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Just What Is The Anglo French Medical Society?

A reader alerted us to the Anglo French Medical Society AFMS. What, they wondered, was this funny little organisation about. It says it is a "Professional Organisation fostering interaction between UK and French doctors and medical students."

Apparently AFMS and its sister organisation Association Medicale Franco-Britannique AMFB , can exchange medical views and opinions as well as improving knowledge of French and English in a friendly and professional setting.

Judging by the partying, the professional setting is very flexible, but what are they really up to? UKColumn thinks this is a back door organisation to promote and assist back door EU integration with the French, whilst also helping the back door privatisation of the NHS.

One small but significant clue is the Bloomberg article about the failings of US Healthcare and the success of the French system. Whom did they choose to interview? None other than Dr Paul Benfredj President of 'insignificant' AMFB.

Dig deeper and we find AFMS offering Miss Ford Bursaries to medical students. Who was Miss Ford? None other than De Gaulle's war time driver.

And nothing like money and good times to break down inhibitions and promote EU propaganda.

We're overly suspicious? Perhaps, but then we remember the Franco British Council's shadowy part in setting British defence police around a 50 year pact with France. Read 'The Franco British Council Plan To Destroy Britain's Military Capability.'