UK Column News - 14th November 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Channel migration will now magically disappear

00:32 Home Secretary Suella Braverman: the French will help solve our complex problem

Gendarmes patrolling northern French beaches—obviously impossible until Britain paid them

02:51 2021 UK Annual Report on Modern Slavery

2018 UK Annual Report on Modern Slavery

UK told OSCE in 2020 it was committed to eradicating human trafficking by 2030

The other aspect: many Albanians

03:55 Telegraph: Modern Slavery Act set for reform to tackle migrant crisis

Presentation of financial statistics on tackling modern slavery in Britain

David Scott commentary: No-one is addressing the complexity of the situation—the Left speaks only of compassion when there are also economic migrants; Blair and Peter Sutherland set this agenda to break up the nation state; “beyond belief” levels of criminality, treating people like meat

07:06 Mike Robinson commentary: The paltry sums given to tackle human trafficking seem like merely the cost of doing business (for trafficking)

07:28 David Scott’s city of Perth in central Scotland fills up with refugees, almost all young men

Two huge city-centre hotels, Radisson Blu and the Queen's Hotel, closed to the public

David speaks to two men who arrived in Perth from Homs and Aleppo in Syria: no claim by them of fleeing persecution

David Scott commentary: Dispersal from the English Channel to Scotland is a government policy to cover up the vast scale of the migration


Ukraine—Time for peace?

10:05 BBC: Russia to withdraw troops from key city of Kherson

BBC: Kyiv claims major gains as Russia exits Kherson

10:38 Brady Africk tweet: Ukrainian forces have liberated more than 64,000 square kilometers

Huge areas regained by Ukrainians in relatively short time

UK Column commentary: We're relying on the blogosphere and individual commentators and news-sifters for true picture, due to failure of the mainstream media to report the war with any semblance of discretion

12:45 Zelensky photo op portends change of tack

BBC—Kherson: Zelensky visits liberated city

Beginning of the end of the war? Zelensky speaks of Ukraine’s readiness to negotiate

How odd that Ukrainian overtures for peace come immediately after the US midterms

David Scott commentary: Some sort of deal may have been done; the Ukrainians may now have fulfilled the West’s demands of them; if the war continues despite the apparent mutual exhaustion, it may be indicative of external political pressure

16:08 Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg discuss possible dialogue

Brian Gerrish observation: "Deeply offensive" glamour photo—Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s combat gear is squeaky clean 

17:18 The reality nobody wants to talk about: huge Ukrainian grave sites in Kharkov and elsewhere

17:39 UK trains Ukrainian troops

Jens Stoltenberg tweets on his great trip to the United Kingdom

18:11 Mariupol: Massive Russian reconstruction effort indicates that the Russians are not planning to abandon the city

18:53 Odessa Journal: Ministry of Economy signed a memorandum with the world’s largest investment company—i.e., BlackRock

20:09 Brian Gerrish analysis: Now the country has been destroyed, control of reconstruction has been achieved

September: Ukrainian presidential website coverage of Zelensky meeting Larry Fink


Latest narrative on Russia

20:55 Who blew up Nord Stream 2? Dark ships in Baltic Sea spotted by SpaceKnow with satellite data

Wired: Dark ships emerge from the shadows of the Nord Stream mystery

US Naval Institute News: Positions of two NATO ships were falsified near Russian Black Sea naval base

Brian Gerrish commentary: Large ships don’t just appear and disappear in a relatively small area—who owned them and what were they doing?

23:11 Sky News: [Russian Foreign Minister] Sergei Lavrov taken to hospital on arrival at G20 

What was the gravity—or otherwise—of any medical condition he had? No word from mainstream media


Red Pill Expo on jabs and cunning money masters

Conference just finished in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mark Anderson's coverage of the last Expo

Among fifteen speakers, star turns were Dr David E. Martin of M-CAM and Del Bigtree of Informed Consent Action Network (ICANdecide)

25:08 Del Bigtree draws attention to WHO's 2019 pronouncement that "anti-vaxxers are a global health threat"

27:11 medRxiv: Age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19—estimated to be 0.035% for the under-60s and 0.095% for the under-70s

Brownstone Institute carries similar figures

28:44 An apparently bigger health threat: ICAN's V-Safe Data uses CDC data to chart Covid vaccine adverse health impacts 

30:08 Red Pill Expo slide: US child vaccine schedules required 11 jabs in 1986; 54 (72) in 2017; expected to be hundreds of vaccines in the near future

Slide: Childhood vaccines shoot up, and chronic illnesses and prevalence of disabilities in children shoot up in tandem

Mark Anderson comment: An informed-consent audience in Salt Lake City, not necessarily an anti-vaccine audience

32:14 The "most salivated-over" prize: central banking

Dr David Martin referred to a chart on wall of bank near conference venue in Salt Lake City: $18,841,000,000 of holdings in financial, infrastructure and utility sectors less than a year before Federal Reserve was set up in 1913

Key aim of Federal Reserve was to leverage the pre-1913 debt-based money system to make the great mass of people work for the very few at the apex

34:18 “Where’s our Pujo Committee, and why aren’t we demanding it?” — Arsène Pujo was a Louisiana Congressman, the first-ever representative of the state’s Seventh District, who chaired a banking subcommittee in Congress

Flanking technique used in the run-up to the creation of the Fed: “Oh yes, there is a money trust; but let’s work with Congress to stop it—by creating a central bank”

Tax-exempt foundations allowed plutocrats to evade new taxes at the time when they were first imposed


Scottish Covid inquiry teetering on the brink

37:55 Founded in October 2021 and not going well

The Herald: New judge appointed as chair of Scottish Covid inquiry—Lord Brailsford takes over from Lady Poole, who has resigned “for personal reasons”

Noteworthy: Simultaneous change in inquiry’s terms of reference—to a “human rights” focus

Families still waiting, over a year after inquiry was set up, to be met

“Establish the facts” as Lord Brailsford’s new key focus: yet there are two sets of Covid facts—officialdom’s “facts” and actual facts

40:51 Newly-formed Scottish Vaccine Injured Group:

David Scott commentary: VIG have applied for core participant status in the Inquiry; whether or not they are accepted will tell us a great deal as to whether it can be trusted


Earth religion: BBC lies by omission regarding agenda

41:26 BBC—COP27: Ukraine a reason to act fast on climate change—Rishi Sunak

Cash is king: Xiye Bastida (20) from Mexico attends COP at Sharm el-Sheikh—to lobby for monetary compensation for “loss and damage”

Another Generation Z representative at COP: Sophia Kianni (also 20)

40:44 “Climate justice activist”, author and model Mikaela Loach (24) is Scotland’s own youthful rentaquote seeking a new world

Mikaela Loach tweets about her book deal

Clip: The quality or otherwise of Mikaela Loach’s thought—and she urges the public to pre-order her book especially because she’s black

David Scott analysis: Not very good and not very Scottish, but fully neo-Marxist and collectivist; “once we’ve destroyed everything, we just keep destroying until the wonderful utopia emerges”

Various profound tweets by Mikaela Loach shown on screen:

Arrived in Egypt for #COP27

I’m moderating (and organised)

Speaking at this event

We’re bringing together youth

Being a young Black woman

Hosted & organized a completely youth[-]led event

50:15 Clip: Sky Australia—Paul Murray Live—Developing countries want “climate reparations”

52:00 Loach retweeted Sarita La Colocha's indignant tweet on scabies outbreaks among migrants in hostels; no mention of the inequities of vaccine damage


G20: Freeing the market by killing it

Rishi Sunak flies in to summit of major economies and pastes blame on Putin for Britain's economic suicide

52:47 Rishi G20 plan Sunak’s five-point economic plan (he has one)—

  • Keep paying the public for electricity
  • Blame Russia for weaponising food
  • Bolster "resilience"
  • Promote free markets and open global economy
  • Partner with businesses and foreign governments [“intentional financial institutions”: the typo is either Number 10's or the Telegraph's]

David Scott commentary: Four of the points are about control and thus contradict the free-market point


FTX and price controls: Trading turds, absorbing the unabsorbable

57:19 Mail Online: $515m is STOLEN from collapsed crypto exchange FTX

Effective Altruism Forum’s potted biography of founder of crypto platform FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried (“SBF”)

Worth remembering: Utilitarianism means getting away with it “for the greater good”

Clip: Nobody Special Finance summarising the FTX farce in under 100 seconds

“Government regulations don’t protect you; they protect the crooks”

Ukrainian angle to the FTX collapse is even worse: @Ben_Kew—FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried bankrolled the Democratic Party’s midterms war chest

Reuters: Hedge fund Galois Capital says half its capital stuck on FTX exchange

Who with fiduciary duty would make such an investment?

Yahoo! Finance: Ukraine Partners With FTX and Everstake to Launch New Crypto Donation Website

David Scott commentary: “It all seems very circular: money went to Ukraine, which went to the Democratic Party, which funded the Ukraine war”

Clip: Value of cryptocurrency investments discussed by two frank gentlemen

“It draws in a lot of charlatans … trading turds”

1:05:12 BBC—Jeremy Hunt: Everyone will have to pay more tax

David Scott analysis: Governments can change tax rates; they cannot make more tax revenue appear—we have a government that we cannot afford

BBC—Rishi Sunak: We’ll deliver the public finances that the markets expect

We are now running the country to satisfy the expectations of financiers

1:06:58 US International Trade Administration: Argentina extension of consumer goods price controls

David Scott prediction: This is the West in a year or two and will cause shortages, because price controls never work

Financial Times: Argentina unveils price controls to tame inflation

“The state will absorb the extra costs”—with which of its non-existent resources?


Terrible shame—Online Safety Bill for the chop?

1:10:24 Independent: Online Safety Bill at risk of being ditched due to delays, ministers warned

Which version of the Bill (with which definition of “legal but harmful content”) is being pushed forward? Urgent decision needed by UK Government, or parliamentary time will kill the Bill


And Finally: Perversion is "dragging" on

1:11:25 Thanks to Louise Collins of Liberty Tactics for this:

Sab Samuel, BBC Digital Content contributor, is also a drag queen storyteller

Viewer research request: Why does NHS England need drag queens to disseminate its health policies?

Clip: Promotional video on drag queen storytellers 

BBC: Get involved with BBC Sesh to "develop creative talent from across Wales"

Brian Gerrish analysis: It seems the BBC has its in-house promotion for drag queens operating among young children

Christopher Rufo: The real story behind Drag Queen Story Hour—thanks to a viewer for spotting this

“A movement born in the sex dungeons of San Francisco [that ended up] in public libraries and schools”

David Scott commentary: Calling it out works because it is based on lies, deception and concealment; citing historic literature works because it exposes the Marxist purpose of child sexualisation