UK Column News - 18th January 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.



00:28 Ukraine Troubles, Bilateral Agreements and Discontent

UK will send a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine — Twitter @BritishArmy

Stills of scrap metal in Ukraine 

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Resigns After Controversy Over Dnipro Civilian Deaths

Ukraine war: Who was Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky?

Discontent in Ukraine is spreading

Christine Lambrecht: German defence minister resigns after blunders

Next Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting scheduled for January 20th

UKC article: Ukraine: The Search for Peace


17:08 Klaus opens WEF 2023 with a prediction: “Extinction”

Opening Remarks From Klaus Schwab at Davos 2023 — World Economic Forum

Eastern Approaches: Who is Klaus Schwab? Investigation by Johnny Vedmore

CNBC Vice President threatens to 'punch out' Avi Yemini in Davos

World Economic Forum: Global Risks Report 2023

WEF: Mass Public Consumption of ‘Beetleburgers’ Will ‘Save the Planet’


27:44 Problems With Army Equipment and Manning

Ukraine war leaves British Army ‘very uncomfortable’ with Future Soldier capabilities

Lieutenant General Sharon Nesmith — Deputy Chief of the General Staff

Lieutenant General Sharon Nesmith — British Army website

Future Soldier: Transforming the British Army


36:30 UK Government Troubles Resolution: IRA is More Equal than British Veterans

Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill

Government tables amendments to NI Troubles legacy legislation

Blair: without IRA letters, peace process would have collapsed

Tony Blair and the IRA: The 'On The Runs' Scandal by Austen Morgan


42:41 MHRA Will Only Answer Selected Questions

The MHRA board meeting unanswered questions

Clips from Tuesday 17 January 2023 meeting

MHRA Customer Experience Center Feedback Jan 2023 questionnaire

Previous MHRA board meetings videos @MHRAgovuk


48:39 E-mails, Updates and More Information

Email to UK Column — Thanks for featuring the vaccine-damaged

Fatal Outcome (Vaccine Damage—Real People)

UK Column's first Motherwell meet-up—Part 1 of 2

UK Column's Motherwell meet-up part 2. Glo Centre, Motherwell Monday 23rd January 6:30pm

David Scott’s speech in Holyrood - Ugly Building—Ugly Ideas—Ugly Sources

Alex Mitchell And His Fight For Vaccine-Induced Thrombocytopenia Sufferers

Armed Forces Covenant

Tony Blair and the IRA: The 'On-The-Runs' Scandal by Austen Morgan


52:40 Important Drug Report by Debi Evans and Covid Updates

Joint letter from Department of Health and Social Care 

The Black Triangle Scheme — Continued monitoring of medicines with a Black Triangle status

Veklury 100 mg powder for concentrate for solution for infusion

BBC: Covid PCR tests end for asymptomatic cases in England

Understanding COVID-19 PCR Testing

COVID-19 standard operating procedure: testing for inpatients

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes New Monoclonal Antibody for Treatment

Going from ‘Jab’ to ‘Mab’ (monoclonal antibodies)

Osmosis videos pushing antivirals

COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing COVID-19

NICE Guidance NG191

Clinical pathway: Therapies for patients hospitalised due to COVID-19

End-of-Life Care for Patients with COVID-19

COVID-19 — Guidance for management of children admitted to hospital

PubMed: Monoclonal antibodies

Debi Evans Blog: 17 January 2023


1:07:18 Press Hit Pieces Orchestrated By A Frightened Government

The Guardian: ‘I was wrong’: how Covid conspiracies became a gateway to extreme views

Hope Sussex Community Hub (home educators cast as oddballs by The Guardian)

The Times: Death threats as lies spread about Oxford traffic ‘lockdown’

Oxford residents dubbed 'guinea pigs' over traffic policy

Protesters in Cornwall take to streets to defend the right to strike

Email from ex-BBC to UK Column over Marianna Spring’s strangely meteoric rise


1:14:37 Media Controlling Debates

Matt Hancock tweet calling Andrew Bridgen an antisemite

UKC’s reply on Twitter

Reply included Iain Davis opinion piece: It is time to stand up to those who contort the meaning of antisemitism

Dominique Samuels shut down on Good Morning Britain for mentioning Bridgen


1:19:35 And Finally