A Conversation with Darryl Ingram, South West Devon Parliamentary Candidate, Heritage Party

Brian Gerrish is delighted to welcome Darryl Ingram, the South West Devon Parliamentary Candidate for the Heritage Party, to the UK Column studio to learn why he is standing in the forthcoming elections. He is joined by Madeleine Hunt, the Heritage Party General Secretary (previously interviewed by UK Column).

The Heritage Party leader, David Kurten, has also been interviewed by UK Column.

Darryl is quick to state that he finally knew he had to stand up to be counted when he saw trees cut to the ground in Plymouth. For Darryl and many like-minded people, this was desecration of much-needed greenery in an increasingly desolate cityscape. Local people were astonished and angry when the local authority made its destructive move in the middle of the night.

Whilst a few trees may seem a small thing to some, for Darryl this was the last straw on the back of his UK-wide observations of the slow, steady and deliberate destruction of the nation. He describes the carnage as Marxist in nature and says he joined the Heritage Party because of its commitment to defend our national heritage and to restore our nation. His personal concerns are reinforced by the telling experience of Madeleine Hunt, who as a young woman saw the danger of the extreme socialist state in Poland, and later watched a similar political beast emerge in Britain under the guise of the Lib-Lab-Con uniparty.

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Please join our conversation to hear more of Darryl’s bid for election and the Heritage Party’s effort to challenge a Lib-Lab-Con political monopoly, backed by millions of pounds in funding and what appears to be an electoral system deliberately biased against small parties and independent candidates.