Questioning Lockdown—Moira Dundee

A concerned citizen living in Scotland tries to make sense of the drama surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. From the outset, she kept asking the million-dollar question: “Why, in order to solve a health crisis, do we have to be locked up?”

Moira M. Malcolm (aka Moira Dundee), a professional lady with a BA (Hons) degree in Architecture and an MSc in Computer Science, is that concerned citizen. In an interview with Brian Gerrish, she tells her story of what happened when she challenged lockdown.

From skipping in public, she progressed to providing a ‘library in a suitcase’ for elderly and other vulnerable people who were suffering from the isolation of being locked up. These seemingly innocuous acts resulted in her being vilified in the press, being arrested and ultimately appearing in court in front of a sheriff (Scottish judge sitting alone).

Challenging her own boundaries as to what she could do, and knowing that she must do something, Moira lost friends, gained new ones and found an inner courage that stood her in good stead throughout, as she challenged all aspects of lockdown and the people and authorities enforcing it. 

Her experiences, new knowledge and understanding prompted her to write a book entitled Questioning Lockdown. It covers a multitude of topics and exposes lies told by pharmaceutical companies and ‘health professionals’ to sell drugs, maim and kill. Written to inform and not for profit, it is a book we commend.


Moira Dundee was interviewed again by UK Column in January 2024 as part of the Gutsy Women series.