UK Column News - 16th December 2022

Brian Gerrish, Patrick Henningsen and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.


Boris and Ben, the bellicose men, want to "take out" Russian launch sites

00:20 Clip—More war: Just what the current and last British Prime Minister want

3:31 AP NewsRussia warns of "consequences" if US missiles go into Ukraine
ABC News: Ditto

4:36 Clip—Maria Zakharova, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

All weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine are legitimate targets and will either be destroyed or captured

Patrick Henningsen comment: Israel's IRON DOME air defence is an existing example of a Patriot battery being crewed by Americans

6:33 Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov promises no let-up over winter
Reuters: Russia has no plans for a Christmas or New Year ceasefire | Channels TV

7:31 Clip—Western media are showing footage of Ukrainian attacks on Donbass when discussing Russian aggression
Reuters: Russia launches widespread missile attack on Ukraine

Brian Gerrish analysis: Cognitive dissonance at Reuters

Alex Thomson commentary: The increasing sprinkling of "Russian-backed" and "Russian-installed" epithets in the voiceover betrays a growing desperation as war damage becomes apparent

Patrick Henningsen question: Where is the footage of Russian shelling hitting civilian targets in Ukraine?

13:00 Former CIA chief General David Petraeus tells Fox News why there is no backing down

That's why the support for Ukraine is so important, especially coming after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, to show that the U.S. can and will lead the world and it has the will to do just that. So again, that has to far and away be the top priority.

14:15 MarketScreener: EU members fail to reach agreement on new Russia sanctions, say diplomats
Patrick Henningsen analysis: The Poles and Balts are particularly under America's thumb

Bloomberg UK: Rebel farmers are pushing back on climate action
Patrick Henningsen commentary: Deliberate destruction of Dutch farmland, the most productive in the world

16:16 UK Government: UK programme assistance to Ukraine in 2019–2020
Brian Gerrish analysis: The National Democratic Institute, a Washington deep state creature, is right in the mix
16:57 NDIThe future of observer rights

17:35 BBC Media Action: The challenges of reporting in Ukraine
Brian Gerrish commentary: BBC has been in Ukraine for some time


Glen of Riga is unlikely to Grant us an interview on how he steers the Ukrainians

18:30 Clip—Forces News: Lt-Col (Ret'd) Glen Grant on the fierce fight for Bakhmut
Alex Thomson analysis: Grant is talking up the prospects of Yevgeniy Prigozhin, head of the Wagner Group (Russian private military company), supposedly preparing to mount a palace coup against Putin
Brian Gerrish commentary: Notably, Grant is a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Statecraft, a London-based deep state think tank
22:35 Baltic Security Foundation (founded 2019)
23:54 Glen Grant as part of Baltic Security Foundation
Patrick Henningsen: This is the deep state's parallel academia, made up of government- and arms industry-funded figures who wouldn't make it in real academia
Brian Gerrish analysis: Grant, a resolute Russia-container, has worked with the national military commands of most of the countries along Russia's western flank, as well as that of Chile; he has also reformed Ukrainian defence housing and has co-founded a political party in his adopted homeland, Latvia—a bit odd for a Sandhurst man

26:57 UK Column coverage of the Institute for Statecraft and its Integrity Initiative goes back years

27:40 Transparency InternationalPoor governance and corruption in Ukraine defence housing system (2018)
Brian Gerrish commentary: Despite Grant's ministrations, abuses in Ukrainian troop housing persist, particularly around Odessa

28:10 UK Government: Government call for project proposals to support defence reforms in Ukraine (2019)
28:32 UkrOboronProm, vast Ukrainian arms exporter
Brian Gerrish analysis: The UK Government embedded itself in Ukrainian arms production and ramped it up for a war that it knew was coming
Patrick Henningsen analysis: Ukraine has very little sovereignty left and this is another indicator of how little

29:07 Lt-Col Grant also involved with "independent" think tank, Ukrainian Institute for the Future
30:29 Report by UIF testifies to premonition: How can Ukraine prepare for the crisis? (March 2020, supposedly only about an economic crisis)
Ukraine Democracy Initiative
Brian Gerrish commentary: Ukraine is now riddled with such Western-coordinated initiatives
31:28 Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research has George Soros' International Renaissance Foundation as a donor
Alex Thomson analysis: The British excel at turning Eastern Europeans into change agents
Patrick Henningsen analysis: This is another round of the Baltic and the Balkans being used as buffer zones; the local residents will be the victims of any escalation shifting north

36:06 Back to Ukraine Democracy Initiative: "We speak, we envision, we enact democracy for Ukraine"

At the heart of the initiative is a dedicated global network of academics, field experts, civic activists, pro-democracy groups, policy-makers and citizens concerned with the future of democracy [...] Ukraine emerging as globally significant testing ground for new political trends

Brian Gerrish question: Who funds UDI as it makes Ukraine a mind-bending experiment nation?

38:50 Clip—F35 crash at Fort Worth, Texas

40:03 Iain Davis launches a new UK Column two-part article: Who Wants a Multipolar World Order?—Part I
Alex Thomson and Patrick Henningsen commentary: There is room at UK Column for discussion of many interpretations of how the blocs fit together in the multipolar era that has obviously now dawned; sovereignty is affected by some commodities becoming scarcer as others become more abundant

What the rule of law looks like in Brussels: Belgian and Italian MEPs and assistants bribed by Qatar

43:50 Eva Kaili MEP busted by Belgian federal authorities taking stashes of cash, allegedly to grease the wheels of the Doha World Cup, praise Qatari workplace standards and to vote for visa-free Qatari access to Schengen countries
Nieuwsblad: Caught red-handed with a bagful of banknotes
46:47 Eva Kaili's lobbying exemplified by this tweet

47:10 Alleged kingpin is Italian former MEP Pier-Antonio Panzeri; also implicated is Marie Arena MEP, a former chief minister of the French-speaking community within Belgium
De Standaard graphic on shown screen: What we know about Qatargate
De Telegraaf: Arrested vice-president of the European Parliament is suspended
Dutch political journalist Hans van Willigenburg: Operation Damage Control is in full swing
MEPs "suddenly" discover that Kaili had been behaving oddly in the chamber for some time

47:55 Unser Mitteleuropa: Kaili was a member of Soros think tanks with high-up Hungarians
49:27 Alexander Bakker of the Brussels press corps: Disgruntlement at European Commission press conference as journalists are given only two question slots to ask Ursula von der Leyen about the corruption scandal at the European Parliament
Alex Thomson commentary: The supreme irony was the reported raid on Panzeri's charity with swanky Brussels address, named Fight Impunity (sic)
50:33 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gives his take in two tweets on corruption and the rule of law

Meanwhile in other European parliaments: Cash is criminal, Russia is evil, innocent is guilty, vaccine damage is probably not happening

51:00 Stella Kyriakides, Cyprus' nominated European Commissioner (portfolio: Health and Food Safety), gives a lamentable response to a European Parliament question on excess mortality in connection with Covid jabs

51:32 NRC: Dutch House of Representatives wants stricter demands [imposed] for Serbian accession to the EU in view of its close ties to Russia
Tweet by author of successful parliamentary motion in The Hague, Jeroen van Wijngaarden MP: We won't hesitate to block Serbia's EU accession if President Vučić fails to support EU sanctions on Russia

52:27 Dutch MP Olaf Ephraim confronts Rabobank about letter telling off customers for the "risks" and "criminality" of taking out cash

53:03 German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announces federal government intention to reverse the burden of proof in administrative law to allow it to fire civil servants on any allegation of extremism unless they can prove their political correctness
Alex Thomson commentary: Trevor Kitchen has just told UK Column how poor the rule of law is in Switzerland and the EU

55:31 Viewer Robert Graham points out that Rishi Sunak's endorsement of Covid jabs for children may make him liable at law—and only UK Column reported Sunak's comments

56:37 Shown on screen: Andrew Bridgen MP e-mail response to public support for his adjournment debate on Covid vaccine damage; viewer Heather's description of using UK Column reporting to educate a Member of Parliament

58:24 Shown on screen: UK Patient Safety Commissioner Dr Henrietta Hughes' assistant''s reply to persistent viewer commits Hughes to continuing to "amplify the patient voice where appropriate", including with the MHRA

Covid jab sceptics ridiculed as God-botherers by the broadsheet press

1:00:15 Daily Telegraph: Care home had right to sack staff who refused Covid jab, [employment] tribunal rules | Yahoo UK syndication of the same article
Alex Thomson commentary: Even saying "Covid vaccines are experimental" is singled out by the Daily Telegraph as cause for ridicule

1:01:48 Shown on screen: An example of taking your MP to task

Did you attend [Andrew Bridgen's adjournment debate]? If not, why not, as you are in your role to work for your constituents, to protect your constituents?

Shown on screen: John Mason MSP tells a constituent that he is "convinced that Covid vaccines have been a tremendous breakthrough enabled by God" and "very much relies on experts who we consider credible in making decisions or in scrutinising the Government as it makes decisions"

1:03:05 New Zealand Herald: Second anti-vax couple want unvaccinated blood for seriously ill toddler
Response by a nutritionist exemplifying extreme prejudice:

I'd bet that all people unvaccinated don't or have never donated blood to start with

1:03:55 WHO announces Wellcome Trust's Dr Jeremy Farrar's appointment as Chief Scientist, prompting a professorial rebuke

1:04:47 Clip—Dr Anthony Fauci announces Year 3 of the Pandemic

1:06:00 President Biden: Covid cases are rising across America as folks gather for the holidays
Patrick Henningsen analysis: No tests—no pandemic; no pandemic—no Emergency Use Authorisation; no EUA—no pharmaceutical immunity

1:07:16 AP News: China won't report asymptomatic Covid cases in further shift
Patrick Henningsen commentary: China no longer requiring mass testing; mainstream media coverage of this is a masterclass in gaslighting and mixed messaging

1:09:30 Clip—UNICEF launches one of the most disturbing videos UK Column has covered: child actors guilt-tripping world leaders into jabbing the Third World, or else the world will keep getting locked down

What is a woman? The argument still rages—but the shofar might soon be blown

1:13:55 Cambridge Dictionary changes definition of 'woman' to accommodate men

1:15:08 Human EventsWoke definition of 'woman' as an identity puts women and girls at risk—citing the editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial, Libby Emmons, in an interview with Jack Posobiec

[Liberal] feminists have been totally bludgeoned by their own compassion [...] coerced into stating that men can be women [and] that men can be lesbians

1:15:42 New York Post: Norwegian actress Tonje Gjevjon faces up to three years in prison for saying men cannot be lesbians
1:16:40 Relevant UK Column interview: Scottish Family Party leader Richard Lucas on cultural Marxism
1:17:05 Relevant UK Column opinion piece: The Crisis of Western Political Systems (Johannes Eisleben)—this chaos has an economic-supremacy purpose
1:17:22 ObserverThe Scottish leader must take heed of changing views on the treatment of gender dysphoria
Learned commentary sent to Alex Thomson: The leader writer of a major broadsheet is signalling that the victims of self-identification have suddenly been officially permitted to exist, that the TERF wars have outlived their usefulness and must now be reeled back in
Alex Thomson question: What is going to take the place of the trans agitation project?

1:21:00 And Finally: memes to cheer the despondent—Fauci is no longer "La Science, c'est moi"; fact-checkers have alternative facts; Chinese Covid protests heroic, Western Covid protests antisocial; expropriating Dutch farms is a death sentence on the poor