UK Column News - 1st October 2015

Figures indicate the number of minutes into the broadcast at which the item in question begins.


1’]    A viewer’s e-mail (shown on screen and read out) describes a BBC report that sets out in detail how booby-trap bombs were made in the Second World War. Yet we are told that terrorists are out to murder us now.
None other than Victor Rothschild commissioned the intricate wartime bomb drawings that the report illustrates.

3’]    HM Government’s UK Aid is distributing £20,000,000 to Iraqi refugees: some disbursed as cash handouts, the rest in projects. Unfortunately, 8 million people need this help, so the sum amounts to £2.50 each. Mike Robinson therefore finds it “pretty disgusting for the government to be crowing about it”.

4’]    Germans are being thrown out of their council houses to make way for migrants.
See “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” by Samuel P. Huntington for why.

6’]    The West is now positively upset that Russia is striking non-Islamic State groups in Syria.

7’]    The Daily Mail’s Piers Morgan has written an extraordinary piece: “Thank God there’s a strong President willing to stand up for American interests in the Middle East — shame it’s not Obama” (i.e. Putin). Morgan calls Putin a “ruthless … assassin”. And Obama and Cameron are not?
What seems to have got Morgan’s goat is that Putin works for his sovereign electorate and not for international banking cartels.
The article continues what Brian Gerrish calls “the big lie” that Assad used chemical weapons against his own population. Where is the evidence?
Robinson wonders whether Morgan had been chatting with Senator John McCain before writing this nonsense.

11’]    Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson has set up a new group within the Conservative Party to campaign for the UK to leave the EU.
This appears rather to be a scam to split the No vote. It has been made quite clear that this campaign will not be supporting any other No campaign.

12’]    Discussion of there being (from the point of view of ruling cliques) too many old people to feed.

13’]    Common Purpose has tweeted out statistics about its programmes with students in “global leadership”.
The detail of the four programmes (shown on screen and read out) is all about using the Commonwealth and local cities’ authorities to create chaos.

15’]    Look at the youth of the “leaders” on screen; what possible experience can they have?
Viewers from beyond Britain are urged to read UK Column articles by Martin Edwards and other researchers about the ideology practised and effects achieved by Common Purpose once it has inveigled its way into a city or an institution.

16’]    Tuesday’s interview (29 September 2015) with Wilfred Wong on Satanic ritual abuse has quickly been followed by a Daily Mail article on the death on 29 June 2005 (apparently by suicide) of nurse Carol Myers after allegations of Satanic abuse. Curiously, the article gives no details whatsoever of the allegations before calling them “totally unsubstantiated” (in the words of the police).
Why has it taken ten years for an inquest to be convened?
Why has the coroner, Fiona Wilcox, emphasised so strongly that the allegations that Carol Myers made in life about Satanic abuse by her family (the Felstead family) and MPs were completely without foundation?
Where did her allegations (now referred to as something in the past) first surface?
Why did her brother say that he hoped the verdict would be “a warning” to others?

20’]    A woman police officer has been sacked after failing to investigate a crime in order to keep her criminal son out of jail. Why has she not been prosecuted for this, since it is itself a crime to fail to investigate a crime?

21’]    The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary website announces that trials will be “shorter” and more “flexible” as of this month. The “more flexible case management” involved will take the form of both sets of lawyers hobnobbing with the judge in chambers, perhaps without the litigants, to strike a deal behind closed doors to save money.
Lord John Thomas claims this is being introduced to help small and medium enterprises stay afloat (!).

23’]    A spectacular article in the Guardian, “How the banks ignored the lessons of the crash”, describes how Dutch former undercover bank-author Joris Luyendijk was horrified by the 2008 banking crash, but the article spins the reader in the direction of global government.

25’]    Paul Fisher, Deputy Head of the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA), which has been subsumed by the Bank of England, has pointedly said (see screenshot) in a speech:
“Banks that have a range of activities would have an interest in using cheap, protected retail funding to engage in [their] most risky activities.”
Retail banking deposit money is protected by government guarantees to savers, so banks under the current arrangements can enjoy a good safe gamble with it.

28’]    Are insurance companies closing down investigations into child abuse?
The name of Zurich is one that keeps cropping up to Gerrish among the insurance companies in this regard. Risks are said to be so high to the likes of Zurich that they could collapse under the weight of child abuse survivors’ claims.

A viewer has drawn the UK Column’s attention to a 9 June 1996 article in the Independent that described the scale of child abuse in Cheshire, after the North Wales scandal had already broken. Quoted in that article is a letter from Clwyd County Council’s insurers, Municipal Mutual, testily describing “every inquiry” as “a dress rehearsal for claimants and a further incentive to the bandwagon syndrome”. (Quotations shown on screen and read out)
The then Chairman of the council’s Social Services Committee, Mr King, was even then (1996) describing children’s homes as “a gulag archipelago stretching across Britain”. Fourteen reports into child abuse in North Wales were already mentioned then.

33’]    Municipal Mutual Insurance Ltd states on its website that it is in business with Zurich Insurance Company.
Receivers’ reports on the MMI website indicate a loss of £38,400,000 as of FY 2014-2015, described as “very disappointing”. Mesothelioma claims (due to exposure to asbestos fibres) and child abuse claims appear to be the main liabilities causing the losses.
“Principal risks and uncertainties”, section 1, entitled “Claims volatility”, openly describes that “the Company has experienced a significant increase in historical child abuse claims” and, as Gerrish describes, the company is “clearly panicking”.
The report continues, under section 3 (“Outsourcing and business interruption”). “The [MMI] Company has received assurances from … Zurich and Aviva … that appropriate recovery plans are in existence …”.

36’]    It was in the early 1990s, when MMI was already struggling, that Sir John Lovill was appointed as Chairman (4 January 1994 article by the Local Government Chronicle shown on screen). Yet Lovill had previously been Chairman of the Association of County — those responsible for running the children’s homes! This is an evident conflict of interest and a highly powerful position, “working both sides of the fence” with the insurance companies, as Gerrish puts it.

In the 1994 article by the LGC, estimated future claims (liabilities) of £925,000,000 are already been discussed, as against assets of around £45,000,000.

It is evident that Zurich could be brought down as a company by claims to do with the child abuse scandal.

38’]    It is already known to the UK Column that Nottinghamshire City Council’s insurers have warned it against making any more payouts to abuse survivors.
Gerrish describes the situation as “a shutdown [of investigations into child abuse] by Theresa May’s government”.

39’]    Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore is rallying an “army of organizers” to “spread the Climate Gospel”, according to Newsmax. “Climate Reality Leadership Corps” is its very eery official name.
Robinson describes this as Saul Alinsky-type training aimed at stopping developing countries from competing with the West for raw materials.
Examples are quoted on screen and by Robinson of how Al Gore has benefited in the past from climate scares.

42’]    Gerrish and Robinson describe the “climate change” and “sustainability” agendas as the key narratives or problems needed to justify world government and the banning of many things, hence the panic that the narratives have not been convincing the masses as they were supposed to.
This is also the reason why all the evil schemes are focused on children, being as they are society’s future.