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Norman Scarth 85 Years Old Imprisoned - Solitary Confinement

For readers not aware Norman Scarth, the 85 year old campaigner against corruption in Britains Courts and Judicary has been locked in solitary confinment in Leeds. Having endured the Artic Convoys, as a Royal Navy sailor fighting for his country, Norman has now been 'banged up' to 'shut him up' and hide the scale of corruption in our courts. Denied his medication Norman is suffering badly. This would seem by many to be torture - imposed by yet another damaged British judge. See Yorkshirenews for more details and photos. Demand action from your MP. Alert the wider press. 

Of course Cameron can take people's homes away if they are connected with criminal action, or imprision a brave 85 year old man, but his own bent and corrupt MPs and those of the equally corrupt Labour and LIb Dem parties, fail to receive the proper jail sentences for stealing public money. Take a TV or pair of trainers and Cameron will 'bang you up.' Get drunk as a member of the Eton Bullingdon drinking club and daddy will pay for the damage, and baby Cameron's chums go free. 

We have a criminal elite installed in Westminster. Do we not?