UK Column News - 11th December 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Fusion Doctrine: ‘Building A Culture Of Common Purpose Across Departments’

00:28 Daily Mail: RAF intelligence officers joined Whitehall and Army in 'spying' on Covid lockdown critics—including David Davis and Peter Hitchens

GOV.UK: National Security Capability Review—March 2018

UK Column special news episode (2018): The Fusion Doctrine

Metro: Armed Forces reveal what help they’ve given in fight against coronavirus

GOV.UK: Fact Sheet 14: Military Aid to the Civil Authorities (MACA)

UK Column interview: No Smoke Without Fire Part 5: PREVENTing a War on Domestic Terror in the United Kingdom?


Horrors In Gaza

08:21 Metro: Palestinians stripped and humiliated after being captured and blindfolded in Gaza

The Guardian: Footage shows IDF parading scores of Palestinian men around in underwear

BBC Verify: Israel-Gaza war: Video shows Gaza detainees allegedly 'surrendering guns'—what we know

Holiday Weather: Jerusalem Weather, December

OHCHR: Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War


Genocidal Song Sung By Children

17:48 Owen Jones (YouTube): ‘Annihilate Everyone': Israeli TV Promotes Genocidal Song

Euronews: Fact-check: Did Israeli children really sing about 'annihilating everyone in Gaza'?

Jerusalem Post: 'Never again': Tel Aviv's controversial billboard campaign


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Devon & Cornwall Police: Devon and Cornwall Police Operation Snap digital submissions

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What Is Zionism?

31:31 Sex & Censorship (Substack): What the F**k is a Zionist?

Nikki Haley (on X): 

Anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

The Jewish Chronicle (2016): Gove tells UJIA: 'I am a proud Zionist'

The Australian Jewish News (2019): Cameron reveals his passion for Zionism

Torah Judaism (on X): “Judaism is never Zionism. Judaism is a religion and Zionism is a political ideology that has nothing to do with Judaism.


Who Arms The Israeli Military?

36:45 Senator Bernie Sanders: Sanders Statement on Voting ‘NO’ on $110.5 Billion Emergency Foreign Aid Supplemental Bill

Senator Bernie Sanders (YouTube): We cannot be complicit in the current approach of the Israeli government.

PBS: Senate Republicans block Ukraine and Israel aid as they demand border policy changes

NBC News: White House calls Rep. Thomas Massie's X post 'virulent antisemitism,' urges House GOP leadership to condemn

New York Times: State Department bypasses Congress to approve Israel's order for tank ammunition


US Vetoes UN Security Council Demand For A Ceasefire In Gaza

45:47 Reuters: US blocks UN Security Council demand for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

GOV.UK: We call for further and longer pauses to get aid to Palestinians: UK statement at the UN Security Council

Calling for a ceasefire ignores the fact that Hamas has committed acts of terror and is still holding civilians hostage.

António Guterres (on X): 

This week, I urged the Security Council to press to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza & I reiterated my appeal for a humanitarian ceasefire.

‌Regrettably, the Security Council failed to do it.

Al Jazeera: Calls to reform UN Security Council after US vetoes Gaza ceasefire

GOV.UK: Explanation of vote on draft Syria resolution vetoed by Russia and China 

The Economic Times (YouTube): China, Russia condemn US Veto on Gaza ceasefire, say Washington complicit in merciless bloodbath

Al Jazeera: How the US has used its veto power at the UN in support of Israel


UK Is To Lead New Maritime Capability Coalition

50:48 GOV.UK: British minehunting ships to bolster Ukrainian Navy as UK and Norway launch maritime support initiative

GOV.UK: UK Export Finance: About us

Marsh McLennan: Marsh McLennan collaborates with Ukrainian government, banks, and insurers to provide cost-effective insurance for Black Sea grain 


Pope Francis Exposed Expelling Christians From Episcopacy

50:36 Newsweek: Pope Sparks Outrage After Firing Anti-LGBTQ Texas Bishop: 'Dictator'


The Idea Of Tying Payments To A Digital Identity

57:45 Payment Systems Regulator: The PSR purpose

Payment Systems Regulator: Chris Hemsley's speech at the 1LoD Fraud Risk event on 5 December 2023

Payment Systems Regulator (2022): PSR response to Digital Payments Initiative report

Helping to remove barriers to new digital payment services, which better meet the needs of people who currently rely on cash, is a focus for the PSR. The Panel's report focused on the potential for new open banking-based account-to-account payment services. It came up with 12 recommendations, covering open banking payments, the PSR's Card Acquiring Market Review, improved data collection, digital identity and fraud prevention and protection.