Gutsy Women: Sandi Adams

Sandi Adams is a well known and important contributor to UK Column. More importantly, she is a gutsy woman who has shown the courage to stand up in an often hostile public domain, to speak out about the inherent dangers for mankind of the Climate Change and Great Net Zero debate, Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Goals. 

A meticulous researcher, Sandi has given thousands of hours of her life striving to lift the lid on a cluster of globalist policies which, whilst appearing innocuous to many people, are in fact the foundation stones of a worldwide system to control every aspect of our lives. Having begun her expertise helping with an ‘intelligent community’ alongside magnate Bill Gates, Sandi now not only identifies the ultimate plan; she has taken her battle to expose it into the heart of local authorities—the very bodies which are now implementing this malevolent globalist agenda at local community level.

Her warnings are clear: unless stopped, the élites will own everything, and every man, woman and child will be connected to the metaverse—an artificial world where data is everything and the human mind is merged with the computer

Please join Brian Gerrish and Sandi Adams in a relaxed and informative interview about what motivates her and why she does what she does. 


Brian mentions a segment on UK Column News that was broadcast in the 5th February 2024 episode, from 20 minutes in.

Books mentioned by Sandi:

Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colours, by James Delingpole

Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21, by the late Rosa Koire