UK Column News - 19th April 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


​​Artificial ‘Intelligence’ Healthcare—At What Cost?

​​00:24 Latest ONS inflation—Wholesale prices down but consumer prices up

​​Nurses will strike again in England after voting to reject government pay deal

​​10% of A&E patients waiting more than 12 hours, NHS data shows

​​Telegraph: Junior doctors must sacrifice generous pensions for a pay rise, NHS veterans say 

​​Sunak backs greater role for private sector in providing NHS care

​​Cera trials AI voice assistant to reduce hospital admissions

​​Cera to launch 15 digital healthcare hubs across UK

​​Cera Care rolls out new analytics platform after securing £54m funding

​​Cera: “We’re redefining healthcare” — Bringing healthcare into the home

​​Three different medical systems compared: Meme


​​Dictatorship Advancing—The Online Safety Bill

​​16:53 Threema: Open Letter to the British Government Regarding the Online Safety Bill

​​SOAS ICOP Policy Briefings

​​UK Column Article: The Unlawful Pandemic Deployment of 77th Brigade

​​UK Column Interview: Standing Up To Be Counted: Andrew Bridgen MP speaks to UK Column about Covid–19 policy and vaccine concerns

​​Next UK Column Stream: Angela Lewis Wright of The Freedom Alliance—opposing the creeping totalitarianism in our lives. Thursday 19 April, 1 pm

​​Conference at the European Parliament the WHO pandemic treaty—our fundamental freedoms at risk a conference organized intervention of experts by MEPs: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 5:30PM TO 7:30PM


​​mRNA—Moderna: “This Changes Everything”

​​27:27 Moderna, Inc: Welcome to the #mRNAge

​​Moderna chooses Oxford for UK research and manufacturing mRNA hub


​​Ukraine Devastation—BBC Propaganda 

​​33:53 Not Our War—KEEP US OUT:  SAT 22nd APRIL—12:00 PM—TRAFALGAR SQUARE

​​Referendum on ending UK government's economically costly Ukraine/Russia policies

​​Correction: Sudanese paramilitary group claims to shoot down army helicopter in North Khartoum

​​G7 joint statement strongly condemns the fighting in Sudan. 

​​Brian Gerrish: Bakhmut showing heavy Ukrainian troop concentrations in western remnants of the city. Reports indicate some 100,000 Ukrainian troops have been committed to Bakhmut and its defensive areas. Losses are appalling.

​​Avdiivka, the second fortified city after Bakhmut and the base from which Ukraine has constantly shelled civilian areas in Donetsk

​​BBC Russian Sabotage Fear Porn: Ukraine war: The Russian ships accused of North Sea sabotage

​​Scottish Vaccine Injury Group Unity Rally: Saturday 22 April, 1 pm, Buchanan Galleries Steps


​​United Nations Global Goals 2023

​​51:50 Review of the Operation of Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000

​​UK police under fire for arresting Ernest Moret, a French publisher

​​Andrew Bridgen Tweet

​​Full Fact: List of ‘Communist Rules for Revolution’ has been widely debunked

​​Andrew Bridgen spoke in a Westminster Hall debate about the proposed WHO treaty and the massive ramifications it has on us and our sovereignty

​​New American: UN Seeks to Strengthen “Global Governance” During Emergencies Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 2: Strengthening the International Response to Complex Global Shocks—An Emergency Platform 

​​Air Ring: Wearable Air Purifier


​​Deadly Fungus With A Side Of Red Eye

​​1:06:40 Mail Online: Nevada health chiefs warn deadly fungal infection C auris may be spreading in the community for the first time in US history — amid fears a super-fungus could be the next global threat

​​Daily Record: Children with new Covid Arcturus variant are experiencing 'new symptom'… sticky or red eyes (during hay fever season)

​​Daily Express: New mobile app lets you scan Covid and flu tests

​​Independent: New test can tell difference between Covid and flu in 10 seconds

​​Covid–1919 pill Paxlovid moves closer to full FDA approval


​​Zelensky Says Post-war Ukraine Will Emulate Israel

​​1:11:10 Atlantic Council: Zelensky wants Ukraine to be a big Israel

​​Haaretz: Zelenskyy Says Post-war Ukraine Will Emulate Israel, Won’t Be ‘Liberal, European’

​​USAFacts: How much military aid does the US give to Israel? $38 Billion for war​


​​And Finally

​​1:19:54 Remember When A Boy Going Into The Girls' Locker Room Was A Crime, Not A Right?