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Supercop Reveals His 'Transformational' Leadership

Reported in several mainstream papers today, US 'Supercop' Bill Bratton hits back at critics. Well done BIll because his words expose him for what he really is........a 'transformational leader'. Bratton apparently states "I find it ironical, the hue and cry about outsiders..."

Well you may do Bill, but enough people in UK understand that we have our own trained police and do not need American or any other foreigners telling them what to do. Try asking a few US cities if they would like a Brit to run their police. We also do not need or trust Brattons connections with unaccountable private security firms. 

Bratton is also quoted as saying..."he could lead British policing out of "crisis", reduce crime despite budget cuts, and bring about "transformational" change in the aftermath of the disorder."

The use of the word 'transformational' is very telling. This is a word of those supporting One World Government and the destruction of the national state. We are to be transformed from the old family based sovereign states into the new supranational New World Order.

But there's more. Bratton starts 'common purpose speak........' he continues...."Bureaucrats change processes, leaders change culture. I think of myself as a transformational leader who changes cultures." Note the superhuman qualities......I am a I am a transformational leader...I can change whole cultures...  Do we really need our police or society changed into the gang and drug ridden society of the states, particularly with its shoot first policing, and violent work camp prisions? What will Bratton do next? Change the whole world? Demand to know what the relationship between Cameron and Bratton really is, before this dangerous liaison takes us even further towards a private police state.