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Debi Evans Blog: 17 October 2023

This week, please forgive me if I focus mainly on one health topic that few appear keen to cover, and that is the health of humanity itself. From where I am, it appears humanity is very sick and in grave danger. Have we lost the ‘human’ in humanity? As I write this, late on a Sunday evening, the lights in Gaza are out, the warnings are in place and the battle is about to commence. God bless and Godspeed to all those affected—our prayers are with you. Suffer the little children, for they do no harm. Who knows what horrors the world will wake to this coming week? Will Gaza even exist? And what of the future of Israel? I hear many civilians in both Israel and Palestine (Jews and Muslims) who have no animosity towards each other, and they call in unison for an immediate end to all acts of aggression. It seems to me that this is not a war of the peoples making.    Debates and arguments have been occurring worldwide and accusations have been flying like arrows. We are witnessing a global society dividing right in front of our eyes. Have we all come this far to have forgotten the division that Covid–19, the vaccines, climate change and Ukraine has caused, and is still causing? The division of families, friends and work colleagues, so deeply entrenched that many are now estranged and lives have been changed forever. The consequences of division are immense, negative and toxic. For nearly four years, the population of the world has been barraged with one crisis after another. Most of these ‘crises’ seem to have been planned with meticulous precision. Many families are now estranged and some lifelong friendships are no more. The polarising division caused by Covid–19, the climate change agenda and vaccines was just the start. This time the choice appears to be Israel or Palestine, Muslim or Jewish, Mosque or Synagogue, Torah or Qur’ān. Sophie’s choice—impossible.   The word ‘humanity’ is one that easily slips off the tongue and is used often, but who pays attention to its meaning? The word comes from the Latin humanitas and relates to human nature, benevolence, kindness and enlightenment. Whilst researching, I was struck by the number of times the word ‘philanthropy’ (a form of altruism) was associated with the word humanity. As we look back to the meaning of ‘philanthropy’, it shines a light on those who run those very same organisations with larger than life characters at the helm who profess to love their fellow humans. Philanthropists such as Bill Gates, Wellcome Trust and the Rockefeller Institution are but just a few who call themselves philanthropists.   But when does a philanthropist become a misanthropist? Where do we draw that fine line? It seems we need to acknowledge and accept that there are some who walk amongst us who don’t share our human values, and these individuals are described as anti-humans. I find myself deeply saddened, but not shocked, at what is taking place. The war in the Middle East has taken many by surprise; however, for many eschatologists it has been expected. Biblical prophecy appears to be jumping off the page, literally. I refer to the whole Book of Revelation, Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83 and Matthew 24, to name but a few Scriptures.   Now is not the time for blame, recriminations, accusation or retribution on either side, nor is it the time for any kneejerk reactions. Now is the time for clear heads and calm communication. As we watch the situation escalate in the Middle East, I would like to focus on the innocent children and civilians on both sides—children and civilians who have suffered for so long at the hands of those who ‘govern’ them. Now trapped on a strip of land 25 miles long by 6 miles wide, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to escape to, and no way out.   


The population of Gaza, as of 2022 was 2,375,259, with a density of 16,853 per square mile. 42% of them are children under the age of 18; let that sink in. There are 37,000 pregnant women in Gaza, and 200 babies born a day with little or no medical facilities. Gaza is, effectively, an open prison, and it has been this way for decades. How many reading are familiar with the Hamas Charter? It makes for difficult and uncomfortable reading.  


The population of Israel as of 2023 was 9,793,280, with a density 444 per 1.5 square miles. In case anyone has forgotten, Israel was first out of the blocks when in 2020, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly announced the country was vaccinating its population with the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid19 ‘vaccine’, faster than any other country in the world. Let that sink in. UK Column covered much of the Israeli vaccine data with Dr Hervé Seligmann—the interview can be found here.  


Rattling around in my head is the chant Choose Your Side, which was directed at police officers who were arresting some of those attending the gatherings during Covid–19 (I am loath to call them protests) which challenged the Government’s lockdown/vaccination agenda. Whose best interests were the police acting in, ours or the King’s Government’s? It was a powerful statement back then. The side to choose this time is ‘humanity’. The side to choose is that of our innocent children, whether they be Jewish or Muslim, Israeli or Palestinian, it’s really as simple as that. Does anyone have any idea of how scared, alone and terrified they must be? It could be our own children, our grandchildren, or our family.    When is enough enough? Life is not a game, so my question is: are we (albeit inadvertently) allowing ourselves to be pawns on a chessboard? Why are we permitting ourselves to be moved into a position that we have to make a choice? Is there not another choice? The choice that no one appears too keen to talk about? One simple word that could effect change immediately and that word is STOP. When the game gets dangerous, the rule is STOP. When the edge of the cliff is within touching distance, the rule is STOP. When the risk of a medicine outweighs its benefits, the rule is STOP. When people are being hurt, killed, separated from their loved ones, the rule is STOP. Since when is it okay to target children, the sick, the vulnerable and those caring for them?   Why is no one saying STOP? Is the world careering down a motorway in a juggernaut with no brakes, just an accelerator as the control with madmen in the driving seat? What can we do in order to end this madness, this horror and wickedness? How can we ‘controlled-crash’ this out-of-control juggernaut before it mows every single one of us down? Who hits the STOP button? And who cares? It seems most people are simply going to watch on and blame our ‘helpless’ selves or our governments in order to ease our consciences.    Simple is not the same as easy; however, the solution is simple. It’s up to each and every one of us to put aside our differences and keep calm. As I watch from a distance, I tell myself: those who commit these atrocities, and those who allow these atrocities to continue have not only lost their moral compass (if they ever had one), but they have lost their minds and their souls. Therefore, it is up to us, the people, to stay measured and remain aware of other people’s views and opinions. We need to manage our expectations and embrace open and honest debate, in a calm, collected and respectful fashion. It is God’s people who will effect change, NOT our Governments.  

What can we do? How can we help? 

It seems a daunting task since there is only one of me and one of you, yet each of us has an important role to play. All of us, myself included, are keyboard pundits, and we all have an opinion for that is our right, but we should be mindful that every opinion is different, not necessarily wrong.   I choose not to use social media, I choose to watch. What I am witnessing appears to be a war of words. There are many on both sides, keen to use words and punctuation as weapons to hurt or upset others. How can we be more like keyboard calmers, not keyboard warriors?   It is not always the words that people say, but the tones with which they speak. Intonation is as important as the vocabulary itself because it can convey subtle differences in meaning, and that meaning can alter interpretation dramatically. Varying the pitch in one’s voice can soften a message or it can turn it into one of aggression or a threat. I used to ask my kids, when they were being particularly loud, to please turn their volume button down. Raised volumes in speech can not only be off putting but can be perceived as frustration or aggression. My kids were told the only words they could shout were STOP and HELP, though there were occasions where we did forgive the odd ‘ouch’, if one of them had hurt themselves. This way, no-one could misunderstand the urgency of the message.   When texting or typing, I try to manage my exclamation marks and upper case. Both signal an extreme emotion, and that is where I think many go wrong online—you can’t hear the tone in ‘text type’. Extreme emotions or emojis provoke extreme reactions, often leading to disagreements, misinterpretation and hostility. Be careful how you use your keyboard. Keep it calm and rational, and always try to understand the other person’s perspective and work with it, not against it. Let’s not forget social media has the power to influence and escalate global events, but equally it has the power to ameliorate and calm global events.   As the crisis intensifies and the geopolitical picture becomes more and more hostile, this is a situation that could affect each and every one of us. In the last couple of weeks, both the USA and Russia have held their own emergency alert practices. In Russia, citizens were being asked to evacuate to their closest shelter. Many of those shelters have been built very recently. In other countries, citizens are being issued with potassium iodide in case of a nuclear attack. But what of the UK? What happens to us? There are no nuclear bunkers that I am aware of. What of the stockpiles of potassium iodide that governments are meant to issue to their population? Are we in the UK prepared at all for every eventuality, or is it ‘every man for himself’? The World Health Organisation (I am tempted to call it ‘The Bill Gates Organisation’, since he is the second biggest donor) has guidance for everything, potassium iodide included. But where is the UK protocol for its citizens, or are we expected to supply ourselves?   We should recall Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly a little over three weeks ago. For those who prefer to view it on YouTube, I recommend watching the whole speech. However, please take special notice of the speech at around the 9-minute mark. Not much mention is being made of Operation Chariots of Fire. And then there’s Operation Firm Hand, a major drill focusing on multi front war with Iran which concluded in June 2023. I don’t believe in coincidences. The darkness not only enshrouds those directly affected in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, Russia and other war zones around the globe, but that same darkness will undoubtedly affect each and every one of us, wherever in the world we live. If the ultimate plan of the globalists was to divide us, then there has been no more polarising subject than the latest atrocities in the Middle East, to achieve just that. Divide and conquer or Unite and Build, that is the choice, indeed that is our choice.   What we are being told is not the truth; of that we can be sure. And whilst many appear to be eager to take sides, I can only see the situation from one side, through the eyes of a child, because that is ultimately who the war is aimed at, on both sides—children. We’ve all been a child, so we know how much they need protecting. There are no safe areas left for the children of Gaza, and who knows how long before any safe areas for the children of Israel will also be gone. Are we witnessing a genocide? Please STOP now.   

Stories in Brief

Magic Lung 

No, you aren’t seeing things. The world’s first implantable lung is now on offer, a new plastic organ to replace the lungs of around 150,000 people with lung disease. However, these are no ordinary lungs. Although the goal is to implant them inside the chest cavity, for now they will hang outside the chest secured by straps. The lung (the size of a drink can) is connected to the body through artificial blood vessels made of Gortex that are then joined to the patients own vessels through incisions made in the chest. For the mechanics of how it is supposed to work, please click here. According to experts, this is the answer to smokers problems. Really?   

Air Vax

Delivering mRNA into the Lungs. We have been warning about this on UK Column news, and now it appears our warnings are justified. Nexus news feed reports:
Yale University researchers have developed an airborne method for delivering mRNA right to your lungs. Scientists can now create polymer nanoparticles to encapsulate mRNA making it inhalable.
 This delivery method will apparently appeal to those who are afraid of needles or who live in remote areas. It could be used to vaccinate many without them even knowing.    UK Column has spoken to many experts who have clearly said that mRNA is dangerous and should never have been rolled out to humans. For anyone reading who has received mRNA, don’t panic, plenty of help can be found here. But please don’t have any more. #JustSayNo #JustWalkAway   

Afghanistan Earthquake

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has just hit Afghanistan. This is the third in just a few days. In the same region that was hit by the previous earthquakes, there are now over 2,400 people dead with thousands more injured. As of the time of writing, rescuers are still searching for survivors so reports of deaths and injuries are still coming in. Entire villages have been flattened and thousands left homeless.  

Finland/Estonia pipeline

Once again the blame game is rife, with rumours of Russia sabotaging this vital oil pipeline. The Baltic connector pipeline suffered a pressure drop, thought to have been caused by an explosion. Whilst the explosion was not as severe as the Nord Stream pipeline, it is enough to warrant a thorough investigation by the Finnish police. If, as NATO suspect, the damage has been caused through actions by Russia, there will no doubt be consequences. In the meantime, as oil prices soar, the ones who will suffer most will be us.  

Mortgages: UK EPCC compliant

Make your home energy efficient, or else! This is the message that is starting to emerge from banks when considering lending on a mortgage. But what does energy efficient mean in real life? Does your home have a smart meter? Does your home have solar panels and a heat pump? If not, it is unlikely that you will be able to afford to make the changes in order to sell your home. Many more will face penalties. Is this the sort of life you voted for?  

Covid–19 Vaccine Industry: Business is booming

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) are once again busy splashing the cash. The Department for Health and Human Services has just announced over $500 million on top of the $1.4 billion award to advance vaccines and therapeutics. How does this affect us in the United Kingdom? For those who would like to know more, I presented a short piece on BARDA on UK Column with our friend Cheryl Grainger. Whom are you sharing your data with? Where does your data go? How do the Department of Health in the UK and the Department for Health and Human Services in the USA work together?   As the world’s eyes are focused on wars around the world, and as we witness shortages of food and medicines all around the planet, there seems to be no shortage of vaccines or novel experimental pharmaceuticals.  

And finally

Earlier in the week I slipped over and, I think I’ve broken my foot! I know what it feels like to break a foot as I snapped the same one in half four years ago and ended up in plaster for 10 months followed by a boot for another 6 months. As I wasn’t in total agony this time, I thought I would ring my GP to book an X-ray. Keep calm and carry on is usually my motto. I was told to ring 111, and after 20 minutes of totally irrelevant questions, I was told to go to the nearest Accident & Emergency department within the hour. It was hardly a life threatening emergency.    Aware of the long waits, I rang the hospital, only to be told that the waiting time for triage was over four hours, and by then the X-ray department would be closed. What was I to do? I was instructed to go back to the beginning and ring my GP again. The next morning with a black and swollen foot, I rang the surgery. This time I got a call back from a GP (definitely a trained GP), who agreed that I needed an X-ray urgently. Great, I thought, at last. However, I then received a call from the X-ray department offering me their first urgent appointment on 6 November. I rest my case. Lucky for me, I still have the orthopaedic boot from last time. Patient go heal thyself springs to mind.    Have you got a plan? What would you do if you woke up and the lights were off, the internet down and you had no clue of why? Would you know what to do? If you rely on medications, do you have enough? Many do not know that if you tell your GP you are going abroad for an extended break or work, you may be able to get three months’ supply of your medication up front.   We are living in unprecedented times where nobody can be sure of what might happen next. If we experience power outages please remember, you won’t be able to buy anything with cards or your phone. You won’t be able to fill your car, the pumps will be down. Effectively, we may find ourselves in a ‘lockup’ scenario again. Good job we all are well practised after Operation Covid–19. Do you have food and water put by just in case you can’t get out? Don’t forget your pets, they need feeding too. When stocking up on staples, you may like to remember to include some treats.   As the weather ‘experts’ warn us of a very cold winter ahead, do you have an alternative way of keeping warm should the heating go down? I am told a terracotta plant pot upside down with a night light underneath is a good heat source; however, I would urge those using naked flames to take all the necessary precautions to avoid a fire. I would also recommend you write all your contacts down on paper, a good old-fashioned address book has always worked for me. It is not only being physically prepared to face any eventuality, we should be prepared mentally too. Faith is the antidote to fear. Are you prepared mentally for what may lie ahead? Have you made your peace with God and those around you? Do you pray? Have you told your family you love them recently?   Spend whatever spare time you can with those who make you happy, enjoy whatever sunshine we have left and perhaps take the grandchildren conker hunting, autumn is a beautiful season to explore the woods and climb/hug a few trees. We were all children once, try not to forget.    Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me: I will be featuring some of those emails in next week’s blog. My eyes and ears can’t cover everything all of the time, so they are all very valuable. I am sorry I cannot reply to them all, but I do read them all. To my regulars, thank you for the words of encouragement and humour. I love to get memes and stories that makes my heart sing and my face sore from laughing.   Until next week, keep praying. God bless, Debi   Two Bible readings for this week:   Psalm 121   Mathew 19:14 KJV But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.