National Crime Agency 750k UK Men Abusers

On 21st June 2015 the Sunday Mail ran a front page and two supporting pages of an exclusive interview with the National Crime Agency. The screaming headline was that according to statistics and evidence held by NCA, 750,000 men in UK were interested in child abuse. Since statistics also show that the ratio of men to women abusers is very nearly 50% their figures would indicate some 1.5 million adult abusers in UK.

We called NCA and asked where we could find their source statistics and evidence. An initially polite media lady said "it's open source" We said ok but where do we find it? "Google it" We did then and there, to no avail. We pointed out that the article said they had the statistics and evidence. The lady became abrupt..."you'll just have to find it..." We couldn't and neither could the Daily Mail or NCA's specialist child protection unit CEOP. A scam to water down public attention on paedophiles in Westminster?