The Drag Queen Story Time Agenda—Katy-Jo Murfin

As a concerned mother, Katy-Jo Murfin stood up to debate the Drag Queen Story Time phenomenon (which UK Column has covered in the past) on the street in Sussex with some animated members of the LGBTQ++ community. Katy-Jo stood her ground as she was faced with some very outspoken members of the LGBTQ++ community who had gathered to support the local library Drag Queen Story Time.

From the ensuing dialogue on the street, it quickly became clear that the children exposed to the drag queen sessions were a matter of minor importance to these adults. Their key theme appeared to be their personal experiences of rejection and abuse, together with the importance of others—including children—accepting their lifestyle, and every variant of it.

In an informal half-hour video, Katy-Jo, David Scott and Brian Gerrish discuss the on-street interaction and comments, and they introduce wider issues, including:

  • the state’s clear agenda to take over parental responsibility
  • the state’s promotion of anything-goes sexuality
  • the surfacing voice of 'child love' and paedophile practice
  • a cultural Marxist drive to control both children and adults by control of language
  • and the vulnerability of the LGBTQ++ community to the ultimate deception of the state with regard to their lifestyle: they are being used.

Brian and David also highlight comments from individuals within the wider LGBTQ++ movement who are increasingly concerned that they are under attack themselves for not being ‘queer enough’ to fit in, or that their concerns, as members of the gay and wider community, at the increasing drive for ‘child love’ excesses are being ignored.