UK Column News - 5th October 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

00:00 - Welcome

00:29 - A Bumpy Ride - The UKC team take a wry look at recent comments from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

01:16 - UK government reporting blunder with COVID 19 positive test results.


Michael Brodie Statement:…

UK Gov't COVID 19 Dashboard: Coronavirus Cases -

Daily Mail:…

04:59 - Serological tests used to limit (approve) travel using non approved blood tests from private corporations.


The Independent:…


07:18 - Alex Thomson reports on European bombardment with testing propaganda.

08:36 - Report on vaccine development and approval. Focusing on the UK vaccines to be named "Triumph" and "Ambush" examining the impact of the changes in the Human Medicines Regulations.



UK Gov Consultation Document:…

15:13 - Looking at the Birmingham Emergency Vaccine Plan and Local Outbreak Plan.


Birmingham Live - Vaccination Plan:…

Birmingham Outbreak Control Plan:…

21:37 - The advertised role for a Senior Project Manager for the "mass vaccination program" to be rolled out in Wales.

25:51 - COVID 19 Proposed Social Distancing Framework: - A breakdown of how society will potentially be controlled through "social distancing measures." Looking at the proposed "Alert Levels" can be used as an applied psychological control mechanism.


Proposed Social Distancing Framework:…

32:52 - Increase in surveys indicates that the State is potentially becoming increasingly concerned that they are losing public opinion. Evidence from a Twitter poll run by Patrick Henningsen indicating increasing mistrust of the official narratives.

33:00 - Alex Thomson highlights the legal arguments of, and evidence presented by, Dr Rainer Fuellmich, trial lawyer and eminent professor, who, as part of the Extra-Parliamentary Coronavirus Enquiry, is looking towards launching a class action liability lawsuit to challenge the legitimacy of lockdown measures.


Dr Rainer Fuellmich Statement:

41:54 - Alex Thomson leads a discussion on the differences between Common law and the Napoleonic "civil" law jurisdictions. Questioning the problems of trials without juries and the inherent bias favouring power in "judge" led rulings. Highlighting how we need genuine Common Law.  


Gregor Puppinck:

49:00 - Tesco's (UK supermarket) email to a customer illustrating how a response to COVID 19 is driving sales for the corporation. Discussion of evidence suggesting the use of "fear" to generate profits.

52:33 - A look at Headspace and SilverCloud. Private "non profit" organisations who receive referrals from, among others, Tesco's. Indicating the further erosion of boundaries between universal healthcare and private health care providers who are building contractual frameworks with the NHS.




NHS Innovation Accelerator:

NHS Innovation Mentors:

56:28 - The coronavirus act and the missing 300 MP's who did not vote renewal of the powers under the act. A breakdown of who these missing MP's were.


Coronavirus Act 2020 (Review of Temporary Provisions):

60:52 - Following Lt Col Tobias Elwood's (77th Brigade) statement to Parliament, advocating that the military and the MOD control the roll out of the UK's COVID 19 vaccines. Highlighting a fascinating email exchange between a UKC viewer and Elwood. This resulted in a remarkable response by Elwood. The team discuss what the intention of his response was.