UK Column News - 25th January 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News, with special guest Hedley Rees of Inside Pharma (Twitter|blog).

Excess Mortality Continues to Build

00:34 Office for National Statistics—Deaths registered in England and Wales: Week ending 13 January 2023 

BMJ—Recent cash injections won’t solve emergency service problems, says leader

UK to introduce first-of-its-kind framework to make it easier to manufacture innovative medicines at the point of care

Institutional and infrastructure challenges for hospitals producing advanced therapies in the UK: the concept of ‘point-of-care manufacturing readiness’


Hedley Rees Provides Breaking Pharmaceutical News

06:26 14th November FoI—MHRA changed regulations

11:53 The UK competent authority for licensing is the MHRA—Hedley Rees

These injections have not been manufactured by the companies selling them

17:34 MHRA Passes the Buck

MHRA Freedom of Information reply of 11 January 2023 pointedly stating that the Health Secretary is responsible for medicine licensing decisions

Daily Sceptic: Blame Game Begins as MHRA Passes the Buck

European Court of Accounts—Tools facilitating travel within the EU (evaluating Covid pass and track-and-trace)

MHRA—Consultation on how we communicate with healthcare professionals to improve medicines and medical devices safety—last week to answer survey

Portuguese parliamentary petition: COVID-19—Against mass vaccination of children and young people


Ukraine is Moving Down the Mainstream News Agenda Whilst the War Rages

31:00 German Government announces delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine—precisely 14 of them, so as not to outdo the British

Katrin Göring-Eckardt—The #Leopard’s freed! (Twitter)

Type of aircraft Ukraine will receive has already been determined—Col. Yuriy Ihnat

According to Ihnat, the aircraft supply topic has never left the agenda as it is constantly raised by the Ukrainian top military leadership and the Ministry of Defence

NATO Policy Planners' Conference takes place in Paris


Boris’ Trail from Davos to Ukraine

40:53 Tweet:

Thank you @PinchukFund for hosting the Ukrainian Breakfast at Davos.

Johnson was pictured signing his name on an anti-tank weapon in Ukraine

Russian passion inflamed by US/UK/NATO/EU-fomented war

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Arestovych Resigns After Controversy Over Dnipro Civilian Deaths

Arestovych censored for speaking out and may have defected; his successor calls for long-range strikes on Russian cities

Ukrainian recruitment drive

Magyar Nemzet: Hungarians in Ukraine being disproportionately conscripted for the worst jobs

Hungary Today: Ukraine punishes Transcarpathian Hungarians again

Hungary Today: Ukraine’s New Minority Law Codifies Injustice

Felvidék: Joint statement on Hungarian minority in Ukraine:


58:32 French viewer's e-mail—Macron nationalises SNPE, apparently to bankroll Ukrainian ammunition

EURENCO Group is developing its organisation “to boost its growth”

Foreign Affairs (CFR journal): The Sanctions on Russia Are Working—sub-intellectual clichés

AND Magazine: Who Wants To Blow Up Poland's Largest Oil Terminal?

Orania's local currency Φ Twitter

Hold The Line event: #ProtectChildhood at Leinster House, Dublin, at noon on 26 January 2023


NHS Matters—Device, Diagnose, Die

1:04:56 The NHS turns to maggots to heal wounds

TelegraphAssisted suicide could be seen as ‘an opportunity for cost saving’ by NHS

NHS urges women to book a cervical screening as a third don’t take up vital offer

Managing Heart Failure @homeAn opportunity for excellence

Policy paper: A plan for digital health and social care

NHS: Personalised care

The Week: The pros and cons of self-referral on the NHS

Digital health app market booming, finds IQVIA report

NHS App and your NHS account

ORCHA digital healthcare

ORCHA, from William Currie Group


Boris, The BBC and the Snakes’ Wedding

1:18:03 Express: Boris Johnson denies BBC chairman helped arrange £800,000 loan

BBC: Why would Boris Johnson need an £800,000 loan?

Times: The BBC chairman, the prime minister and the £800,000 loan guarantee

Times: Who is Richard Sharp? BBC chairman

Sky News: Boris Johnson rejects BBC chairman loan claims as 'complete nonsense'

BBC: Chris Parry and Andrew Bagshaw killed in Soledar rescue attempt


Viewer-Supplied And Finally

1:23:41 What if the BBC were honest?