UK Column News - 26th October 2017

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Ellis and Caroline Stephens with today's UK Column News, including:

00:23 – The grave dangers of EU military unification
05:58 – European Council meeting: summary hides content of defence talks
08:05 – EU banking union: Tusk “EU treasury by June 2018...”
09:46 – Will UK get Brexit and be outside EU military unification…?
14:23 – EU Observer: EU Commission takes aim at national veto powers
22:50 – Veterans for Britain and Bruges Group: silent on military unification
32:29 – Colonel Richard Kemp statement: Brexit to be undermined
33:56 – British MPs are not in control of the country...
35:42 – Lee Rotherham: “A nation state that contracts out its defence has ceased to be.”
37:28 – David Ellis: Handing over our hard-earned military forces
39:22 – MPs and Lords silent on military unification
42:08 – Johnny Mercer MP – protecting Michael Fallon…?
42:45 – Fallon speaks childish jibberish
43:28 – MPs use ‘Parliamentary Protocol’ get-out of jail card to avoid questions