UK Column News - 17th November 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Ben Rubin with today’s UK Column News.


The Immigration Issue—James Cleverly To Override The Supreme Court

00:23 The Law Society: Supreme Court ruling end of the line for Rwanda policy

The Guardian: Cleverly ‘determined’ to get removal flight to Rwanda before general election

Forbes (2020): Cracking The $150 Billion Business Of Human Trafficking

Evening Standard: Rwanda says it can only bring in 200 migrants from UK

Dave Sumner Smith (on X): 

Seriously? Our new Home Secretary James Cleverly’s greatest academic achievement is a Degree in Hospitality from Ealing College of Higher Education?

James Cleverly (on X): 

My vocational degree taught me: finance & accounting, marketing & comms, HR & team leadership, logistics & process management, employment law, contract law, tort law, etc. All very useful in running a government dept.

UK Column interview: Trafficked: Child Stealing by the State—Part 1


How Democracy Is Being Dismantled In 2023: A Look At NESTA

07:10 Obama Foundation: The 2023 Democracy Forum

DemocracyNext: Homepage

LinkedIn: Claudia Chwalisz

Wikipedia: Nesta (charity)

Nesta: Democracy: doing it for ourselves

Nesta (YouTube): The UK's Innovation Agency

Relevant UK Column search: Nudge Unit

LinkedIn: Rory Gallagher

The Institute for Government: David Halpern

The Behavioural Insights Team: Applying deliberative democracy: Insights from our partnership with Meta

The Institute for Government: Labour’s proposals for a reformed House of Lords need more work  

UK 2040 Options: Who we are

Public Health Wales: Public Health Wales joins a new behavioural research hub


UK’s PREVENT Strategy With GCHQ, 77 Brigade, Israeli Unit 8200

21:08 UK Column series: No Smoke Without Fire

UK Column Article: Britain: A Stasi State

Amnesty International: Lessons from the Stasi—A cautionary tale on mass surveillance

GOV.UK: FACTSHEET: Prevent and Channel - 2021

The Telegraph (YouTube): Former official claims police used Mogg selfie as evidence of “far right extremism”

UK Column News (13th October 2016): David Cameron's Localism A Fascist Corporatocracy 

Civil society (2014): Nesta: ‘We were not forced to fund Big Society Network’ 

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Denial Of Healthcare Services In The UK?

36:59 Plymouth Live: Torpoint woman died after seven hour ambulance wait

Nurses: Should Access To NHS Services Be Contingent On A Person’s Vaccination Status?

Independent (2017): NHS under fire after announcing obese patients will not get non-urgent surgery until they lose weight

The Guardian (2012): Doctors back denial of treatment for smokers and the obese

NBC News (2012): In UK survey, doctors support denying treatment to smokers, the obese

Building Better Healthcare (2022): Struggling ambulance services ignoring the potential of AI to relieve pressures

Healthcare Digital: How tech-enhanced call handling can help ambulance services

Forbes (2020): How NHS 111 London Is Using AI To Ensure Patients Get The Care They Need Urgently

GOV.UK: Jenny Harries welcome address at the UKHSA conference

GOV.UK: JCVI recommends chickenpox vaccine in childhood immunisation programme

GOV.UK: New NIHR Research Delivery Network created


Legal Action Against Covid Jab Manufacturer: Floodgates Open

41:19 BBC: AstraZeneca faces legal challenge over Covid vaccine

Steve Kirsch (on X): 

“I just got off the phone with attorney Warner Mendenhall. He confirmed I wrote below is true, and the litigation floodgates are now open. “

UK Freedom Project: Covid–19 Vaccines Yellow Card Analysis

CrowdJustice: Vaccine Injured and Bereaved vs. AstraZeneca

The Independent: Get vaccinated to stay fighting fit this winter

The Guardian: Getting Covid and flu vaccines together is better, study suggests


David Cameron Very Excited To Head To Ukraine

46:26 Financial Times: David Cameron to send UK military trainers to Ukraine

The Guardian: Ukraine: David Cameron meets Zelenskiy and pledges continued UK military support—video

The British Army: UK Armed Forces on track to train 37,000 Ukrainian recruits

BBC: Swimming rivers and faking illness to escape Ukraine's draft

BBC: BBC goes inside Al-Shifa hospital with the Israeli army

Al Jazeera: Israel-Gaza war: What are the limits to the principle of self-defence?


Eke It Out Of Its Shell: Who Is Behind Tortoise Media And Who Are Its Partners?

54:19 Tortoise Media: What Is Tortoise?

Wikipedia: My Life My Say

Rise UK (Ben Rubin’s Substack blog): Babylon the Great is Fallen

LinkedIn: James Harding—Editor and Co-Founder—Tortoise Media

Tortoise Media: A Tortoise Digital ThinkIn with Hannah Rothschild: Who gives?


UK Parliament Votes NO To A Ceasefire To Save Lives

1:00:50 UK Parliament: King’s Speech Motion for an Address: Amendment (h)

Parallel Parliament: Christians in Parliament APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group)

Poland Posts English: Donald Tusk caught in the Sejm. The whole of Poland knew the code to his cell phone