Alex Thomson talks to James Delingpole on J.N. Darby, the Scofield Reference Bible and the origins of dispensationalism

In December 2023, James Delingpole (who has previously interviewed Brian Gerrish and Alex Thomson) invited Alex Thomson back to go into depth on what happened in nineteenth-century Anglo-American Protestantism to change churchgoers' view of Israel. Key figures were John Nelson Darby, founder of the Plymouth Brethren, and Cyrus Scofield, compiler of the Scofield Reference Bible.

Two corrections to Alex Thomson's remarks as delivered:

  • Although the Scripture on the rich persecuting the church is in the Epistle of James, the "not many mighty are called" verse is I Corinthians 1:26.
  • The Scofield Reference Bible was first published in 1909, not the 1890s.

Complementary material is found from about minute 50 in a recent interview of Dr Graham Lyons (Adelaide), and in UK Column's recent interview of Dr Clifford Kiracofe together with the links at the end of that write-up.