Comment // Lawful Rebellion

News Flash: Norman Scarth 85 Years Old, In Solitary Confinement, Has Been Released

85 year old Norman Scarth, sentenced to six months in prison at the infamous Leeds Prison for serious offenders, for attempting to make an audio recording of a public court case on his mobile phone, because he is hard of hearing, has been released immediately and his sentence was considered served by the President of the Queen’s Bench at the Royal Courts of Justice today, September 9, 2011, who said that it did not serve the public interest to keep him incarcerated. More news to follow in the next few days.

As is ususal Norman's plight has not been reported in the mainstream press or media. Norman has been battling for years to expose fraud and corruption in our Courts and amongst the Judiciary. It is little wonder that they incarcerated him for trying to record criminal activity in our courts; there are many people in high places now very worried at the speed with which public attention is being focused upon the top criminals and their deeds by the free press and media.

It also not surprising that we now see a blatant attempt by Cameron to gag Britain's free pree and media with the help of the Sainsbury and Rothschild funded Media Standards Trust. The same Media Standards Trust that attacked the Press Complaints Commission on 11 February 2009 after the PCC had upheld a complaint against corporate Common Purpose sponsor Johnston Press ( Sheffield Star ) when it published libellous and defamatory comments about a whistleblower who on 5 November 2008 exposed the links between Common Purpose, child abuse, paedophilia within Common Purpose, insider dealing and fraud within Sheffield City Council, again via its Common Purpose operatives among the council’s executives.

Something very dirty is at work. Our mainstream journalists and media reporters need to wake up and smell the coffee. The first people to 'disappear' in dictatorships are yes, the best journalists and media reporters, and all the evidence is here to show us that a dictatorship is being built in Britain  - across all three mainstream parties. Their treasonous works are but a small and very dangerous building block to the creation of a Corporate Global System. The very same type of dictatorship which Norman Scarth fought to stop by his service and commitment with the Royal Navy in WWII Artic Convoys.

The President of the Queen's Bench should now investigate why this brave elderly man was subjected to the torture of solitary confinement and denial of medication in Leeds Prison in the first place. I suspect that he will not, being too frightened to break ranks. Perhaps the Queens Bench should be posted to the Artic by Convoy?