UK Column meets the Heritage Party—David Kurten

The Heritage Party stands for social conservatism, and it seeks to preserve and promote life, liberty, prosperity and national sovereignty. UK Column meets the leader, David Kurten (previously interviewed by David Scott in 2020), to learn what makes him tick and what the party is really about.

David Kurten has an interesting political background, having stood as a parliamentary candidate for UKIP, been elected to the London Assembly, put his name forward in the UKIP leadership contest, and stood as a candidate for Mayor of London.

He has stood up to be counted in a range of sometimes controversial areas, from gender ideology, family values, education and Covid–19 vaccinations to government lockdown policy. He founded the Heritage Party in 2020.

Degree-qualified in chemistry, he has taught in schools in the UK and overseas. In a frank but relaxed interview, David Kurten talks about the party, what he believes in and what he would like to achieve to improve all our lives.