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Debi Evans Blog: 20 February 2024

Happiness is big business. Happiness has its own ‘industrial complex’. Happiness is no longer a God-given right for all of us, and evidently not something to be encouraged. Happiness now has a much darker meaning.

You will own nothing and you will be happy”. How many of us remember that phrase ringing in our ears? But what is happiness? It seems our noble elite know what it takes to make us happy. Perhaps they haven’t read the evidence I have. Around the world, governments are making use of a plethora of ‘national happiness’ data, compiled from ‘national wellbeing’ surveys. Happiness is a commodity; there’s even an app for it. Would you pay to be happy; does money really buy happiness?

Governments the world over are making increasing use of ‘national happiness’ data from surveys to help consider the impact of policy on national wellbeing. Language has changed even since I was born in the late 1950s. Gay meant happy, wicked meant evil and sick meant poorly. However, in 2024, it appears—almost without us noticing—meaning, definition and even spelling has changed. What may have been said before in all innocence may now provoke anger, offence and outrage, sometimes with far-reaching consequences. My point is, how can those in high places, those who control the agenda, profess to having our best interests at heart, or even know what happiness means to you and me? My second point: is their definition of happiness the same as ours?

The World Economic Forum, World Bank, World Health Organisation and even a World Happiness Council are just but a few of the organisations that think they know what makes each and every one of us happy. Happiness has become a ‘science’, where we are scored on our satisfaction with life. Some countries even have a Ministry of Happiness. Is yours one of them?

But why is it so important to know how ‘happy’ we, the servants, are? If you thought it was because our feelings and happiness matters, you will be sadly (pardon the pun) disappointed. How happy we are determines how successful a policy may be. It is pointless trying to implement new legislation when the population are unhappy and won’t vote for you. Life satisfaction/happiness data is very valuable to those in government. It can be used to compare different demographic groups, highlighting poverty as well as income and distribution of wealth. How happy a population are could change how a policy is written, evaluated and decided: look no further than the UK Office for National Statistics for the data. And let’s not forget the cost; we must always remember to follow the money. It costs more to support people if they are unhappy or struggling to survive. Then they become a ‘burden’ upon society.

Happiness data can also help project and predict future generations’ health, wealth and trust. Happiness data is a tool every policymaker requires in order to deliver policies that will be readily accepted. Happiness is big business and it’s booming.

It would take too long to list what governments deem happiness to be. An index of national happiness going back to 1820 appears to show that money and longevity of life top the charts; however, war and poverty generates unhappiness.

What makes you happy? Knowing you can extend your life? Knowing you have savings in the bank? Knowing you can have the latest experimental potentially ‘life-saving’ pharmaceutical in the world? None of the above makes me happy. What makes me happy is the relationships I have with people: knowing that my family, children, grandchildren and friends are healthy and have the knowledge to empower them to deal with all life’s eventualities. Happiness cannot be measured by numbers: it is immeasurable and unique, a gift from God. Enjoying and appreciating nature (without worshipping it), looking after those around us, being the best person we can be. Isn’t that what happiness is about: trust in yourself and faith in others?

In 1938, in the aftermath of the Great Depression, scientists in search of answers to what made a ‘happy and healthy’ life started tracking 268 Harvard male sophomores in what is known as the Grant Study. The Harvard Study of Adult Development is one of the world’s largest studies of adult life. Running in tandem with the Grant Study is the Glueck Study, made up of 456 men who grew up in inner-city Boston. A second generation study is also underway. Women were not included, as Harvard was at that time an all-male college. What is interesting to note, however, is that President John F. Kennedy was amongst one of the original recruits for the Grant Study.

Researchers discovered, much to their surprise, that happiness in our relationships had the most powerful influence on health. The revelation that taking care of our relationships, nurturing them and understanding them was as important as taking care of our body came as a shock to researchers. Close, loving relationships are what really keeps people happy—and those cannot be bought, or can they? With the advent of ‘happiness officers’ comes monetisation. Your happiness matters to the Government. I don’t suppose any of us will be surprised when we will all be made to take a ‘happiness’ vaccine—the next step up from the proverbial happy pills?

Concerns over a lack of ‘happiness’ are borne out by the latest government campaigns in Britain alerting us to the dangers of loneliness, another lucrative industry. Our governments spend a lot of your money working with a ride range of ‘partners’ to raise awareness of loneliness and its impacts on health and ‘wellbeing’. We even have a Minister for Loneliness, Baroness Barran. I should note at this point that ‘wellbeing’ is the new word for ‘happiness’, and that in the Named Person controversy it notably came out that Scottish Government policymakers had no definition of what wellbeing is. It isn’t rocket science to be able to understand that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind. However, we soon end up going down another deep rabbit hole: what does it take to make a healthy body? Seemingly, eating bugs, being sprinkled with chemicals and taking pharmaceuticals would now be deemed healthy—but that is for another time. It’s interesting to note that the state now expect ‘volunteers’ to step in and b friend those who are lonely.

Are we all striving for a ‘wellbeing’ that doesn’t exist nor matter? Many are rushing to the NHS and their smartphone apps to monitor their wellbeing, anxious that they are not reaching the threshold recommended by the so-called experts’ models. Yet does any of us trust any model predicted by AI and pseudoscientists? I don’t.

Maintaining close ties with those whom you trust and know is vital to maintaining good mental and physical health. Many of us can probably count those we trust on one hand, but those few are precious and vital to our existence and strength in future. Who will be there when you need help or advice? Who will turn to you when they need the same? Whom can you trust with your life? Who can trust you with their life?

Happiness is the knowledge someone is watching your back, unconditionally, and does so with the very best of intentions. Happiness is knowing there are people around you who are on the same wavelength as you and who love you for your authentic self, and vice versa. Happiness is the knowledge that help is at hand. Happiness is knowing someone who genuinely ‘gets you’ and loves you for it.

For the last four years, the Government has done everything in its power to instil fear into its populations. Through a plandemic, fake ‘virus’, lethal injections of life-ending and life-changing pharmaceuticals, lock-ups, restrictions and terrifying propaganda, they have literally scared many to their death. Fear does not generate happiness; it generates mistrust, anxiety, confusion and anger. Far from our rulers wanting us to be happy, inculcating a state of fear makes us much easier to control. Are you going to allow your government to frighten you to death—or will you defy them and nurture your relationships and experience true happiness? We do still have a choice, but ultimately our fate and future will be determined on what choice each of us makes individually. Money can’t and doesn’t buy happiness. That’s a lesson the globalists and elite don’t appear to have discovered and probably never will. The love of money is the root of all evil. With happiness comes humility, a gift the overlords will never earn nor learn.

Often, the answer to happiness is right in front of our eyes and needs no financing. So my message is: be the best version of yourself you can. Try to learn as much as you can from others and in turn help as many as you can along the way. By Love Serve One Another.


Fluoridation of British water

The dangers of adding fluoride to our drinking water is a topic that UK Column has covered many times, including this excellent report from Katy-Jo Murfin.

Currently, we are living in a dentistry desert. Many have no access to an NHS or a private dentist and some have been forced into DIY dentistry, including pulling their own teeth out. Four out of five dental surgeries are not accepting new patients. Many dentists who are able to offer NHS appointments are met with queues of people at their doors. The plandemic and lockdowns have caused a pandemic of dental decay, including in children. In order to plug the gap, the Government is now allowing foreign dentists to work in the UK without the proper checks and balances, even as to whether they are qualified! The Dental Recovery Plan includes an initiative to add fluoride to water.

With the British dental profession in meltdown, what better way quickly and cheaply to look after the nation’s teeth than to fluoridate the water? 

Under new legal powers, millions of us in the UK will have fluoride added to our drinking water. Initially 1.6 million in Northumberland, Teesside, Durham and South Tyneside will pilot the new scheme. Fluoride has been added to drinking water in some parts of the UK since 1964. To find out whether your area is one of them, please click here.

Sir Chris Whitty, whom as far as I am aware is not a dentist, proclaims that by adding fluoride to water, we could reduce cavities by 17% amongst the richest and 28% amongst the poorest. Perhaps the Government has been studying its happiness data?

In Collier County, Florida (population 300,000 out of the Florida state total population of over 21 million), an eight-year battle between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Fluoride Action Network has reached a conclusion. The network has been fighting to establish at law that fluoride is a neurotoxin and therefore should be regulated or banned under the US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Finally, after long holdups, the adding of fluoride to drinking water has been halted. Commissioners heard from many residents and experts who cited fluoride harms in both adults and children. This case has now set a precedent for other states and, beyond the USA, for other countries or regions; it should serve to prove that the voices of the people are being heard. Britain should follow this path immediately. Does your country add fluoride to drinking water? There is an excellent video on that from Dr Bruce Lanphear, who gave evidence at the fluoride trial on the dangers of fluoride.

There are many excellent groups in the UK, including the Fluoride Free Alliance UK, and there are many reasons why we must all stand up and say no to the fluoridation of water.

What should you do if your area is fluoridated? Invest in a water distiller with fluoride filters. Even some bottled water has fluoride added. There are under-sink filtration systems too. Use homemade toothpaste and avoid commercially ready prepared mouthwashes.

Here is a simple recipe for homemade toothpaste, courtesy of Tommy Peters on the Telegram group UK Fluoride Free Alliance:

Caution—if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, please avoid this recipe and seek advice.

 2 tablespoons aluminium-free food-grade bicarbonate of soda

1 tablespoon food-grade bentonite clay

2 peppermint teabag, contents ground up to a powder

2 tablespoons calcium powder

Mix together and store in an airtight jar. Dip your toothbrush in as you need.

The future of the fluoridation of water is a very important one. I am not an expert on fluoride but I am hoping to be able to speak to someone who is, in the very near future.

Cancer Act 1939

I am regularly hearing from people in the USA. They tell me that they are constantly bombarded with advertisements from pharmaceutical companies, promoting their latest snake oil. Many say it is excessive. In Britain, this activity is meant to be prohibited. 

Who has heard of the UK Cancer Act 1939? Many of you have e-mailed me to alert me to its existence; thank you to all of you. The Act’s intention is to protect cancer patients from being harassed by the pushing of cancer treatments. The scope of the Act includes pharmaceutical companies, alternative practitioners and medical professionals. The law can be found here. You may note the agreement in it to hand out loans to the National Radium Trust. I have heard accounts from patients who were snubbed and branded troublemakers for refusing radiotherapy recently. It would appear that if you refuse the standard chemotherapy and radiotherapy, you are labelled a ‘troublemaker’ or a ‘reluctant patient’. 

For many seeking treatment in the NHS, the attitude taken to patients is that it is their way or the highway. Alternative—often inexpensive and non-invasive—treatments, such as fasting and alternative natural medications, appear to be shunned and demonised in favour of Big Pharma wonder-merchants intent on peddling their venom to our most vulnerable. Please note that what is termed chemotherapy includes experimental monoclonal antibodies. Many cancer patients have told me that the treatment is often worse than the condition.

Autism and right-wing terrorism

I promised to cover this in last week’s blog. I would like to highlight a few points, although it is a subject that I have much to say on—so please bear with me, as I will be covering autism in much more depth in the near future.

Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) are my area of expert interest and I have often ruffled feathers with what some may deem as challenging or controversial views. I have spent my whole life living and studying ASCs and Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD), focusing on the uniqueness and the beauty of a spectrum that many still fear, misunderstand and punish. To me, autism is a blessing, not a curse, and it certainly does not need a cure! It is offensive for anyone to suggest a ‘cure’ when many people on the spectrum are very successful and give thanks for their special interests and abilities. When I learn that people on the autism spectrum may be offered assisted suicide, I am horrified. What message is that putting out? That autistic people are worthless, lebensunwert?

To be clear, an ASC is not a mental health condition and is not a learning disability. Autism is a standalone neurodevelopmental condition whereby intellectual ability is not impaired. While autism can be associated with a learning disability, it is not one. Similarly, autism is not a mental health condition, although if it is left unsupported, mental health conditions will and very often do manifest and co-exist. Hence, it is so important to support those with ASCs from a very early age.

The Autism Act 2009 exists to protect people on the autism spectrum and to give structure to the Autism Strategy Statutory Guidance which all British local authorities must adhere to. I served on the National Autism Programme Board at the Department of Health for five years, to ensure that the rights of autistic people were met. However, since the time that advocates such as I are no longer included on consultations, we appear to have gone down a very dangerous path.

For those who don’t understand the hurdles most autistics and their families have to jump over, I contributed to an article by the Westminster Commission where you will learn more: A Spectrum of Obstacles.

CREST is the UK centre for research and evidence on security threats. We recently featured them on UK Column News here. I was shocked, on my most recent visit to their website, to see articles pertaining to autism and extremism. There was also an article entitled Practitioners on Perspectives on Counter-Terrorism and Neurodiversity. Both these papers spin a dangerous theory on autism, a theory that has never been backed by any evidence. There is no evidence to indicate that there is a causal link between the neurodivergent community and violent extremism in the general population. So why write a document at all? Why give anyone the impression that autism and extremism are linked? Perhaps the intention is to experiment and exterminate autism, snuffing it out for good? More to come on this in the future. 


Stories in Brief


An elderly man in Alaska has died of ‘Alaskapox’. The gentleman was suffering from a suppressed immune system as a result of receiving cancer therapy. It is said that he may have contracted the ‘pox’ from a cat scratch. A bulletin from public health officials can be read here. A stray cat was tested but the results were negative. It appears the fearmongering continues, with a cat this time being prime suspect. 

Bubonic plague 

Bubonic plague, a disease that killed millions of people, has been reported in Oregon. Although there is little risk to the community, officials are blaming a sick cat for the case that has caused so much alarm. Are we to expect more ‘disease’ originating from domestic pets? Will the new villains be our cats? Not on my watch. 

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to drop five-day Covid isolation guidelines

Cast your mind back just three years. Remember the panic over ‘asymptomatic’ transmission of ‘Covid’? Remember the days when you were told to lock yourself away, initially for fourteen days, then for a week? Apparently, according to the CDC, in 2024 it is now safe after all for anyone with ‘mild symptoms’ to return to school or work, as long as they have been fever-free for a mere 24 hours. So what was all the fuss about in the first place? I rest my case. 

President Joe Biden—health check

President Biden is to undergo a routine physical health check that won’t include a cognitive assessment. There has been much speculation surrounding President Biden’s memory. He appears frail, disorientated and confused, fuelling rumours that he is suffering with dementia. Dr Kevin O’Connor does not believe a cognitive test is necessary! Perhaps Dr O’Connor is not seeing what the rest of us are seeing—or does not want what we suspect confirmed. The latter reason is the more likely, in my opinion. 

Phantom Covid jabs

The Conservative Woman has published an interesting article focusing on people who appear to have entries in their medical records stating they have been Covid–19 vaccinated when they haven’t. Why is this? Are doctors claiming for vaccine payments that haven’t happened? Do you know what has been entered on your medical records? Has a crime been committed?

NHS nurses being investigated for ‘industrial-scale’ qualifications fraud

700 healthcare workers are being investigated after being allowed to work in the UK fraudulently. Nurses who have come from Nigeria are currently being investigated. Do you know who is nursing you, or your loved ones? Are they even qualified?

Viewer’s e-mail

Thank you to one of our fabulous members, Fiona, who sent me this e-mail:

Hi Debi

Thought you might like to see this article in the Pharmaceutical Journal. Biobank and storage of blood samples for those having side effects to medication and then the sequencing of the genome and data added to the National Genomics Research Library. ‘Yellow Card Biobank’.

So now all drug side effects are related to our genes?! Some are related to faults within the mitochondrial cytochrome pathways, which is true, but many are related to drug-drug interactions and drug-disease interactions, toxins and lifestyle. Most genetic diseases are rare, so what’s the ulterior motive?

Better, safer prescribing under the guise of collecting the human genome, free, for sequencing and producing more injectable modRNA? Who knows.

Regards, Fiona.

An excellent observation, and questions for which I have no answers.


And Finally

A new research paper has just been published: Excess Deaths in the United Kingdom: Midazolam and Euthanasia in the Covid–19 Pandemic. This paper shows that the spike in deaths was wrongly attributed to Covid–19 in 2020. Deaths were not due to Covid–19 but to the excessive and widespread use of Midazolam. What happens now?

Thank you for all your e-mails. Please continue to send me your prepping tips, natural remedies and news. Thank you also to the viewer who pointed out that it is Asda’s fuel stations which were about to become cashless, not the stores; however it does seem that the plan to rollout the cashless agenda in main stores is also on the cards. Watch this space.

Until next week, stand firm, keep looking up. 

God bless,

For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins. Hebrews 10:26