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Debi Evans Blog: 12 December 2023

Deck the Halls with boughs of holly, it’s Christmas time! But for many people, Christmas 2023 won’t be an easy one or a happy one. Christmas is a time of charitable giving, whether or not it involves time, money or knowledge. Most of us at some point have done something for nothing because it benefits our children, families, friends, communities or country. But how far would you go if you were told you were being conned, deceived or duped? 

The majority of people have done something this year that could be deemed an altruistic act. I bet most of you have helped others at some cost to yourself many times. Maybe you’ve looked after next door’s pet when their owner had to go into hospital or went away for a while. None of it probably even registered on your ‘altruism radar’ because they don’t exist. Authentic altruism needs no radar and it needs no recognition—it is a beautiful human reaction and most of us wouldn’t expect or want any praise or awards of ‘recognition’. 

In 2023, many are being made to feel guilty if they don’t roll up their sleeves and give their time freely and visibly to ‘serve their country or their local community’. But ‘serving the country’ no longer means enlisting into the military for active service. Conscription and military service appears to have been replaced by volunteering, and by using altruism as a means to guilt trip. But when does altruism become coercion by stealth? How many people do you know who feel as though they have been coerced (by use of guilt) into giving money or their time during Covid–19?  

Many felt obliged to get ‘vaccinated’ to ‘protect the NHS’—let’s pause for a moment and allow those last few words to sink in. Since when did any of us sign up to take an experimental injection in order to ‘protect the NHS’? But it seemed that in 2021, getting jabbed was definitive proof of your altruism. Those of us who refused were demonised and deemed selfish and uncaring. A vaccine is designed to protect the recipient, not Uncle Tom Cobly and all, and least of all a beast of a health system that seems to have no interest in looking after people. How many children were terrified to visit their grandparents in case they ‘killed them’? It seems inconceivable when we look back on those dark days of lockup. How many were not allowed to sit with their loved ones as they died, all in the name of ‘altruistic acts’ to protect strangers? By our compliance and obedience during lockdown, and by going along with all the testing, tracing and vaccination roll outs, we were purposefully being manipulated into becoming a different kind of altruist. Using guilt, shame and fear to achieve ‘small acts of kindnesses’ has proved very lucrative for Governments, philanthropists, charities and Non-Governmental Organisations. 

The original meaning of altruism has changed without many of us noticing or even caring. A new altruism has emerged, engineered by ‘scientists’ to manipulate each and every one of us, but I bet not many of you have heard of it.

Allow me to introduce you to the ‘new altruistic kid on the block, Effective Altruism, as decreed by the United Nations. The term ‘effective altruism’ has been around for over a decade and is not a small exclusive club of do-gooders. Effective Altruism is a growing ‘movement’ of people who are all keen to be seen to ‘do the right thing’. Furthermore, it’s a new way of ‘giving’ and a billion dollar industry. With an eye watering $26.6 billion of funding behind it and increasing political power, its desire to ‘change the world’ is paramount. Perhaps I should refer to it as the ‘Altruism Industrial Complex’, its big business. The philosophy of effective altruism uses rationale and science to redefine how you should ‘do-good’ in the world’. It is no longer acceptable to choose how altruistic you would like to be, today you are told. If you are wondering if the term ‘effective altruism’ has earned its place at the table of the World Economic Forum, I can confirm that it has.

Originally, starting as a small group at Oxford University in 2009, effective altruism was conceived by two philosophers, Toby Ord and Will MacAskill. They created a group called ‘Giving What We Can’  in order to encourage as many as possible to pledge to commit to donating 10% of their income to effective charities every year. If you don’t have any money to donate, how about choosing a career where you can maximise your ability to do as much good as possible? I am not joking sadly, 80,000 Hours was set up for just this purpose. And why not combine empathy with evidence through the Centre for Effective Altruism? I am sure you will be keen to know that Will MacAskill’s book on how to do better, entitled, Doing Good Better”, has had a brilliant review from the one and only Bill Gates.

You may not be surprised to learn that Dominic Cummings is a champion of ‘effective altruism’. Furthermore, Michael Gove has urged the Government to prioritise ‘what works’, which is an ideal reflected in the 'effective altruism' movement. A growing number of people, particularly millennials and Generation Z, are being nudged and coerced into a new way of giving generously to targeted organisations worthy of their donations and to assess how their donations can benefit the greater good. Many are committing 25%+ of their earnings to ‘good causes’, and this ‘new way of giving’ is growing in popularity. But who are these 'good causes', and who deems them ‘good’? Did you know we also have ‘effective charities’?

When the definition of altruism is manipulated and engineered, it becomes dangerous. According to the 'new effective altruism' movement, wanting to do-good is just not good enough. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could combine goodness with effectiveness? Essentially, ‘effective altruism’ is just another pseudoscience that has been deliberately engineered for the purposes of scientific research and to weaponise our conscience. It is not just one organisation, it is a ‘community’ of many people working on a diverse set of projects with a “common goal” to do as much good as possible. There's that ‘common’ theme again. Common Purpose, Common Interests, More in Common….sound familiar?  

Whether or not you wish to become a volunteer appears of little concern to our globalists, Governments, NHS, Behavioural Scientists and large charities. Relying on the good will/altruism of the public to run what are effectively public services and quango’s is largely going unnoticed. Why, when it is in plain sight?

Buoyed up by wooden spoons and saucepans, television appearances, discounts or free food at supermarkets and ‘special treatment’ during lockdown, many were ‘persuaded’ to volunteer to go back to unpaid work for the good of the country and the people. Do you remember the many stories in the early days of the ‘pandemic’ of health workers taking up residence in care homes up and down the country, isolating themselves from family and friends for months in order to care for their residents? That’s what 'effective altruism' is all about, unless you can see through it. Some may call it virtue signalling on a grand scale.

One of the ways to give to ‘effective charities’ is through Effective Altruism Funds, which will allow you to donate to one of the four major cause areas. Charities enjoy certain special privileges and rights, such as tax advantages from being called a ‘charity’. Charities are answerable to the public who give their time and money to charitable activities undertaken in good faith. The Charities Act 2006 states that bodies seeking to acquire charitable status will be required to show that they are acting in the public benefit as defined in law, but how many are? Who trusts the Charities Commission and is it even ‘fit for purpose’? Many of the big charities receive vast amounts of public funding from the Government, who are also in receipt of private funding from companies with significant conflicts of interest. Cancer Research UK, for example, is funded by Industry. Do you know who funds the charity you support? How many employees does your favourite charity have that earn over £120k per annum? You may be surprised.   

In my opinion, without ‘effective altruism’, the Covid–19 engine would have ground to a halt before it had even started. It was the driver of the Covid–19 Psychological Operation to change our behaviour and our values.

In highlighting and rewarding the do-gooder’s who would never dare challenge the narrative, it has allowed scientists and governments to demonise those of us who have stood firm and rejected the narrative despite being labelled as selfish and uncaring, the opposite of altruistic. Did your gut feeling tell you not to comply, but the feeling of guilt in not doing your duty for your fellow countrymen just took over? Were you taken in, duped and told to risk your life into doing something you wouldn’t normally do in order to save others? That’s not altruism, that’s emotional blackmail dressed up as ‘effective altruism’.

If you want to know more about 'effective altruism' or wish to attend any events locally, please click here. But to me, it all seems a bit like a cult and a big con. Will you ‘Give what you can’? Or will you steer clear? I have taken the decision not to donate to any of the big charities or organisations, but to stick to just one worthy cause. UKCV Family is my personal choice and my recommendation for anyone who asks. The little fish in a very big pond of sharks need to be nurtured and not allowed to be fed to the sharks. Overall, it seems clear to me that 'effective altruism' is a very big iceberg, of which I have only scraped the surface.  

Writing to your MP works!

Many thanks to one of our audience, Jay, who sent me this reply received from their MP, Ben Lake, after writing a very polite, measured, and well informed request/invitation for him to attend the Andrew Bridgen debate in Parliament.

Good afternoon, 

I hope this finds you well. Thank you for writing to inform me of the meeting hosted by Mr Andrew Bridgen MP in Parliament on 4 December 2023.

I was pleased to be able to attend the meeting and listen to the presentations provided. The information presented challenged many assertions that have been made in recent years, and I believe warrant further consideration. I understand that there will be further opportunities to progress the discussion in the coming months, and I shall endeavour to ensure that Parliament fully considers the evidence and makes the appropriate recommendations to Government.

Thank you once again for drawing my attention to this meeting.

With best wishes,


This kind of response just goes to confirm and validate all we are saying on UK Column News. Please write to your MP; it takes little time, costs nothing and can reap huge rewards. Thank you Ben Lake for listening to your constituents and taking the time to attend. I hope perhaps we can interview him in the future to hear his views on what he was presented with at the meeting. He will certainly be given a warm welcome.

NHS Chief ‘heartbroken’ after the wrong body is cremated

You can’t make this up. The wrong body was given to a family after a mix up at the morgue of The Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran, Wales, and then cremated at Sirhowy Valley Crematorium. Understandably, the family were extremely upset and have had to go through a second ceremony with the correct remains. It appears the person who was cremated by mistake had no family, desperately sad if true, but nevertheless convenient. Words fail me.

Norovirus update

As I reported last week, the winter vomiting bug is back. Norovirus usually sweeps through hospitals at lightning speed and often wards have to be closed during an outbreak. It is reported that some hospitals have now banned visiting entirely. Fortunately, Norovirus clears up relatively quickly, therefore, wards should not be closed for long. If a ward does remain closed for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to ask why.  

NHS uniform change

There is to be a new national uniform for NHS nursing staff. A ‘smart scrub’ uniform will now be donned by all nurses and associated health workers. According to consultations, patients find it difficult to identify who members of staff are. Gone are the days when a nurse wore a candy striped uniform and starched apron and cap. The new uniforms look just as confusing to me. What do you think? If I had my way, I would bring back a proper nurses uniform, the one everyone loved and wished had never been retired.

The Care Pod

Who needs a doctors surgery complete with trained doctor when you could visit a Care Pod where artificial intelligence will do all the work? Forward is a company that manufactures the ‘care pod’, the first Doctors surgery run by Artificial Intelligence. In a Care Pod, you can have your blood pressure taken, throat swabbed or even a body scan. There will be no doctor or nurse present and you can combine your health check with shopping. Care pods are to be situated in shopping malls and office buildings where Artificial Intelligence will be responsible for your diagnosis while 'behind the scenes' doctors write the appropriate prescriptions.

All you have to do is unlock the pod door with your smartphone and step inside. Once inside you will find a large touchscreen, a chair and a ring that glows on the floor indicating the location of a full body scanner. With hidden drawers revealing different medical tests, the pod acts as doctor, and a friendly AI voice guides you through the process step by step. At $99 a month, it is said to give users access to all of Care Pod’s tests and features, which will allow healthcare to scale up like never before. I am guessing that only hypochondriacs, aka ‘the worried well’, would be mad enough to trust a Care Pod with their life.

Cancer signs on urinal mats

Gentlemen, you can’t say you weren’t warned. From the NHS website:

Urinal mats in public places in England will begin to carry blood in pee cancer warnings for men, as part of a major new NHS earlier diagnosis drive. The NHS and P-Wave, a leading urinal products brand, are working together to put the message “Blood in your pee? Contact your GP practice” on urinal mats in thousands of men’s toilets across the country.

King Charles

As many of you will be aware, I have been interested in learning more about the UK Government’s King. I was surprised to find out a couple of facts that perhaps you will be surprised to learn too. The Guardian Statue depicts a ‘winged Prince of Wales’ saving the world. Cast in bronze by Mauricio Bentes who sought permission to sculpt it, he presented it to the now King Charles during a visit to the rainforest in Brazil. It is now the centrepiece in ‘Prince Charles square’ in Palmas, the state capital.

If you live in the Duchy of Cornwall or the Duchy of Lancaster, you are living on a Royal Estate. If you die without making a will in either county, your assets will automatically be directed into the Royal Purse. Shocking as that may sound, it is true. In the Duchy of Cornwall, proceeds from the dead go straight into the purse of the Prince and Princess of Wales, likewise, in the Duchy of Lancaster proceeds from the dead go into King Charles’ purse. The Guardian revealed how millions of pounds obtained through an ancient law is being used to upgrade a commercial property empire managed by the King’s estate.

We don’t want a portrait of the King, thank you. That was the resounding decision taken by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, who, with an overwhelming majority vote, decided not to accept the free offer of a portrait of the King from the Cabinet Office. Bravo I say.

The God Flower is disappearing

The God flower, otherwise known as the golden grass orchid, used to grow in abundance in Alishan, central Taiwan. It is said to be the gateway to the gods. The Tsou tribe is one of 16 recognised indigenous tribes. Tribal leaders use the God flower for ceremonies, however, it is vanishing. Without it, they worry that God won’t be able to find them. Nothing can replace the wild God flower and tradition dictates that it cannot be cultivated artificially, it has to be picked in the wild and prior to sunrise before important ceremonies can begin.

Bethlehem – Christmas is cancelled  

Bethlehem is closed for Christmas. Out of respect to those trapped in Gaza, Mayor Hanna Hanania has said:

Bethlehem, as any other Palestinian city, is mourning and sad. We cannot celebrate while we are in this situation.” Following the approach already taken by the Christian churches in the Holy Land, they are going to focus on prayer. “We’ll pray for God to have peace in the land of peace.

Embarrassing Christmas trees

Trafalgar Square – After last year’s delivery of a ‘dead tree’, this year the UK has received half a tree. A traditional gift from Norway, it is thought this year may end that long tradition.

As I live in Cornwall, I couldn’t resist highlighting the tree in Camborne known as the ‘Cornetto Cone Tree’. It has attracted a pretty big slice of ridicule. While the article in Cornwall Live describes residents as being amused, I have spoken to friends in Camborne who think it’s a cheap gimmick, and they are most certainly not amused.

Japan – thousands of fish washed up on beach

Thousands of dead fish have mysteriously washed up on a beach in Japan. Tonnes of sardines and mackerel covered more than a kilometre of sand. Locals have never seen anything like it. Could it have anything to do with the increased seismic activity in that area? I have heard beached Oarfish is a sign of a big earthquake to come. Perhaps mackerel and sardines are another sign?  

Book of the week 

Thank you to Cheryl Grainger for this recommendation, I now have it on order. The book, entitled “What the Nurses Saw” is a detailed “investigation into systemic medical murders that took place in hospitals during the COVID panic and the nurses who fought back to save their patients."

And finally

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the trouble to email in, and I’m sorry I can’t reply to everyone. I am also very grateful to those who have offered me holistic therapies for my cough. Thyme, ginger and lemon are working well. I hope to be able to talk without spluttering very soon.

I have been keeping my eye on commercial marine traffic. The volume of active oil tankers and goods containers is rather sparse. What I have noticed is effectively a giant car park in the sea. There are thousands of container ships moored, seemingly abandoned, out of service, and showing up as grey ghosts on the ocean’s surface. As long as they stay there, it means we have a distribution network collapse and we can be quite sure that this will have a knock on effect for us in the west where we rely on imports to keep us going.

Do you have a plan? Even Oliver Dowden, our Deputy Prime Minister, appears to think you should have one. He is urging us all to be prepared should there be a grid outage. Have you got camping lights, candles, torches and spare batteries if the power goes off? If the power does go down, there will be a rush to buy all of the above. With no sight of fresh supplies coming in anytime soon, you’d be wise to stock up now.  

I am in no doubt that we are living in dark times, however, many of you will be planning on going to carol concerts, Christmas markets, nativity plays and festive parties. My message is switch off, only if it’s for a day, to concentrate on what matters most. Remember the power of prayer; pray to God for guidance and strength for difficult times ahead. I have heard it is going to get even colder, possibly more snow for Christmas. In the event of possible power outages, I recommend getting a camping stove and a whistling kettle, after all the British march best on a cup of tea!

Until next week, 

God Bless.


Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36