Dark Crusade: a look at the origins of Christian Zionism with Clifford Kiracofe

Mike Robinson speaks to Clifford Kiracofe about the origins of Christian Zionism and its relationship to Jewish Zionism and Western government support for the State of Israel.

Based in Washington DC, Dr Kiracofe is an author, journalist, photographer, educator, consultant, and former Senior Professional Staff Member of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  

Dr Kiracofe is the author of a hard-hitting analysis of US Middle East policy, Dark Crusade (London: I.B. Tauris, 2009).

He has taught at Virginia Military Institute, Washington and Lee University, and China Foreign Affairs University (Beijing). He is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Shared Future, Communications University of China (Beijing).

He is President of the Washington Institute for Peace and Development

Cliff’s book, Dark Crusade, is available from Bloomsbury Publishing.

Complementary detail on the history and theology of dispensationalism (the British cradle of Christian Zionism) can be found:

The latter half of Anton Chaitkin’s 1997 talk on British Establishment use of Christian denominations and fellowships also supplies much relevant detail.