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Speeding Up - Watching The Supranational Agenda Unfold & Fail

Yes its a shock ...I've posted...will now do on a regular basis. Firstly a new edition of the paper is on its way and will be out as soon as possible - our target is before the end of July. We have also now completed a big reorganisation of our office which will allow us to communicate with more people, print the paper, run the websites and produce videos and news programmes. We have more volunteer staff but there's still never enough to cope with all the calls and emails. Please be patient if you've had difficulty getting through.

Secondly we are pleased to say that we have recently had a stream of visitors to the office, all bringing news, updates and suggestions as to how we fight to expose and overcome the corrupt elite which is now so clearly destroying this country. Best of all people are teaming up of their own accord. No structures, just loose cooperation amongst good people - perfect!

All our visitors flagged up two things 1. That the establishment is speeding up their attack on us all and 2. More and more good people are waking up to what is happening around them. 

Why are things speeding up?..........because the corrupt elite realise that they have been rumbled and people can increasingly see their game. Since this 'game' was designed from the outset to be subversive and covert (hidden) the only thing they can now do is try and ignore the exposure, grit their teeth and speed up their plans. Hence we now see things speeding up and becoming more obvious (overt) at the same time.

We are very grateful to Ian Crane and Edge TV, and Stephen Hopwood and Paradigm Shift TV for offering us air time on their Sky channels 200, and 201 and 203. I am recording an interview with Edge this Thursday 21 July - and I will post the broadcast date as soon as I know.  Please give maximum support to these channels and spread the word. The attack and clampdown on the mainstream media is well underway (a Soros Murdoch mafioso style turf war disguised as a 'spat' over phone hacking). The objective is to destroy free press and media and centralise the remainder under government control. Keep your eye on Common Purpose and the Media Standards Trust stirring from the sidelines.

To counter the attack on free press, we need to support and expand every alternative press and media channel that we can.  

We were also delighted to see Neil Foster from the Sovereign Independent and catch up on their news and plans. The Sovereign team have been doing great work and deserve support from all of us. 

For those asking what can we do? Get out and talk to people - spread the word. It's that simple. Expose and challenge your MPs for their treasonous criminal behaviour. Help expose the corruption in the Judiciary and our Courts - corruption in the legal system is the prime means by which the establishment hides and facilitates wider corruption, fraud and treason. Go to it and expose it all. The evidence is there for you on the web, in publications, talks, videos and the UK Column of course.