Watch UKColumn News 4 September 2015

RAF Tornado and US F15 air near-miss highlights pitiful number of British military fighter jets, What makes Daily Mail think death of a small boy in China is UK National news?, It didn't take long - talk refugees or immigration and you're racist says Emma Thompson, International media ramps up death of Aylan into ISIS bloodbath, Goddard Inquiry exposed as sham as it fails to protect Melanie Shaw and other child abuse whistleblowers, March for death in custody Sheku Bayoh 6 September 2015 Kirkcaldy Townhouse, Scots Named Persons battle goes to High Court London, Thanks for the refugees; suffering and misery gives Sturgeon and Salmond great political media opportunities, US Westpoint military Professor Bradford says criticise US terror policy and you are a traitor, Armed Police Scotland take issue with armed Royal Marines, Sturgeon dives in with police reform as Police Scotland Chief House bails out , Police Scotland searches stopped and call centers ringfenced allegedly, Scotland Justice Secretary Michael Matheson ridiculed for Sir House love-in, Blackshirt Chief Constable Sir Stephen House sits pretty with £500,000 tax free, Vic Emery Scottish Police Authority Chair steps down as former NSPCC CEO Flanagan steps in, Magick Circle of Scottish Policing manifests NSPCC, Cowboy police shoot Happy Birthday Boy in truth stand-off