The First Annual David Ray Griffin Lecture - The Ruthless Empire Post 9/11

Welcome to the First Annual David Ray Griffin Lecture, being held in honour of the eminent 9/11 scholar who contributed immensely to the pursuit of truth and peace during his lifetime.

The lecture will take place on Sunday, December 3, 2023, starting at 6:00 PM UK / 7:00 PM CET / 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 PST and will last approximately two hours. An archived video will be available here shortly after the conclusion of the event.

The lecture, entitled “The Ruthless Empire Post-9/11,” will be given by Swiss historian and peace researcher Dr. Daniele Ganser and will be followed by a roundtable discussion.

The lecture is hosted by the International Center for 9/11 Justice and UK Column.


Introduction: Piers Robsinson (5 minutes)
Remarks: Elizabeth Woodworth and Richard Falk (15 minutes)
Lecture: Daniele Ganser (1 hour)
Roundtable: Daniele Ganser, Richard Falk, Marilyn Langlois, Piers Robinson (30 to 40 minutes)

Audience Questions

Audience members are invited to submit questions during Dr. Ganser’s lecture to be discussed afterwards during the roundtable. Please email your question(s) to

The Ruthless Empire Post-9/11

In his lecture, Dr. Ganser will provide a historically rich account of the key deceptions the US government has perpetrated in the past to serve as triggers for launching major wars.

Dr. Ganser will also examine the actions the US government has taken in the 22 years since 9/11 with the goal of maintaining and expanding its global hegemony.

Dr. Ganser’s talk will draw from his latest book, USA: The Ruthless Empire — published in German in 2020 and in English in 2023 — but will also touch on two major ongoing conflicts that have developed since the book was written: NATO’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and US ally Israel’s apparent ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.

Opening Remarks and Roundtable

Remarks on the life and contributions of Dr. David Ray Griffin will be given by researcher Elizabeth Woodworth and renowned international legal scholar Dr. Richard Falk, who were both close friends and colleagues of Griffin during his career.

Then, following the lecture, Dr. Ganser and Dr. Falk, together with Marilyn Langlois, a longtime 9/11 and peace activist, will participate in a roundtable discussion.

The event and roundtable will be moderated by Dr. Piers Robinson, a researcher of propaganda, conflict, and media.