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Leveson's Inquiry more dangerous than Iran

In the dangerous world around us, many people will be watching Prime Minister Cameron push Israel for war with Iran. This is of course a very serious situation, and one where we must make every effort to expose and stop such criminal warmongering.

More dangerous in my opinion is the ongoing Leveson Inquiry which clearly seeks to introduce state controls over the media, and many believe, all free press and web media besides.

If such state media control were  to be imposed, then our ability to expose the corruption, criminality and warmongering of this treasonous Westminster would be greatly reduced, if not prevented.  

All dictatorships like to do their dirty deeds in the dark and the LibLabCon in no different. Leveson has loaded his 'independent' panel with Common Purpose cronies, who have already set up their 'independent' Media Standards Trust (MST) to police the media and press.

Intimately hidden in politics, police, Information Commissioner's Office, Audit Commission, Cabinet Office, Local Government and Courts, and more besides, Common Purpose is now poised to control our media by the MST. We allow this corrupt step at our peril. Warmongering against Iran or not.

Credit where it is due, Private Eye's Hislop is correct in saying....

I do think that statutory regulation is not required. Most of the heinous crimes that came up and made such a splash in front of this inquiry have already been illegal.

Contempt of court is illegal, phone tapping is illegal, policemen taking money is illegal. All of these things don't need a code, we already have laws for them.

The fact that these laws were not rigorously enforced is again due to the failure of the police, the interaction of the police and News International - and let's be honest about this, the fact that our politicians have been very, very involved in ways that I think are not sensible with senior News International people.

Hislop said he hoped that inquiry chairman Lord Justice Leveson would call Prime Minister David Cameron and his predecessors Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to give evidence.

Of course the UK Column would rather Cameron, Blair and Brown were called to face treason charges.