UK Column News - 14th June 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Dr Piers Robinson and with Cheryl Grainger (previous writer for UK Column).


​​Exercise Cygnus and the UK Covid–19 Inquiry

​​00:37 UK Covid–19 Inquiry

​​UK Covid–19 Inquiry Live Stream

​​Transcript of Module 1 Public Hearing on 13 June 2023 

​​Weekly all-cause mortality surveillance (week 33 report, up to week 29 data)

​​Office for National Statistics: Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales

​​UK Column article (April 2020): Exercise Cygnus: UK Government Exercise Justifies Covid–19 Lockdown

​​In 2016, the Royal College of Surgeons had complained of chronic bed shortages, so much so that the occupancy rates had gone beyond 89%, when 85% is considered the maximum safe level.

​​The King’s Fund (Labour-aligned NHS think tank): The number of hospital beds in England has halved over the past 30 years

​​NHS England: Virtual ward including Hospital at Home

​​Powys Teaching Health Board: Pandemic Influenza Framework (Page removed)


​​NHS—Your Data Matters

​​10:01 Prof. Norman Fenton—Twitter

​​Substack blog: Where are the numbers? by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil

​​The new SKYCovion vaccine: More questions for MHRA to answer

Viewer ​​April’s response from her surgery about her data being shared

​​NHS: National data opt-out


​​Policy Roles Campus in Sheffield

​​12:25 Cabinet Office: A first-of-its-kind campus for government staff in key policy roles

​​UK Government: Sheffield to be centre for policy jobs under Whitehall shake-up 


​​9/11 Changed the Course of History—Guest: Piers Robinson

​​17:11 Announcing the International Center for 9/11 Justice—

​​International Center for 9/11 Justice—Twitter | Facebook

​UK Column presented the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global ‘War on Terror’ in October 2021

UK Column interview (October 2021): Propaganda and the 9/11 ‘Global War on Terror': Dr Piers Robinson

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​​Debi Evans Blog: 13 June 2023

​​Upcoming UK Column interview: The Financial and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the West: Bob Moriarty, 15 June at 1pm


​​UK’s Biological Security Strategy 

​​24:57 Boris Johnson in 2021 announced the plan for a new ‘Global Pandemic Radar’ to identify and track new COVID variants and emerging diseases.

​​Telegraph: UK building radar system to detect future pandemics 

​​Mirror: 'Biothreats radar' set up to scan for new pandemic and bio-terror alerts facing UK

​​UK Government: UK Biological Security Strategy

​​The UK Government is working alongside the US Defence Advanced Research Programme Agency (DARPA) to develop and investigate the potential for a networked system of sensors to detect the production or release of chemical and biological threats in urban settings and transport hubs.


​​Cheryl Grainger Reports on the Better Way Conference 2023

​​34:54 Cheryl Grainger reports on the Better Way Conference 2023

​​The worldwide Control Group Cooperative


​​Legacy Media Lived By Its Lies, Falls By Its Lies

​​40:02 BBC: Sharp decline in appetite for news in recent years, Reuters Institute says

​​Daniel Rosney’s Twitter with “Some *professional* news”

​​Brian Gerrish notes: 

​​As the BBC realises its biased brand is unmasked and viewers are turning away, Marianna is unleashed to kill the competition.


​​GB News Politicisation

​​48:18 Ofcom: 

In relation to the funding of GB News, I can confirm that we do hold this information, however, we are unable to disclose the information that we hold in scope of your request.

​​Press Gazette: Dubai-based investment group and pro-Brexit investor among £60m funders to back GB News as it recruits 120 journalists

​​GB News: Investors

​​Gov.UK: Sir Paul Marshall 

​​The Legatum Group stands alongside the Luminos Fund

​​The Luminos Fund donors

​​Guardian: Ofcom investigates GB News after Tory MPs interview chancellor

​​Guardian: Lee Anderson will become latest Tory MP to host show on GB News

​​Lee Anderson—Registered Interests

​​Esther McVey—Registered Interests

​​Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg—Registered Interests

​​The Times: GB News tycoon Sir Paul Marshall eyes up £50m Spectator deal

​​Guardian: Rishi Sunak hires journalist James Forsyth as political secretary

​​Ofcom to carry out audience research regarding politicians presenting programmes


​​War Material: Give The Junk To Ukraine, Get British Taxpayers To Fork Out For Upgrades

​​57:11 Wall Street Journal: Ukraine’s Offensive Begins With Ground Gained, Tanks Lost 

​​Kyiv Post: 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade 'Magura'

[​​…] the 47th to be the second army brigade to be filled out primarily with green soldiers trained first in Britain

​​Hindustan Times: Russia Bombed 'Mighty' Leopards Using Lancet Drones

​​HistoryLegends: Ukraine finally launched its "counteroffensive" on the Zaporizhia front

​​Pravda: Ukraine asks Germany for more Leopard 2 tanks