UK Column News - David Cameron's Localism A Fascist Corporatocracy (13th October 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including: START The Scam of ‘Local Democracy Week’ (& its Minister of Fourteen) 02:12 ‘A treasury without a database…?’ The Big Society & Privatisation 04:23 MAPPA, Localism, & the Centralisation of control at a Local Level 05:47 Administrative Consolidation : Governance via ‘One Public Estate’ 11:24 Military Integration & the development of a European Tax System 14:12 Reframed : Prisoners, Students, Mancunians & ‘Common Purpose’ 17:23 Lawful Assemblies in Totnes, Penzance & Shropshire: Rule of Law 19:49 Extremist ‘Future Leaders’ : ‘Change Agents’ & Alinskyite Strategy 24:15 Stasi Enlistment of Children as Spies? Local Governance in Britain 29:27 ‘O Ye Moste Vilest Of Monsters! Of Horrifics! Ye Julia Middleton!’ 34:59 Guildford Elected Mayor Referendum : the Localists attack Surrey WINCHESTER TICKETS : ( * Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements