First Annual David Ray Griffin Lecture - Introduction

Dr. Piers Robinson is currently co-director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, convenor of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media, associated researcher with the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global “War on Terror,” member of PANDA and BerlinGroup21, and co-editor of Propaganda in Focus. His most recent academic appointment was Chair/Professor in Politics, Society and Political Journalism (University of Sheffield 2016–2019). He is author of The CNN Effect: the myth of news, foreign policy and intervention (Routledge, 2002), lead author of Pockets of Resistance: British news media, war and theory in the 2003 invasion of Iraq (Manchester University Press, 2010), and co-editor of The Routledge Handbook of Media, Conflict and Security (2016). He is a member of the board of directors of the International Center for 9/11 Justice.