Hey Ho, The WHO Has Got To Go—with James Roguski

This interview has been transcribed by Interest of Justice.


The 77th World Health Assembly is now over and the World Health Organisation appears to have won a minor victory. The International Health Regulations (IHRs) have been amended—at what price to us, and to them?

What happened to the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty? Does it still exist, or have public health wonks found a way to skirt around it? What is the definition of an ill person? Finally, all is revealed and we know what the WHO has planned for us. To read the full report on the amended IHRs, please click here, paying particular attention to Article 44 bis on p. 31.

James Roguski has been watching the machinations closely and joins Debi Evans today to update us on the covert goings-on in Geneva. What lies beneath the small print is certainly not in our, the public’s, best interests. Has the WHO played us, or has it actually done us a small but important favour? 

James Roguski is a frequent and in-depth blogger on these issues on Substack.