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World Events Unfold - Keep Calm and Carry On

As you will see from the home page of the UK Column, Mike has been doing great work creating a positive new look and posting many more articles. As we see events around us speeding up, it is interesting to note that many of our earlier articles have even greater relevance and urgency today. We are very encouraged by the big increase in news, information and general contact from the wider public. Thank you. We are very encouraged by the whistleblowers - especially the police, who are now keen to tell what they know is really going on at the higher levels. Fraud, corruption, lies, bullying, and most disturbing of all, the deliberate closing down of investigations into child trafficking, prostitution and abuse to protect people at the top of society.

We are also very encouraged that more and more people are seeing the big picture - events around us are being manipulated on a big scale - they are not happening as a result of chance, localised policy and party politics. David Cameron has now shown that he is the same elitest warmongerer as Blair and Brown. One minute they are cuddling and kissing Gaddafi, and the next he is to be removed from power on the whim of a what" A Cabinet meeting? As usual the BBC helps drive the process, making the bombing of men, women and children 'entertainment'. MI6 fraternises with Gaddafi's secret service to promote torture, and Tory MPs act as politicians one minute and oil barons the next. The corruption, callous disregard for human life and common law is breathtaking. But then again once Cameron had qualified as an elitest at Oxford and the Bullingdon club he could 'pay for the damage' to be above the law. Meanwhile black and white youths rioting go to prison. The arrogance and hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking. Libya is simply an unlawful attack by Britain on yet another country. Meanwhile the fraudulent international banksters, who own Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, pay for the weaponry and fleece nations and individuals alike - well done Iceland for exposing 'national debt' for what it really is - fraud and usury with money created from nothing by the banksters.

Cameron also merits special attention in this blog entry following his crass comments on how despite his massive, deliberate and subversive cuts on our armed forces, we are supposedly as well equipped as ever and will have more ' jam tomorrow' military upgrades. In reality, as the French military machine penetrates our national command and control structures, Cameron is rapidly dismantling our ability to defend ourselves. His smokescreen is to attack other countries so as to give the illusion that our true military capability remains intact. This man is a dangerous domestic political extremist.

He is now also using the Media Standards Trust with its Common Purpose core and Sainsbury funding to ensure the Leveson phone hacking panel will make major moves to suppress and control free speech in the press and media. We draw your attention to the Institute of Government. Yet another not  'independent' trust which is forming and manipulating government policy making at every level - including helping to drive Behavioural Change in the general public via the "Mindspace" programme.  On the behavioural change note, and sorry to return to children, we should be aware that at a US conference in Baltimore on 17 August 2011, psychiatrists set out their plans to remove paedophilia as a mental illness assisted by "minor-attracted persons" [paedophiles]. At the same time they wish to investigate how the "popular perceptions of paedophiles can be reframed to encourage tolerance. This same pattern is to be repeated in UK unless we stop their little game. A 'nudge' here and a 'reframe' there to assist us to loose sight of common sense, common law and common family and national bonds.

Keep Calm Carry On and Spread the Word.