UK Column News - 15th December 2023

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


Funding For Ukraine: Budapest Blocks Bung—€50bn EU ‘Aid Package’

00:20 Reuters: Hungary vetoes EU aid for Ukraine, bloc delays decision on funds for Budapest

Alex Soros (on X): EU leaders approve Ukraine accession talks, bypassing Orbán

The Irish Times: Hungarian PM Orbán blocks €50bn EU aid package for Ukraine

ZeroHedge: Vista Outdoors Warns "Global Shortage Of Gunpowder" Will Set Ammo Prices On Fire

Kyiv Post:  Donald Tusk: A Guide to Poland’s New PM Who Wants West’s ‘Full Mobilization' for Ukraine 

Fox News (YouTube): Zelenskyy: We Only Have One Enemy and It’s Putin


Demna, Questionable Georgian Creative Director Of Balenciaga, Is Shoring Up Ukraine

09:04 C-SPAN (2022): Senator Rubio Questions Undersecretary Nuland Over Biolabs in Ukraine

Al Jazeera (2022): Profile: Who are Ukraine's far-right Azov regiment?

Washington Examiner (2022): Zelensky calls for ‘preventative action’ from NATO to keep Russia from using nukes

Daily Express (2022): NATO row breaks out as Zelensky savaged for 'destructive lies' over Poland missile

U24: Demna is Selected as Ambassador for UNITED24

UNITED24 (on X):

Demna, artistic director of BALENCIAGA, is selected as ambassador for #united24.

Independent (2022): Balenciaga condemns child abuse in new statement addressing controversial ads


Has Altruism Been Hijacked For Social Credit?

14:40 CBC (2020): A Covid–19 smackdown: why rule breakers need to be punished

The reason: being selfish can be socially contagious.

King's College London (2021): Pandemic ‘triggered increase in altruism and reciprocity' across Europe

Effective Altruism: What is effective altruism?

Effective altruism is a research field and practical community that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice.

World Economic Forum: What is effective altruism? A philosopher explains

Great Minds Official (YouTube): Effective Altruism: The Secret to Living a Good Life?

The Org: Chief Executive Officer at Guide Dogs—Tom Wright

UK Fundraising: Effective Altruism and a Radical New Way to Make a Difference

Giving What We Can: Our pledge

At Giving What We Can, we show you how to find those charities, so you can help solve some of the world's most pressing problems.

80,000 Hours: Is effective altruism growing? An update on the stock of funding vs people

Center For Global Development: The UK as an Effective Altruist

National Institutes of Health: PubMed: Altruism towards the end of life

Oxford Academic: Altruism and Physician Assisted Death (1993)

The Guardian (2020): 'We did what we set out to achieve': the staff who moved into care homes

Health Economics Review: The effect of altruism on Covid–19 vaccination rates

National Institutes of Health (NIH): PubMed: Help Is in Your Blood-Incentive to "Double Altruism" Resolves the Plasma Donation Paradox 

Effective Altruism Forum (2014): Kidney donation is a reasonable choice for effective altruists and more should consider it

Nature Journal: These volunteers want to be infected with disease to aid research—will their altruism help?

New Scientist: DNA vaccines coding for live viruses could soon be tested in people

Global News: The virtuous few: How effective altruists are doing good better

The Guardian: The curious case of Captain Tom: how did the feelgood story of lockdown turn sour?

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Davos, WEF, Chatham House, The NHS And Penny Mordaunt

26:33 Chatham House: COP28: What was achieved, and what needs to happen now

Charlie Nunn (LinkedIn):

Despite these clear benefits, and the importance of decarbonising UK homes in order to achieve Net Zero by 2050, our recent housing stocktake reveals we need to increase the pace and scale of progress.

Goals House: Davos—Goals House

Goals House: Advisory Board

Freud Communications: NHS 75 by Freuds Group

Penny Mordaunt (2018 on Twitter): 

Great lunch on delivering the #GlobalGoals with Matthew Rycroft, Bill Gates Melinda Gates, Mike Bloomberg, Stephen Fry […]


Are Critical Mineral Wars Coming?

33:43 UK Parliament: A rock and a hard place: building critical mineral resilience

We urge the Government to define the UK's role in the critical minerals value chain and to set out a coherent 'Team UK' proposition to explain the UK's offer to global partners.

The Telegraph: China has 'weaponised' its dominance in critical minerals, say MPs


Ultrasound Needle-Free Vaccines And Care Pods In The Streets?

37:40 Go Forward: Forward Raises $100M and Announces Forward CarePod™

The World’s First AI Doctor’s Office

Forward (YouTube): Announcing the Forward CarePod™, the World's First AI Doctor's Office

Evening Standard: Climate change could bring dengue fever to England by middle of the century, scientists warn

Vigilant News: Italian Health Minister Under Investigation for Murder for Concealing Covid–19 Vaccine Deaths

New Scientist: Ultrasound can push vaccines into the body without needles

Inside Pharma (Substack): MHRA resumes inspections of SARS–CoV–2 injection manufacturers—3 years too late!!!

MHRAgovuk (YouTube): MHRA Board Meeting November 2023

Daily Mail:  So much for the world-beating NHS! UK doesn't even rank in the top 20 for patient safety—and the US scores even lower

The Guardian: Disabled people must work from home to do ‘their duty’, says UK minister


James Kariuki On Global Multilateralism

42:40 GOV.UK: The UK believes the Council must be reformed


AI To Fact-Check And Cherry-Pick

44:25 Sky News: Israel-Hamas war: Israeli ambassador dismisses notion of two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians 

Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely (on X): 

Hanukkah was celebrated for the first time in Westminster Hall’s nearly 1,000 year history today, marking a historic moment for UK Parliament

Today’s Hanukkah lighting reminds us, now more than ever, we’re following the Maccabees by defeating darkness through bringing light.

I thank the UK Parliament for standing with us during one of the darkest periods in our recent history.

Hollywood Reporter: This Startup Wants to Create an AI-Generated CNN


Bloody Sunday: Soldier F Will Face Murder Trial

49:07 BBC: Bloody Sunday: Soldier F will face murder trial

The Times: Dennis Hutchings obituary

Police Service of Northern Ireland: Legacy Investigation Branch | PSNI

The Guardian (2015): Blair: without IRA letters, peace process would have collapsed

UK Column video: David Ellis Report: Lawfare


What Is Charles Standing On In ‘Winged Hero’ Statue? 

51:51 The Guardian: Charles, winged and saving the world

The Independent (2012): The Prince of Wales: And so the wait goes on

Is Prince Charles God? Is he the Devil? For a mild-mannered, well-bred sexagenarian he inspires extreme reactions.

BBC (2002): Prince Charles 'the winged hero'

Prince Charles was "deeply touched" by the statue


You’ll Own Nothing: Latest

54:13 Wikipedia: You'll own nothing and be happy

PC World (2009): Amazon Settles Kindle "1984" Lawsuit

Hackaday: Polish Train Manufacturer Threatens Hackers Who Unbricked Their Trains

The Register: Polish train maker denies claims it geofenced trains


And Finally—Dr Who Crunchy Christmas Special: The Goblin Song

1:00:06 BBC: Doctor Who releases Christmas single, The Goblin Song

(Spoiler… It’s about eating babies)

Wikipedia: George W. Bush shoeing incident


From Extra

Radio Times: The Goblin Song lyrics: The Doctor Who Christmas single in full

Daily Star: Scotland unveils genius nicknames for road gritters and people are cracking up