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UK Column News - 27th October 2017

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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson and Dr Graham Downing with today's UK Column News, including:

00:46 – Syria: Regime change agenda continues…
03:54 – FCO: Syria has ‘clear track record’ of chemical attacks
04:56 – Google’s new ‘fact-checking network’ paid for by Soros
09:09 – Twitter bans RT and Sputnik from advertising
11:08 – National Audit Office: WannaCry attack on the NHS
13:57 – WannaCry kill-switch hero arrested by FBI…
15:10 – Medical trials: not worth the paper they’re written on
16:29 – UK government terrorist policy: Kill them all…
17:08 – Rory Stewart MP: Kill ‘militants’ too…
19:05 – Chicago Global Affairs survey: America First or…?
26:38 – Fresh Start Foundation: Scotland’s real child abuse inquiry
29:00 – Artificial Intelligence (AI): a good thing…?
40:45 – Adam Adamatzky: ”Polymer filaments growing inside humans”
43:25 – Children should not use Virtual Reality (VR) technology
45:28 – Rome: Beyond Humanism Conference
47:15 – Saudi Arabia gives citizenship to robot…