Panorama and the BBC Cover-up of Child Abuse

The UKColumn is alone in exposing serious sexual and physical abuse of youngsters at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College - now hurredly and expensively renamed Activate Learning.

Despite multiple victims, corroberating evidence and statements, and a brave Asian tutor who first exposed the abuse of white children by white men, the whole matter was covered up by OCVC staff, Oxford City and County Councils, Oxfordshire Safeguarding, Ofsted, Thames Valley Police and others.

The sickening child abuses were also covered-up by the BBC after a reporter, Nicola Stanbridge of Radio 4, made contact with the UK Column and showed great interest in investigating.

Having arranged for her to examine documentary evidence and meet victims, Ms Stanbridge then abruptly cancelled the meeting.

Her initial excuse was that she had met all the authorities perpetrating the cover-up and "well, they had 'explained' everything". Under pressure she admitted she was pulled off the case.

Ceri Thomas was then a senior manager at Radio 4. Recused from the BBC's Pollard paedophile report, he was later promoted to BBC News. He is now the head of BBC Panorama - the same Panorama that has started an investigation and 'exposure' of alternative media and activists working to expose child abuse. We understand the UK Column is included.

Did Ceri Thomas pull the BBC OCVC child abuse investigation? If not who did?

Alongside this article and recording, please read the excellent Guardian article (yes I never thought I'd say it) exposing the demise of BBC staff who tried to expose the dark work of the Savile paedophiles in the BBC - The Sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC.

Listen to the call with Nicola Stanbridge:

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