UK Column News - 12th June 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


"Collateral Damage" in Nuseirat Massacre

00:21 BBC: Why Grant Shapps is warning about a Labour 'super-majority'

The Cradle (on X): Video

Spokesman for Hamas' Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeida

Quds News Network (on X): Video

They were in a truck carrying clothes and cooking pans

Al Jazeera: Nuseirat, anatomy of Israel’s massacre in Gaza (Maps)

The Cradle: Troops hid inside aid truck for deadly US-Israel operation in Nuseirat

The Guardian: Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages 

Israel Hayom: In broad daylight, in a furniture truck? How the IDF caught Hamas by surprise

The Cradle: Israel perpetrated Nuseirat massacre to 'block' ceasefire deal

PressTV: Israel infiltrated Nuseirat camp using humanitarian aid trucks, furniture lorries

Newsweek: Israel Official Says Biden Ceasefire Plan Allows IDF to Destroy Hamas

Palestine Chronicle: World Food Programme Halts Aid Distribution from Gaza Pier

Marisa Turno (on X): Video

Timeline showing how the United States of America is a partner in planning the operation and a partner in the massacre in Nuseirat today

Vanessa Beeley (Substack): US justifies Zionist "collateral damage" massacre in Nuseirat Camp, Gaza 


Sam Melia Update: His Wife Is Now Allowed To Talk About Their Children

11:51 Patriotic Alternative: Sam Melia Banned From Access to His Children Free Sam Melia, UK Political Prisoner

GOV.UK: Proven reoffending statistics: April to June 2022

GOV.UK: Diversity of the judiciary: 2024 statistics


Exeter ‘Stop The Block’: Community Success In Stopping Low-Traffic Neighbourhood

18:13 Exeter Green Party (on X): Exeter Green Party’s post

We call on #Exeter councillors to resist suspending the Active Streets trial in Heavitree and Whipton. It must be allowed to run its 18-month course as originally planned.

Devon County Council: Agenda and decisions: Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee—Monday, 3rd June, 2024 10.30 am

Exeposé Online: LTN Continues to Divide Exeter Community


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Pre-Pandemic Vaccines For Avian Influenza

23:07 European Medicines Agency: Zoonotic Influenza Vaccine Seqirus

European Medicines Agency: Zoonotic Influenza Vaccine Seqirus Product Information (PDF)

CSL: News Releases: CSL Seqirus, a Proud Champion of Pandemic Preparedness, Signs an Agreement with the European Commission to Provide Pre-Pandemic Vaccines to the EU

GOV.UK (2021): Guidance on strain changes in authorised Covid–19 vaccines

Moderna: Moderna Announces Positive Phase 3 Data for Combination Vaccine Against Influenza and Covid–19

Daily Mail: My son Adam, 41, had everything to live for. But he died after the AstraZeneca vaccine gave him a blood clot.' Mail readers share stories of the deaths or health problems they fear were caused by the jab... and their battles for compensation


Reminder: Community Water Fluoridation Consultation Deadline Is Monday 17th June

29:58 GOV.UK: Community water fluoridation expansion in the north east of England 

Link to the consultation HERE

UK Column interview: Fluoride—The Poisoned Chalice: In Plain Sight with Joy Warren


PCR Amplification Test Detection: Pull The Udder One

31:13 GOV.UK: Energy Trends March 2024

GOV.UK: Biomass Strategy 2023

UK Column search: Keyword: Biomass

GOV.UK: Research and analysis: Confirmed findings of influenza of avian origin in non-avian wildlife 

Legislation: Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, Schedule 5

Health Policy Watch: US Expands Bilateral Pandemic Preparedness Measures and Establishes Global Health Security Coordinator Post

One Health Initiative: One Health Publications

This is a really important piece of the strategy. We’ve seen that a lot of emerging pathogens are zoonotic diseases. If you take a look as well at the areas of partnership with the 50 countries, you’ll see that zoonotic disease is a common area partnership because this is something that has been identified by many other countries as well.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: The Pirbright Institute

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Download grants data file (CSV)

The Pirbright Institute: New seasonal control measures for bluetongue virus

Will Thurston (on X): Will Thurston’s post

How do we at the Met Office use NAME atmospheric dispersion model outputs to help @APHAgovuk and @Pirbright_Inst conduct surveillance and control of bluetongue disease?


Syria: Situation On The Ground And The Regional Moves

40:38 Al-Monitor: Iraq's PM says Baghdad mediating potential Syria-Turkey reconciliation

Middle East Eye: Why Turkey wants to join Brics

Middle East Eye: Nato or Shanghai Cooperation Organisation? Turkey's Erdogan goes for both

Anadolu Ajansı (2023): Türkiye should take measures against China's Belt and Road Initiative

Middle East Monitor: Turkish foreign minister to attend BRICS+ meeting in Russia

StudyIQ: India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), Map, Countries


Ukraine Misinformation Roller Coaster: You Paid For This List

47:37 Texty: Roller Coaster: From Trumpists to Communists. The forces in the U.S. impeding aid to Ukraine and how they do it (List originally worded as being of US and British media figures who "work for Russia")

U.S. Department of State: The United States and Poland Announce New Ukraine Communications Group

Hybrid CoE: How Ukraine fights Russian disinformation: Beehive vs mammoth (PDF)

Anadolu Ajansı: EU should begin membership talks with Ukraine in June

Washington Post: U.S. lifts weapons ban on Ukrainian military unit


Food Security Includes The Sea

35:11 Government of Iceland: License Issued for the Hunting of Fin Whales

European Union: European Commission: International Whaling

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (2021): Europe's largest military exercise underway in Scotland

Forces Network (2020): Whales Begin To Be Herded Back To Sea Ahead Of Exercise Joint Warrior 

GOV.UK: UK fishing opportunities worth over £970 million secured for 2024 

The Fishing Daily: Sad news as Plymouth Trawler Agents Announce Cessation of Trading

GOV.UK: Extended Fisheries and Seafood Scheme closes for 2024


And Finally: The Weather

58:51 BBC: UK weather: why has it been so cold and when will it get warmer?

Ned Substack: The 'Only' Democracy In The Middle East