Our Lives in Whose Hands? The Lifecycle of an Experimental Biological Medicine—Hedley Rees

Discussion of this interview, and updates since it was recorded, were given at 6:26 onwards in the UK Column News episode of 25 January 2023.

The United Kingdom is deemed to have a prestigious life sciences history to be proud of. In the late eighteenth century, Edward Jenner developed the first ‘vaccine’ for smallpox. Ranked fourth in the Global Innovation Index, the UK is seen to play a vital role in global science endeavours and is marketed as a superpower in life sciences.

As such, many would be forgiven for thinking that His Majesty’s Government has its own population’s best interests as a priority in the engineering and marketing of medicines. They would be wrong. Without the central involvement of the UK Government, the British medicines regulator MHRA, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) et al., would the worldwide Covid agenda would hardly have been possible.

Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans are delighted to welcome Hedley Rees back to UK Column. He has almost four decades of professional expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. In his first interview with us, From Molecule to Man, Rees explained how an initial ‘chemical recipe’ cooked up in a chemical kitchen by chemical engineers, which would normally take up to twelve years to develop and trial, arrives with you, the ‘patient’, in little over 300 days. 

Rees has been raising the alarm since the rollout of the Covid–19 injection, and now collaborates with experts from all over the world in order to alert the public. 

Rees’ concerns have always centred on the United Kingdom’s pivotal involvement in worldwide pharmaceutical developments; he tells us in this interview that the UK is front and centre in life sciences and grants patents far too soon. But what is that involvement, and who is behind the pharmaceutical steering wheel? Has the British public been sold out to the life sciences industry—which appears to be a branch of applied science at the behest of chemical, biological and social engineers—in the guise of cutting-edge ‘science’ to enhance and prolong our lives?

In utter disbelief at what he knows is reality, Rees explains how his industry has turned its back on manufacturing and distribution safety at every stage of development. As we are about to be catapulted into a hazardous Brave New Biotech World, he warns us that the assault on our health, welfare, mental health and lives will go on relentlessly, unless we say no. 

Hedley Rees is a self-proclaimed “seeker of unfettered access to facts, evidence and educations relating to the pharmaceutical industry”. You won’t find his information from anyone else. Please subscribe to his Inside Pharma blog and share his material; then no-one can say they weren’t warned.