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Debi Evans Blog: 4 July 2023

It’s party time! Happy 75th birthday NHS. Yes, this week the UK celebrates 75 years of a welfare state. There will be choirs singing and large celebrations. In 2020, the Government commanded that we all ‘protect the NHS’. In 2023, the question I have is: has the Government protected our NHS? Has the Government protected its staff and its patients? The short answer is, no. Far from being protected, it has been destroyed beyond all recognition. The NHS is in a state of collapse. What better birthday present than a £2.4 million award to a model that is clearly not working. However, the celebrations are well underway, and if you want to join the party click here.

This week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Steve Barclay have been under the spotlight. Whilst Labour gloat in a corner, delighted that the Tories appear to have adopted their plans, Steve, who is a solicitor by profession, is making some big promises. The NHS is one of the world’s biggest employers, currently employing 1.26 million full time staff equivalents. With £190 billion budget, £66 million of it is swallowed up in wage packets. Why are nurses and doctors leaving in droves? Who will replace them? It takes 7–11 years to train a doctor and 3–4 years to train a nurse; we can’t wave a magic want to fill the 100,000 vacancies overnight. The solution appears to include ‘cutting corners’ and ‘cutting training periods’.

The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan has just been launched with a promise of an expansion of education and training. Train, Retain and Reform. Pledging to increase the NHS workforce by 800,000 by 2036/2037. But at what cost? The Government has pledged a £2.4 billion investment over 15 years. With the rise in automation and Artificial Intelligence, my understanding of the future of the NHS was that humans would be replaced by machines and robots, and patients would be looking after themselves with the aid of devices and sensors. Perhaps I am missing something, or maybe Deagel's Forecast has?

The number of medical school training places will double to 15,000, and adult nurse training places will rise by 92% taking the total number of places to 38,000. There will be 500 extra GP training places starting from 2025. More dentists, more pharmacists, more psychologists—it all sounds very positive, right? However, before anyone gets too excited, there are caveats. Medical degrees will be shortened to four years and trainees will be on the wards sooner. The British Medical Association has already voiced its concern. It has said that cutting a year off the five-year medical degree would undermine Britain’s reputation for our highly qualified trained medics.

And how will this affect patients? Will you be placing your life in the hands of a school leaver? It appears that this may become a reality. Long gone are the days of consultant ‘rounds’, where you would see many nervous trainee doctors being put on the spot by their consultants as they are expected to carry out a physical examination of their patient in order to make a diagnosis. In 2023, doctors and nurses will be trained in the Metaverse and practice on avatars. Perhaps the NHS Volunteer task force will allocate a seven-year-old to hold your hand?

A recent survey showed that 90% of UK dental practices are not accepting new adult patients. Thousands are unable to find an NHS dentist. In a bid to retain NHS dentists, the Government are looking at ways to ‘tie in’ newly qualified dentists, to ensure they continue working for the NHS after their training. Worryingly, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is also promoting dental work that will be carried out by non-dentists in an attempt to treat an increased number of people more quickly.

We appear to be living in times where non-qualified staff are being asked to perform highly skilled surgery to patients. Even risky heart procedures normally performed by a cardiac surgeon are being carried out by nurses. Would you feel confident allowing a nurse to hold your heart in their hands? I wouldn’t.

While the Government appears to have laid out big plans for increasing the NHS workforce, it also appears that the delicate subject of pay has been omitted—though I doubt it will be ignored for long. One thing that does seem to have been omitted is bureaucracy.


Canadian Privy Council advocated downplaying Covid–19 vaccine injuries or death

The Toronto Sun reports that through an Access to Freedom request, it has been revealed that:

A Secret Privy Council office memo recommended that ANY Covid–19 vaccine-related injuries or deaths be carefully managed with “winning communication strategies” as to not “shake" public confidence.

The Canadian memo was released in May 2021, just five months after the Department of Health licensed the first Pfizer/BioNTech Covid–19 vaccine. I would ask that our UK Column audience share this piece of information with their MPs and Lords, as well as sharing it far and wide on social media. Can we do the same in the United Kingdom? 



If you don’t fancy attending an NHS party, perhaps you would like to join me at the MHRA Board meeting? Yes, it’s that time again. To book your ticket and to ask your question, apply for a free ticket for their next Board meeting Tuesday, 11 July, from 9.30 am to 12 noon. The MHRA knows we are watching them, so the more the merrier. Curiously, since Cheryl Grainger put Stephen Lightfoot on the spot during a live MHRA board meeting, we are no longer allowed to record or photograph the meeting. Do you think they are getting nervous?

Staying on the subject of the MHRA, it appears that Dr Alison Cave, Chief Safety Officer, has been busy writing a blog for the Patient Safety Commissioner, Dr Henrietta Hughes. I do hope she has been discussing vaccine injuries. One positive thing, I guess, is that the patient safety commissioner at last has a website, which states:

Further evidence this week that harm to patients and families has been compounded by inadequate, defensive, and insensitive responses from NHS organisations when concerns were raised.

This damning indictment comes from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) in his latest report Broken Trust, Making Patient Safety More than Just a Promise. Too often after patients have been harmed, reports show the same factors, with no lessons learned or implemented. This was also found in First Do No Harm, when the health sector was described as defensive, dismissive, slow, siloed, and lacking in compassion.


Charities or quangos?

How many of us use charity shops? If you aren’t a bargain hunter, perhaps you are someone who donates your items to charity? Has the phrase ‘put it out for the bin men’ been replaced with ‘take it to the local charity shop’? Our High Streets appear to have been taken over by ‘charity’ shops, staffed by well-meaning volunteers, pensioners and many with learning disabilities. They give of their time for free, but at whose expense? Two of the biggest that I will focus on in this article are the British Heart Foundation, with over 750 shops nationwide, and Cancer Research UK, with 600 shops nationwide.

If you are not a charity shopper, perhaps you have run a marathon, held a coffee morning or donated to the BHF or Cancer Research because you have lost a loved one to heart disease or cancer? But if you donate to these charities, where and to whom does your money go? Currently, there are over 500 excess cardiac deaths a week in the UK and there is a sharp rise in young people suffering from cancer. Why? Those reading will be only too aware of the thousands suffering life-threatening, life-ending and life-changing injuries as a result of volunteering their arms for an experimental Covid–19 injection. 

During the last three years there have been two major events; Covid–19 and Covid–19 injections. Are we seeing a rise in heart disease because of the ‘virus’ or could it be because of the ‘injection’? No one appears to want to address the elephant in the room, least of all the British Heart Foundation or Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK are part funded by the very pharmaceutical companies that appear responsible for so many injuries. British Heart Foundation employ the man who approved the roll out of the injections in the UK, Professor Munir Pirmohammed, Chair of the Commission on Human Medicines, and Sir Patrick Vallance, who plans to fill you full of drugs that have taken just a hundred days to produce, courtesy of the 100 Days Mission.

The British Heart Foundation boasts of a 148% increase in its income. Why? Are more of the wonderful British public holding more fund-raising events because their loved one has died of a cardiac condition? More deaths, more money? Perhaps these deaths and/or injuries are caused by a novel experimental black-triangle injection? However, there are currently no research studies into vaccine injuries, but plenty of research into more experimental treatments including gene editing.

Do you know where your money is going? Perhaps consider another cause where you know your donation will go directly to those who need it, such as UK CV Family or the Covid–19 Vaccines Legal Fund, to help those injured receive legal counsel. In my personal experience, I have always found that the smaller grassroots charities are the ones who are deserving of donations. Don’t get taken in by the well-known big names, who appear as far away from ‘ethical’ as you can get. 

Are the ‘big’ charities reliant on our altruism and goodwill to feed the fat pharma cow? On a final note, it does appear pretty odious that whilst both these charities rely on volunteers, their CEOs enjoy very generous salaries complete with expense accounts. Have quangos (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations) been rebranded as charities?

In my opinion, true charity starts at home. Unless you know your money is being spent on those in need, please consider who you donate to and where you shop.


Millions at risk of a stroke from exercising too hard

According to the Mail Online, millions of Americans (I’m guessing that will affect Europeans too) with ‘carotid artery stenosis’ are at risk of having a stroke if they exercise too hard! After years of telling us that exercise is important for good health, we are now told that if this group of people take a brisk walk, swim or even take a Zumba class, they could cause the plaque formed in major arteries to become dislodged and travel to the brain, thus causing a stroke!

This study from India was modelled on (unsurprisingly) a computer model. With 16.5 million Americans estimated to be affected, perhaps we will see a sudden rise in strokes associated to exercise. It couldn’t possibly be linked to the plethora of jabs for a multitude of conditions including Covid–19 that are being rolled out currently, could it? 



What is a labiaplasty and what medical condition requires this drastic surgery? Sadly, it appears that women in their droves are seeking plastic surgery on their labias because they do not deem them attractive enough. This procedure is on the rise. In 2021, at the height of lockdown, 19,000 labiaplasty procedures were performed. It is concerning to discover that teenagers appear to be the most eager.

The blame is being given to pornography, from which women are getting negative comments from their partners about the appearance of their labia. What kind of world are we living in where we are casting doubt on the appearance of our bodies?



A new personal nutrition assistant is the new kid on the dieting block. Bye bye, calorie counter books; welcome to the calorie counting app. According to scientists, human beings are unable to estimate a portion size, so therefore cannot possibly be trusted to ‘count calories’.

The Mail Online reports:

This is a classic case of what behavioral researchers call 'misprediction,'' Zauberman said of their study, published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.

SnapCalorie is a new app which will count your calories for you. Just snap your plate, and the app does the rest. The Government can’t possibly have you go over your daily allowance and can’t trust you to calculate it yourself. Will you be snapping your food? Puts a whole new spin on ‘say cheese’ doesn’t it.


Deliveroo report—fine dining in 2040

Welcome to 2040. Deliveroo’s latest report, Snack to the Future, reveals how our food industry will look in 2040:

Breath: Breathing on your food will apparently allow you to taste it. This will affect how we make decisions. How? Just by breathing into your mobile phone.

Personal AI: You will have the opportunity of having your very own AI buddy who will help you automate and tailor what you are eating based on your preferences. Gone are the days of decision making, your buddy will decide for you.

Foodgasms: New word, new meaning. How much pleasure can you take from food, could you take that pleasure to a whole new level?

Edible beauty: How about anti-ageing ice cream? Merging food with beauty will see a rise in edible beauty. How do you fancy a dopamine dessert or a hormone hot chocolate?

3D printed meal plans: Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous than being able to print your packed lunch? Forget the food prep, just turn to the printer instead. However, all in the name of perfectly proportioned, balanced meals at the press of a button.

Virtual reality dinner parties: Who would you invite to your dinner party? The sky is the limit now, create whoever you want. Recreating moments from loved ones lives or the lives of your favourite celebrity, you will be able to enjoy breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn, if you so choose. All from the comfort of your own home.

Farewell fussy eaters: Tricking your brain into thinking you are eating something you don’t like or don’t want will be another innovation to hit our lives. Thanks to ‘smart’ glasses, you can now turn your broccoli and cabbage into chocolate and sweets.

Restorative restaurants: This sounds more up my street. These are restaurants that ban personal technology devices.

Corn and maize to disappear: The alternatives such as amaranth, fonio, sorghum, teffkamut Khorasan, einkorn and emmer will be the new staples in 2040.

ALT-OHOL: Alcohol is set also to be a thing of the past. A new product ‘wine cordials’ will mimic the taste and flavour, without the side effects.


WHO Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar: we are not out of the woods

All of Sir Jeremy Farrar’s dreams would appear to be coming all at once. He is warning that Covid is not over because the ‘vaccines’ are too weak. So what do we need? Stronger vaccines, more antivirals and more monoclonal antibodies. Sir Jeremy, author of the book Spike, was a member of SAGE during the pandemic; he is also head of the Wellcome Institute. He is well known for his gloomy predictions, and he doesn’t disappoint.

Dr Jeremy Farrar is warning of another ‘unlikely’ but possible scenario of another ‘surge’. Wishful thinking, you may think. Dr Farrar said:

The most likely scenario is the one that the world is sort of now in: that with a combination of vaccination and natural immunity from infection, new variants are to a large degree constrained. My concern has always been that there are other scenarios.

‘There is a small possibility that we could go back in a bad direction and I think it’s really important that the scientific community and public health community don’t ignore that small percentage chance, because it would be unthinkable in 2026, 2027, 2028 for us to go back to March 2020. I think that is unlikely, but we should be prepared.

Dr Farrar also said:

We are not where we need to be. We don’t have transmission-blocking vaccines. Frankly, we don’t have good enough therapies yet. We don’t have enough antiviral drugs, not just for COVID, but more broadly than that.


In brief 


Anthony Fauci becomes a Professor at Georgetown University Medical School after stepping down as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease last year. Even at the age of 82, Fauci just can’t stop. How do the students at Georgetown feel about the appointment, I wonder?


Get the new pronouns wrong and you could face five years in jail 

A hate speech bill has been passed by the House of Representatives in Michigan (House Bill 4474). If you feel threatened by words, including misusing pronouns, you could find yourself behind bars or having to pay a $10,000 fine. 

According to the Mail Online, citizens who feel ‘terrorised, frightened or threatened’ over sexual orientation or gender are now classified as protected classes. I wonder if the same applies if I complain when I'm asked for my pronouns, or even worse, called a cis-woman. The term ‘cis’ is extremely offensive to me. I was not ‘assigned’ a gender at birth, I was created a female at conception by our creator. The term ‘cis’ is a human construct of which I wish to be no part.


Pope Francis welcomes artist who submerged a crucifix in glass of urine

Can the world get any sicker? The Gateway Pundit has reported that Andres Serrano, the creator of the controversial photograph taken in 1987 called Piss Christ, where he submerged a model of Jesus Christ on the crucifix in his own urine, was welcomed by Pope Francis at the Sistine Chapel, along with 200 other artists, to celebrate the anniversary of the Vatican’s collection of contemporary art. 


And finally

I managed to get through the whole of June without mentioning Pride month. Now, in July, I can safely say I am delighted it is over.

Are you ready for pylons to appear by their hundreds on a road near you? Plans are to fast-track the planning system so Britain can meet its zero net targets. 

Many of our regular readers will know I always keep my eyes on all things space, earthquakes and weather. Did the earth shake for you? It did in Staffordshire last week. A 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook the residents in Staffordshire that rumbled windows and doors. You may be surprised to learn that the UK is no stranger to earthquakes even though we do not sit on any fault lines. In the last two months, there have been 21 earthquakes, of which this latest one is the largest.

I would also like to recommend keeping an eye on a YouTuber called Monkey Werx. He tracks military traffic, balloons and drones. His sit reps are fascinating and it was he whose work revealed what happened the day of Nord Stream. Recently, he has been indicating that there may be an ‘event’ in California on 4 July, Independence Day. He has been cautious and hasn’t revealed too much, but it may be worth keeping our eyes on the west coast of the USA.

Until next week.

God bless,


And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Matthew 24:6–8