UK Column News - 15th October 2015

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1’]    The House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (N.B.: recently renamed to include “Constitutional Affairs”) has called to account the trustees of bankrupt charity Kids Company (run by Camila Batmanghelidjh, trustees chaired by her fellow Iranian, the BBC bigwig Alan Yentob). Footage here (session begins at 09:44)

Mike Robinson notes that most of the questions put to them appeared predisposed to assume the guilt of Kids Company, and that Batmanghelidjh was given only limited opportunity to speak.

The chairman of the PACAC is none other than Bernard Jenkin, the Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex, who until 2006 was vice-chairman of his party. In May 2009, Jenkin was reported by the Daily Telegraph to have used £50,000 of expenses money against the rules to pay rent to a relative.

3’]    The UK Column called Jenkin’s parliamentary office this morning and his staff were “jittery”, says Brian Gerrish, at being asked how Jenkin could sit in judgement on Kids Company management of public funds when he could not manage his own finances. They then put the phone down.

In 2009, the Expenses Auditor “recommended” that Jenkin repay £63,250 of public money given in expenses; this was later reduced to £36,250 on appeal.

However, as the Daily Mail reported in 2010, Jenkin got his father to pay the money back, “because he probably couldn’t afford it … because it was spent,” Robinson observes.

4’]    Robinson notes that despite the at times aggressive questioning from the Committee, both individuals held up quite well and Batmanghelidjh repeatedly made clear that not only had Kids Company been targeted nastily by the media but they had sought to help children in every way they could.

Gerrish notes that Batmanghelidjh complained to the Committee that not one MP stood up to assist Kids Company when the controversy broke, so that in fact they were abandoning the children whom Kids Company helped.

Jenkin in particular kept interrupting Batmanghelidjh to stop her narrating what had happened to Kids Company.

5’]    UK Column exclusive: There is a Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) element at the core of this story. The massive government and media attack on Kids Company began within days of Batmanghelidjh having handed David Cameron a list (the RAINS list (“Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support”) of alleged Satanic ritual abusers of children in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the Isle of Wight.

Details are available from Hampstead Research (Gerrish emphasises that these are allegations): 

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6’]    Gerrish notes that a quick Internet search for reports of child abuse in Harwich and North Essex (Bernard Jenkin’s constituency) reveals a number of cases blamed on police; has Jenkins helped the victims?

7’]    BBC TV will feature Kids Company on Newsnight tonight but no doubt will omit to mention child abuse.

8’]    The Policy Editor for Newsnight, Chris Cook, is shown (on screen) to be an immature character. “Really childish stuff” in his Twitter self-description, Gerrish notes: the description is “I cover government. I mute dull people.”

Gerrish says that the BBC’s “audacity” in using such a man to supervise the coverage of such a serious issue is “remarkable”.

9’]    The BBC reports that PC Alan Paton, one of the policemen who violently arrested Sierra Leonean citizen Sheku Bayoh in Kirkcaldy, Fife, and apparently caused his death by asphyxiation, has openly admitted hating black people and also beat up his own elderly parents, for which he was not prosecuted or taken off the police beat.

10’]    The Scottish Parliament is “absolutely crowing” that it is to gain powers over abortion law. The Scottish National Party “wants to be in full control of your lives from conception”, Gerrish notes.

11’]    Gerrish observes that the mainstream political parties in Britain have become “death cults”. Robinson agrees.

12’]    It was reported earlier in the week (11th October) by the Scottish Daily Mail that a Named Person (Scottish Government obligatory state guardian of children) was herself a convicted child sex offender: Dayna Dickinson-Boath in Moray.

The UK Column now reveals that Moray Council’s insurer is Zurich (which has recently been found to be behind much of the bullying and secrecy that councils nationwide have imposed on staff regarding admissions of liability for child abuse: see UK Column News 1st October from 28’ onwards).

Moray council in Elgin has already been asked about liability in the highly likely event that this convicted child sex abuser has shared with other would-be abusers the details of the 200 children of whom she was compulsory state guardian.

13’]    Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has been urged by ex-MP Harvey Proctor (who has been accused of child abuse) to withdraw his (Goldsmith’s) claims of VIP abuse of children at Elm Guest House or otherwise “rethink” his London mayoral bid.

The late Leon Brittan’s brother Samuel has said it would be “helpful” for Goldsmith to “clarify” his statements by “confirming” that Brittan was innocent.

Gerrish and Robinson identify these words as veiled threats.

They note also that Brittan has been exonerated for only one of many charges outstanding against him posthumously, although the media are not making this clear.

14’]    The Mail on Sunday (11 October 2015) has done a front-page splash hatchet job on Tom Watson MP: “WITCH-HUNTER WATSON’S UNCLE IS CHILD ABUSER”. This is a jab at his campaigning on child abuse, which is called a “flawed vendetta” (on the specious argument that Watson has had family issues around child abuse and thus somehow automatically has no good judgement on the issue). This hatchet job is “absolutely incredible”, says Robinson.

15’]    The Guardian has correctly pointed out that the Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that the police investigation of Brittan was not (contrary to bad press reporting) due to Watson’s letter to the CPS.

“If there’s a witch-hunt going on against anybody, it’s against those who are trying to stand up for abused children, it seems,” says Robinson.

16’]    A speech by Watson this week (12th October) to the House of Commons is quoted: “We have presided over a state of affairs where children have been abused, ignored, and then dismissed. If anyone deserves an apology, it’s them.”

Gerrish notes that this statement focuses on “what nobody wants to focus on”, namely “the abused children themselves”. Batmanghelidjh has made the same point in her evidence to the Select Committee.

17’]    The Duchess of Cornwall is quoted in the Daily Mail as wanting to crusade for rape victims. Gerrish holds up the two-page spread with glamorous pictures. This is, Gerrish says, a “drift across” from the child abuse issue.

18’]    The details of the above are ridiculous: rape victims are going to be given Royally-endorsed toiletries after their medical examination.

“I can imagine, when you’re in that sort of predicament, your mind is not going to be on a Royal washbag. It’s madness; it’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so serious,” Gerrish says.

19’]    Ukraine is demanding $1,000,000,000 compensation from Russia over the annexation of Crimea and Donbass, says Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. “Good luck with that one,” Robinson says.

Syria is seeing close encounters between the U.S. and Russian military, including fighter jets.

Robinson says the above is evidence that tensions in both theatres, Ukraine and Syria, are deliberately being stoked by the U.S. leadership.

21’]    President Putin has said that some world leaders have “mush for brains”, and Infowars reports… that a senior EU diplomat has told his friend John Schindler that his own (unnamed) European nation’s government believes President Obama is mentally ill, unfit for office and should be impeached.
Schindler, a former NSA intelligence analyst, reported this on Twitter on 12th October.

This concurs with previous UK Column sources’ reports on how the Russian leadership views the mental state of U.S. and UK leadership figures.

Gerrish makes the historical observation that being governed by “mad men in their bunkers” ends up in a Berlin 1945 scenario.

22’]    Regarding the Dutch Safety Board’s report on the MH17 crash in Ukraine last year that was just released (see yesterday’s UK Column News at 9’), Paul Craig Roberts of the Institute for Political Economy writes that “the misrepresentation of the Dutch report by Western media, such as NPR, is so outrageous as to make the media the story and not the report.”

23’]    He also writes: “When I read that the report on the downing of the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine was being put in the hands of the Dutch, I knew that there would be no investigation and no attention to the facts.”

24’]    As regards the use of Russian missiles in the attack on MH17, Gerrish notes that the aged BUK hardware was handed out liberally to pro-Western terrorists to attack the Russians in the past, so it stands to reason that it would be a BUK that would be used to shoot down MH17, in order to pin the blame on Russia.

25’]    Robinson notes that “democracy” is increasingly being equated with “terrorism” around the world. No surprise, then, that the new brand of “friendly terrorists” in Syria has “Democratic” in its name.

26’]    Gerrish recalls the YouTube clip of 2012 in which a Syrian takes BBC journalist Lyse Doucet to task for “not telling the truth about Syria… [the Syrian people] know that you are lying”.

How stunned and hurt she was, Gerrish notes, that anybody could possibly think that BBC reporters could ever not be telling the truth.

BBC lies on Syria, Jimmy Savile, letters to the press and more are recalled by Gerrish.

27’]    Former BBC chairman Sir Christopher Bland has told The Independent that the BBC is “moving worryingly close” to becoming an “arm of government”.

Gerrish responds that the BBC has been a “black ops” arm of government since at least the Second World War.

28’]    The survivors of CIA torture have realised that the CIA itself is too big to tackle, so they have decided, as reported by the Guardian, to initiate a federal lawsuit against the CIA’s contractor psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen for the tortures they advised to be used.

Gerrish notes that senior UK politicians should be included in this lawsuit for their own complicity in torture, and that one Briton is still held at Guantanamo Bay.

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29’]    The Daily Express reports that York University scientists are boasting that they can use magnets to interfere with the brain to change people’s beliefs on anything from immigration to God. Gerrish finds the choice of these two particular attitudes to experiment on very revealing. Robinson notes more generally that technology is being misused in a “1984 on steroids” scenario.

30’]    Applied behavioural psychology, a mind-changing technique so effective that its subjects do not even know it has been practised on them, has been sold by HM Government to Australia and the U.S. “And now we see another layer of it: so when we go into a hi-tech supercity, [there are] surveillance cameras — not closed-circuit, they’re open-circuit — and listening devices. How does the public know that we’re not being subjected to these sorts of waves?” asks Gerrish.

Robinson replies that microwaves from WiFi and mobile phones may well be doing just that.

Gerrish has e-mailed the York University scientist quoted in the article, Dr Keise Izuma, to ask whether he personally believed in God. He awaits a response.

31’]    Gerrish notes that university psychology departments, and more generally educational establishments, are “increasingly being used to roll out the next part of the political programme”.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal judgement was released yesterday in which Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party, Brighton Pavilion) tested the validity of the Wilson Doctrine (the undertaking by No. 10 Downing Street given half a century ago that MPs would always be notified as a House if any MPs were under Security Service surveillance).

The judgement finds that GCHQ is after all allowed to collect intelligence on MPs.

32’]    Robinson notes the irony of MPs “squealing like stuck pigs” as they “suddenly realise that they are subject to the same abuses as everyone else, and this is really hard for them to take.”

They have legitimate concerns about surveillance of contacts from whistleblower constituents, and the surveillance situation really is dangerous, Robinson adds, but their position is hypocritical.

33’]    Gerrish notes that although MPs are “driving” the surveillance state agenda, “it’s obvious that a lot of them have no idea what’s going on around them”. Oliver Colvile, for instance, one of the Plymouth MPs local to the UK Column, champions the cause of hedgehogs as a priority!

34’]    Guido Fawkes reports that GCHQ has applied for planning permission to build over one of its car parks due to massive expansion of staff. Gerrish observes that the new recruits are young and have trouble distinguishing the reality of their jobs from computer games.

35’]    It is not credible, Gerrish says, that GCHQ had no idea corporately of child abuse by politicians, given the sophistication of its intelligence capabilities and given the implication of past MI5 and MI6 senior officers in child abuse.