on Mayan Baroukh as an strike on Iran. This is pure face saving


What Is Disruptive Innovation?

36:11 Harvard Business Review (2015): What Is Disruptive Innovation?

Drift (2020): Netflix vs. Blockbuster

Middle East Monitor: Countering Iran’s overnight attack costs Israel $1.35bn

Sky News: Iran attack a ‘major humiliation for Israeli regime’ says Iranian professor


Check Point: Israeli Unit 8200 Is Everywhere

39:50 TechCrunch: Google fires 28 employees after sit-in protest over controversial Project Nimbus contract with Israel

Council on Foreign Relations: Is China's Huawei a Threat to U.S. National Security?

GOV.UK: Space Capability Management Plan

We will ensure that we embed dual use at the heart of our capability management processes, considering how we can share Defence space capabilities and outputs […]

Globes—Israel Business News: Gil Shwed: One company, one job

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI): CySource Joins Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium led by IAI

Check Point Software: Check Point Announces a New Collaboration with Microsoft to Supercharge Infinity AI Copilot with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Globes—Israel Business News: Palo Alto Networks founder Nir Zuk moves back to Israel

ContenTree: NHS England Provides 7,000 Agile Workers With Check Point Secured Mobile Devices


Portugal, Pandemics and Parliament

46:52 World Health Organization (WHO): Revised draft of the negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement (PDF)

UK Column interview: Portugal, Pandemics and Parliament—One woman’s remarkable story: Marta da Silva Gameiro


More On My Life My Say

53:20 My Life My Say: About MLMS 2.0

DRD Partnership (2019): My Life My Say: Common Futures Forum

Lampton School (on X):

We welcomed BBC News and Sharon Gaffka to our school today to talk with Year 13 students about why it's important to Give An X about young people voting in the upcoming London mayoral elections. Thanks Ms Vowles for arranging! My Life My Say

Campaign for the Arts (on X):

Signatories of the #GiveAnX / Campaign for the Arts open letter include […]

Give An X (on X): 

An incredible 153,171 people registered to vote on #NVRD. More than 113,000 were aged 18–34—up by 90% in 2021

Dan Lawes (on X):

Good morning! LOOK at this graph. Something massive happened on Tuesday’s National Voter Registration Day. Imagine what we have planned for the General Election…

Zest: First EV charger of country-leading rollout live in Hackney

GOV.UK: Apply for Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) funding